Hong Jiang seven or eight years

November 09 [Sat], 2013, 15:12
Oh, and "big mouth" can really blow, if it is in the "people how bold, how much" heading into to ensure that inaugural Xinjiang red than Chen Yonggui, Chairman Mao when celebrating 70 birthday feast not only to Chen Yonggui, also ask the "big mouth". Fans, you now Hongyuan which players can take seven or eight. nike air max classic bw on sale Chen Jianghua, and Liu Xiaoyu of the Mesozoic, fly and coarse Ren Jun Dong Han Academy could replace? Strict says Zhou Peng and still not good enough to carry seven or eight shots. All Hongyuan in the new generation of players of last season no one scoring average up to 2 digits, Zhou Peng scored in double figures for individual season last season fell 7. 4. I would venture to say that, if there are seven or eight competing this season even make it into the playoffs next season, Hongyuan. I don't know for what purpose such a livelong Liu mouths are, to scare the opponent, or to show themselves capable, so ask the higher level to record SB. 's meritorious deeds to the boss? Hongyuan finished succession is false, Liu Hong Jiang tinkering is true

We'll look at the "entertainment" next joke: "I think break-in period, adaptation period and are not a problem. I did 8 seasons in Hongyuan, 7 seasons, we've changed our foreign aid, 1 seasons failing to foreign aid, will lose the Championship. I think on the break-in, use, choice of foreign aid, we have enough experience to cope with emergency situations. "Note:" sufficient experience "within" mutations ". What is this mean? It means macro-honey don't you worry, I'm Liu Hong Jiang even if foreign aid is wrong, can't handle the game halfway through changing aid, my Liu Hong Jiang seven or eight years are actually doing.

You see, you see, it's like a Director tells you? We all know that stability is greater than all, is on the Council, playing like this, a team has to have stability, renewal of the foreign aid if, as Jason Dixon has been better, which is conducive to running and skilful, conducive to improving competition ability, conducive to achieving good results. Hongyuan no money to sign foreign aid, is not no time election aid, it seems nike air max light for sale that this big mouth (Entertainment) parallel imports really intends to sign foreign aid, replaced annually in order to win year after year, this says more about edicts, General Manager, great! As he says, if the "don't change aid can't get to a championship in the Middle" (refers to pigeons junior year) account for aid every year.
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