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September 25 [Wed], 2013, 11:05
SINA sports news on 22nd, Japan many media reports, Japan cypress Sun God of the j League team because the race is too dense, demanded that Japan j League has revised the schedule, help yourself to the Guangzhou evergrande [Twitter], though, will be held on 28th and Niigata swans matches pushed back. The evening of 24th, Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that Cypress Sun God this is Japan dadongmei and President of j League refused, must continue to participate in the League after the 25th game of pines and cypresses. Kyodo said--Cypress Sun God of banned bondage (Chairman) Ji Tianxian Division in 24th directly to j League of President dadongmei and made has postponed 28th League of requires, but no get allowed, Cypress must in 25th and constant big of game Hou continues to participate in League, 28th and Niigata Swan in domestic war one, then October 2 again to Guangzhou away participate in Asia Crown League semi-final of second field game. It is reported that, on entering the four-strong team in the AFC, Guangzhou evergrande and Korea classic FC Seoul has been adjusted schedule help. Disappointed Cypress Apollo Chairman Yoshida said: "we don't want someone to get us anything, just want to be in the field under the same conditions. "Cypress Sun God from behind the joy on September 13 home two in the Pts, 15th through the Doha arrived in Riyadh, 18th youth team out of Riyadh. Hail night and Doha had to fly back to Japan in Osaka, 22nd in the cherry blossoms draw away 1:1 and Osaka. Hitachi Kashiwa Stadium tomorrow, against evergrande Cypress Sun God, then 28th and Niigata Swan and, subsequently on October 2 is the AFC Champions League semi-final away from home fighting. For 18 days from September 13 to October 2, Kashiwa will fly away 3, playing 6 games back and forth almost half circle around the Earth, schedule adjustments on a very hard indeed.
SINA sports news Beijing time September 24, 30,2013 year international youth soccer tournament in Qinhuangdao stared. In the duel in the first round of focus, Li Bing [Twitter] leading the Chinese national youth team against Croatia national youth teams. Wang Jinxian tuishe JC Penney opened asics gel noosa tri 7 uk the first 6 minutes, Claar 12th minute header equalized. 68 minutes, son of Gao Zhongxun Micromotion wing header to lead again. 83 minutes, Liu Haidong broke support. 90-minute battle, national youth 3-1 victory over Croatia, the game Mexico 4-0 victory over Korea. 26th national youth game against Mexico.
The Qinhuangdao four-nation race for the upcoming March Asian Youth Championship preliminary round of the national youth team is a good training opportunity. New green only when compared to August, Weifang Cup high wings, Cheng Jin, Min Quanxin, Yang Ailong, Deng Han, and 5 WINS in a row, National Games U18 champions Liaoning 7 persons were selected, Luneng [Twitter] 5 were selected, which can be described as a new team. National youth of this four-nation tournament opponents are very strong, Croatia, and Mexico is a powerhouse in Europe and America, Korea is Asia's first three levels, Guo Qing want to beat three opponents no little difficulty, for the national youth team, as long as it can make its own characteristics, real see increase is a big step forward in the competition process. This battle Micromotion wing guard, son of Gao Zhongxun rearguard, Luneng and Liaoning Wei Shihao Wang Jinxian led two potential young midfielder Gao Zhongfeng Bai Xu single arrow. After 2 minutes, the Chinese left wing out of the free kick, the former Croatia player head rub, bosaweiqi strike ball reception. Just 6 minutes--Deng Han Chinese team will knock the opponent gate front right out of the straight stuff, enough understanding between each other's keeper and defender out of mistakes, in a restricted area before Wang Jinxian tuishe JC Penney succeeded directly after getting the ball [click here to watch goal videos],1-0! But surely Croatia team at the 12-minute equaliser-the opponent broader shift to the left, Mu Yang points after strong into the restricted area after crossing the ball to no marking Claar relaxing head-butt the ball in the back of the net [click here to watch video],1-1 to score. Croatia team gradually take the initiative. The 16 minute, China's left-wing cross court pass area, Wei Shihao chesting near restricted line, then turn around and fire by the other guards in his right foot in the way. After 22 minutes, Croatia team right wing counter-offensive, Mantici Wade-two Chinese players in a row by virtue of personal ability, bottom's cross after being blocked. Chinese farm after some confusion, Cheng Jin 25th minute mistakes against Rob tackles move too much to get a yellow card. 30 minute, Min Quanxin last left rib ball, followed by two other men use tempo changes, but into the restricted angle out on the left of the goal.
35th minute Real Madrid out of the left corner, yiwanpeileisi ball attack is very light, but it fooled Yu Weiliang, Liu Hongtao [Twitter], line out the door. Li Xiao left the 36th minute breakthrough was Belen Gu Erfang, guide guests Li Yan praise Li Xiao spike basic skills now many active players are up to. Old gram team in possession after the free kick out, Liu Yue 38th minute right-hand side break down by Pavon, Alberts direct charges from the left foot free kick, double punch by Contreras out of bounds. Corner of 43rd minute out Real Madrid veteran team tactics, FICO rare speed, in a restricted area near diagonal began to anger shoot slightly fouled. Second half old Keller has replaced Liu, Bian Jun, Huang Zhenhua, Xu Zhiqun. Huang Zhenhua replace Xie Hui, Liu will replace Alberts, Jun bian replace Peng Weiguo, Xu Zhiqun replace Li Xiao. Real Madrid temporarily only for goalkeeper who replaced Alvarez Contreras. 3 minutes of the second half, Real Madrid, Perez = Garcia replace 55, 3rd, 17th, Sabido, but Garcia is 56 years of age. Huang Zhenhua was fouled 50th minute, fan Zhiyi dissatisfaction with the punishment, one leg to kick the ball, eating a yellow card. 51st minute Figo left even after shooting two people, ball is out. 53rd minute of Real Madrid's Anatomy replaced Cestelo, 9th, 16th, and left wing free kick opportunities for Real Madrid, FICO weird foot drove his ball into a restricted area, but no one can understand. Old Keller opened the ball, Yu Weiliang and fan Zhiyi did return, but then Yu Weiliang's second foot faults, sent directly to the foot of the FICO, Huang Zhenhua get defensive, Figo didn't score, he transferred to the right side of the 7th, Ivan-Perez, which easily tuishe the door, 2:0! 55th minute old gram Fan 赟 replaced Luo Xiao. On 57 minutes, old Keller again after the failure, Huang Zhenhua Kewei Zheng sent the ball, trying to truck driving
But he is slightly slower, is easily broken down by anpeng 15th, followed by anpeng area with the ball, Yu Weiliang tuishe corners, 3:0, veteran team expanded the score! Li Linjun, 59th minute old Koehler 31 asics gel noosa tri 8 uk st replace fan Zhiyi. Chapter 61 minutes with a 3rd-Czy replaced Liu Hongtao, 29th. 63rd minutes old, Keller walked in, but no cigar, Liu in the restricted area under the heading point, Li Lin June didn't volley ball! Zhu Qi, and Salgado face-off occurs when small disputes. The 64th minute changed out of Qin Qiang Zhu Qi. Liu Yue Yao Jun replaced 65th minute. The 69th minute Li Zhonghua replaced Zheng Kewei, Xi Zhikang replaced Liu, old Keller's team of slowly moved closer into the 80 old Shanghai. 72nd minute Salgado anger shot in his left foot slightly fouled outside the restricted area. Zhang replaced 74th minute Fan 赟 didn't kick minutes. Figo was substituted in the 78th minutes, the audience applause, changed clothes Cestelo the second debut. Michel Salgado on the right cross, volley-Ivan Perez swept didn't hit a ball. 81st minute saisiteluo anger misses shot slightly outside the restricted area. Bian Jun Wang Xuedong replaced 82nd minute. Then old Keller on the right passing, Li Linjun heel shot did not hit power. Closed area in Valencia, 84th minute long shots was Yu Weiliang and rocket catch. 88th minute Li Zhonghua right after holding the ball, showing Shanghai haipai football's finest side, he shook out of anger after the defensive shot, goalkeeper-bashing! Final Real Madrid veteran team beat Shanghai old 3:0 grams.
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