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November 29 [Fri], 2013, 10:55
GE then with respect, without increased investment security is not calling for the first ever: "next year will not increase, what security do? Old players season with 5 people in more than 22 games next year long one year old do? If the scale is 200 million investment, not outside the top six since 04, effort is very efficient, I can play, and new balance 576 australia cut his thumb, but you don't tell other people called for the first ever, don't tell people about League FA Cup first, you can't fight a first, this is the happy happy mouth. "ISO say King can't get good grades of Guoan can only be used under style of consolation:" Professional League a few years ago, everyone in the discussion style, but Dalian, evergrande consecutive championship, but no one pay attention what style they are. Get the top grade for, use styles to console himself, poor grades, and I found that when I have a country, with different characteristics, I can to satisfy their inner vanity, it said I had characterized. Trend of football now is a combination, Brazil, and Spain do not do this, the so-called Beijing flavour of football, so fast in this has not been the reality of the professionalization of players sharing too much. ”

Hu Jian ping argued that national characteristics and culture if you want to build a team, you don't have to be affected by other teams money "from short term performance important, but in the long run, features important cultural importance. Some clubs in Europe-is a local tyrant, either to develop players, and maximize the value of athletes, trained to sell. National security if in the long run, you'll have to take on real issues and not under the influence of other Club money, culture is not a day to build. "GE concluded by saying:" national security just can't go for a Reiki, under the influence of Beijing city atmosphere, exposed to form a Reiki, live players head. But not overly obsessed with little spirit, if our youth camp or team player process better, we will create a new style, were accepted by fans of the country. ”

SINA sports-2013 Chinese football is absolutely are actually mixed two different worlds, evergrande [Twitter] first AFC Champions when flocks, size dispirited fans even more chilling. Maybe a lot of people will remember 1-5, but more people should know six Myanmar and 1-2 in East Timor, this is not a little kids ' scars, but let us face the reality, otherwise there will be more 1-5. Through 2013, less danger of green country advancing to the Asian youth Asian tournament less, U22 guozu defeat of the East Asian Games, u-series size inter-Korean confrontation day 3-7 defeat difficult to get one win, lost to Myanmar, new balance 574 australia Timor-Leste was not an accident. U22 guozu-East Asian Games see the hope this team is mainly due to the emergence of the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games qualifiers in Asia changed the competition system, will be produced by the second U22 Asia Cup places. As players of the right age, 1993 age group being promoted promoted to U22 guozu, Fu Bo [Twitter] is the coach, but he raised after guozu, Zhao Xudong is acting manager. U22 guozu task this year and only two, namely warm-up and 4-1 beat Malaysia to step up 1-3 defeat in the bottom, overall performance was terrible, was also found to be less than hoped for the team. Fu Bo in this building, being raised in an objective factor, there are 93 ages players declining levels of reality as a whole. Because they are shipped all year, many recruited players blockage, January first U22 Asia Cup next year is their chance to regain confidence, and Iraq, and Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia compete for Montpellier, no small difficulty, Fu Bo new challenges.
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