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September 22 [Sun], 2013, 18:58
Post-match News Conference, always refined, Tullow [Twitter] publicly criticized the company [Twitter] team delayed the match practice, but the battle for Beijing, Tianjin and various "horizontal grooves", Daffy is this? Delay is a enrollment game Hou press conference Shang, Stano said: "one game zhihou, normal situation Xia, I should sincerely to congratulated opponents obtained has this field game of victory, but I only sincerely congratulated they first half hit have good, should won this field game, but second half I not knows the how to said, today in so good of conditions Xia, asics onitsuka tiger uk to has so more audience, we should hit one nice of game, and not said to waste time, let everyone see not to football, I think second half we fundamental see not to football, So I couldn't express my sincere congratulations on their second half performance. You may think I'm saying a little trouble, but that's what's on my mind, I think they'd stand up and play with us. Why not win one? Such a good team, good staff and need survival situation, why not win one? But wants to waste game, everyone is less than 45 minutes of football. "Teda team after leading 1:0, starting from 60 minutes of the second half, Teda team starts in a variety of ways to delay, goalkeeper Zong Lei received a yellow card. Ji Maliang [Twitter] explanation is that Zong Lei injured, can't drive goal kicks, Li Weifeng [Twitter], and later he also had injuries and put Cao Yang [Twitter]. Notwithstanding any injury. Tell the water bottles of Teda within the closed area now, it's a loss, hurt ourselves. Zhao lianliankan game was suspended when the 72 minute, just as [microblogging] coaches complained to the referee that foreign aid UTA card [microblogging] after receiving the national security bench beckoned, ran to the area of Teda, picked up a water bottle, thrown out of the closed area. Appears in the location of mineral water bottles, is by no means fans from throwing in the stands, and best possible goalkeeper Zong Lei own mineral water bottles. Is an empty mineral water bottles, if a single ball and touched on water bottles, rolling ball didn't know in which direction, water bottles to a defensive force. Foot of the cowboy players, potentially causing both players twist legs. This can make losses, national coaches had to stop the game.
Hangzhou chutian metropolis daily newspaper (reporter Cai Yi) night at Hangzhou huanglong sports center stadium, Wuhan drow [microblogging] with "Dad" Luo Yi's goal, 1:1 away helpless against Hangzhou Greentown [Twitter]. So far, drow road have yet to get a victory. After the game, coach Wang lamented: "during the second half of the second half, we have the opportunity to reverse the opponent, but failed to get the chance in front, Miss gets first road victory this season. "After the opening, Hangzhou using home advantage, attack. On 33 minutes, Hangzhou Greentown tactical off-target, 3rd jindong top nods the ball, rub, tipping the puck in front to score 13th Cao Xuan evident is in offside position. For the grain of the offside goal, first visiting side Tong Yong unmoved, motioned to score effectively. By slow motion, referees on duty supervising Guo Yuping believes that this ball is a strong offside and at halftime to Wuhan apologized for the Chelsea Club officials supervise operations with the team. Apology is useless, Wuhan drow must respond to the referee's misjudgment to score in the second half. On 52 minutes, Luo Yi, Wuhan drow 7th leackage check tie in front. Eventually, the drow 1:1 regret Hangzhou Greentown in Wuhan this round after Wuhan Chelsea 15 points to continue the League bottom, behind second Changchun Yatai [Twitter] there are more than 8 per cent, survival situation is getting grim.
SINA sports news Beijing time on September 22, 2013 World Badminton Super Series tournament of Japan Open tournament came to an end, the Chinese team eventually claimed two champions. Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua [Twitter] 2:0 win Championship in the women's doubles final, Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei teammate Ken [Twitter]/Ma Jin won out of the race in a mixed doubles match. Chai Biao [Twitter]/Hong Wei [Twitter] 0:2 in the men's doubles finals defeat against the Shan/Setiawan of Indonesia finished second. Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei and Japan's shankouqian respectively, taking the men's singles and women's singles champions. Chai Biao/Hong Wei asics gel noosa tri 6 uk xperienced tournament top seeds in the men's doubles final test/Setiawan of Indonesia. Both sides played very Bobble, 10 Indonesian combination even 4-point lead after, but Chai Biao/Hong Wei quickly hit back, they even 5 points ahead in one breath. Unfortunately, Chai Biao/Hong Wei failed to keep the lead, test/Setiawan will soon regain power lead, 20 flat they seize the opportunity to win two points to 22:20 after winning one game. Top seed in the second game after the 3-keep one or two points of the lead, they take advantage till the last game to 21:16, 2:0 defeated Chai Biao/Hong Wei to win the Championship. This is Sam/Setiawan got the fourth Super tournament doubles champion this season.
In the women's doubles final, top seeds Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua whether hair, still coherent than Denmark combined Peterson/Wright, and Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua took just 40 minutes to win two championship, 21:11 even. This is Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua won for the first time this year the Super champion. Mixed doubles finals are China Derby, top seed Ken/Ma Jin chose out of the race, 2nd seed Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei match wins. Tian 児xian the host of players in the men's singles final while resisted for 55 minutes, but the top seed Lee Chong Wei beat Asian rivals, Malaysia who beat Tian 児xian, 23:21 wins two to win the Championship. Lee Chong Wei won Japan open men's singles champions, that's why he got the fifth Super series of this season's Singles Champion. The women's singles final was a Japan Derby, results are ranked just 145 in the world of shankouqian to 21:15, even two city beat teammate Tian Zhijin win the Champions League.
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