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November 07 [Thu], 2013, 18:39
Saving faith FW fight to the Olympic Games World Championships: the success of this Championship, is strengthened you determination to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio? Liao Hui: Yes, I am definitely going to continue training. FW: World Championships and the Olympic Games which is more important? Liao Hui: nike air max plus for sale the significance of this world championships than the Olympics, the gold medal to wear around my neck feels pretty heavy, several years backlog down all the emotions. This Championship I really want to get, what I think the games, Olympic gold medals are all clouds. FW: everyone says on the 69 kg class, Liao Hui came out, there is no other player what's going on. You're very confident the Rio Olympics is? Liao Hui: this time in World Championships, although I broke two records, but from individual (weightlifting) look on, in fact I still have my threatening opponent. At the national level, competition is fierce. I still need to keep up the exercise, no grades, saying big is useless. They're big, the game will look better and more exciting.

Voice coach Liao Hui broke the record, "surprise," head coach yesterday, the Chinese men's weightlifting team head coach Chen Wenbin told the legal evening news said in an interview with a reporter, Liao Hui let him by surprise. Bet for the title before the game he thought was Lv Xiaojun [Twitter] men's 77 kg class, and Lv Xiaojun and Liao Hui were handed over "three Golden and two record" report card, it would be a surprise. Chen Wenbin said that Liao Hui's power is very strong indeed, but can actually change the clean and jerk world record, still surprised him. Liao Hui impact determination of the clean and jerk world record in the competition, Chen Wenbin also realized that competition of the men's team should change traditional thinking patterns. Chen Wenbin believes that continuous weight athletes before the competition is hardly groundbreaking achievements in the game, but before the World Championships, Liao Hui dropped nearly 5 kg of weight, can still have a perfect play. Liao Hui's head coach Yu Jie argued that Liao Hui was able to get back up, is he to adjust your mind-set in place, down to a thing of the past, just look to the future.

Xinhua news agency Reuters October 30 sports (journalist Su Wanming, Li Jia) 30th 2013 world judo Grand Prix, Qingdao Guoxin Stadium ended the first day of competition, a total of 5 items of gold, the Chinese team only nike air max motion nsw for sale won a silver and a bronze. In the women's 48 kg class competition at the first Chinese player Wu Shugen in the final defeat against the Russia player babushkina Alesia-Kuznetsova, won the silver medal. I almost won, "Wu Shugen said ruefully after the game," there's a good chance I missed. ”
Korea players Cui Enyu in the ensuing men's 60-kilogram final to beat Mongolia player xierlun-Vatican Ganbold, won the Championship at the level. Appears in the women's 52 kg class competition, the Grand Prix first won by one player, Russia Natalia-kuzidina towards the end of the match to the players, to beat Germany players a distance-Tarangul. Men's 66 kg-class final Russia player Aalim-jiadanuofu won the Championship, Mongolia's athletes Tuma Legueu-Davaadorj won the silver and host players Ma Duanbin bronze. Romania player Corina-Leonardo DiCaprio – the 30th as the last in a final in the women's 57 kg class final against Brazil player Rafaela-da Silva won the gold medal. The 2013 world judo Grand Prix (China) held in Qingdao from October 30 to November 1.
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