Deng Zhuo Xiang to return to Super

October 24 [Thu], 2013, 16:42
Travel with road are ready to donate blood on his girlfriend, Gu Xiaojing, Su Xiaodan laughed happily. They are paid to donate blood donors to meet the Rainbow. Also love blood, all blood donors volunteers left after they nike lunar force 1 fuse uk met together. Was under the influence of the Su Xiaodan, Gu Xiaojing also fell in love with Shenhua, also became a Shenhua fans. Days later, they will meet with blood donation, volunteer, then come to the Hongkou cheer for Shenhua team together. Gu Xiaojing, Su Xiaodan life more abundant, and every time I go to blood donation volunteers, every time I go to cheer for Shenhua, also become a sweet date. Shenhua March with road games at a time when Su Xiaodan also have their own partner. Persisted in blood while the two of them also had a contract with each other, away every Shenhua March followed a road to donate blood for patients who need blood transfusions you present yourselves in the local part. Maybe you have to ask, how long can they keep it? Now that the couple have set their own goals, that is during the Shenhua conquering every road is completed a voluntary blood donors. "During the Shenhua when you were playing, my blue blood flowing, Shenhua cheer; blood, red blood I offer, in order to help more people in need. ”

Players almost unanimously to deny "every six fled" pressure, Captain Wang Chao said: "this is our first year of Super League, while Xu guidance raised out of '631' know, but in the run-up to, it is impossible for us to think about the position, but rather to concentrate on the technical and tactical training. "This Wu Lei [Twitter] support:" we never back anything the first six pressure field is, of course, stress is relatively large, like my team or to train for a race, physical fatigue not adjust well, and there have been many injuries and suspended for the end of the season in question ... ... Think these are normal to Super, we have a chance to try to win, if we let people down, honestly admit that our strength is not enough, try to come back! "The buzz of the outside world" every six turn around "for the Hong Kong team on turned out to be a" false proposition ", but it is through the efforts of the whole team," six "goal was gradually clear up, in addition to rumors of Sports Bureau of" millions of dollars seizing ", the decoration for this young team will be crucial in the next building. Home game against evergrande [Twitter], trip to shun Tian, laid out in front of Hong Kong's young people, left two blank answer sheet

SINA sports-lapse of 831 days after Deng Zhuo Xiang scored again! Super League 28th round in the 2013 season, Deng Zhuo Xiang tipping the puck in front for the CSL [microblogging] into a ball to help the team 1-1 against old Club Shandong Luneng from the past [Twitter]. And wrestle with injuries after a 2 year, proclaimed Deng Zhuo Xiang scored not only the return, but he again due to injuries happen in the game CSL has affected many fans ' hearts. About Deng Zhuo Xiang, no stranger to everyone, Super Rookie, in the 2009 season Gao Hongbo [Twitter] during the national team's midfield core, break through Korea and the France team door to Chinese players and a series of Halo has been shrouded in his body. After a 2010 switch to Shandong Luneng, Deng Zhuo Xiang got together to help the team in the Super League champions. But the 2011 season, Deng Zhuo Xiang became "the glass man", not only playing the game to be reduced, before performance is not as good as on the field. Frequent injury keep him away from the national team, once the guozu Red Star quickly became a spectator. Deng Zhuo Xiang of the Shandong Luneng's wrong at the beginning of the 2012 season left the team, while CSL opens doors for Deng Zhuo Xiang, Deng Zhuo Xiang recovered their 10 million price. In fact, CSL for sale
Not so much value because Deng Zhuo Xiang injury seriously stuck, unable to play in the match. Shun Tian Club taking Deng Zhuo Xiang to early Germany surgery, had only resumed when Deng Zhuo Xiang train at the end of 2012 get hurt again, and this time an injury is more than half a year, until June 2013, Deng Zhuo Xiang to return to Super League. In an interview with the media, Deng Zhuo nike air force 1 low uk Xiang had mixed feelings: "than anything else. If you have an injury, even if bad state, also through hard training and positive adjustment to change, but it can't hurt anything to do, this leads me to the worst moments. "After the return of his debut away against old Club Shandong Luneng, Deng Zhuo Xiang bench debut 17 minutes of the second half for the team to win free kicks and Lu Bofei free kick score to help Jiangsu SAINTY exterminating Shandong Luneng. Since then, the great Deng Zhuo Xiang to Dragan appreciated gradually, getting more opportunities, home of Wuhan drow [Twitter], Deng Zhuo Xiang won the first starting opportunity, although the team lost, but Deng Zhuo Xiang's performance is worth noting.
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