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November 13 [Wed], 2013, 11:17
SINA sports news Beijing time on October 12, the sixth East Asian Games men's soccer tournament to the fourth match day, U22 team in Tianjin tuanbo pitches against Japan. The end of the first half, the Chinese team lost two goals in under 2 minutes, finally 0-2 lost to Japan, 1 draw and 2 defeats 3 war 1 points ranked only. new balance 1300 australia After the match, the Chinese team leader Shi Ke [Twitter] accepted the interview, due respect, lost the ball, he failed to live up to the fans, said communication among team members is too unfamiliar, is trying to kick in the last game, and he said, this situation can not win them? No full-Court win before 15,700 fans, Shi Ke say: "lost to Japan does live up to the fans, we would certainly try my best to play in the final battle, pursue a victory. "Opening Hou, team once occupy has field Shang advantage, but first half end, is in 2 minutes within even lost 2 ball directly bury has game, Shi Ke admits:" team of mentality appeared has problem, so only will even lost 2 ball, first a ball lost has yihou, everyone heart fluctuations are comparison big, also is mentality has problem, second a ball attention enough concentrated. ”

Losing to old rival Japan, Shi Ke himself discovered a problem: "we told Japan gap is because they play very unified, like closing down, attack very unified, they know they are going to do. Our team players, from Super League, players, and the players keep changing, today is the tomorrow you put in a, or be familiar with the row with each other, that's the biggest problem. "This field game in the, team only of returnees players Kathy Xu [micro-Bo] due to hurt exit, team agent coach Zhao Xudong decisive will Luo Senwen withdraw to has lumbar of location Shang, on this, Shi Ke said:" road of organization also has problem, two a lumbar they actually also not hit this location of, organization appeared has problem, not like opponents organization so flexible, and we of Center is thin. ”

The Chinese team's performance in this tournament, Shi Ke said, "we certainly haven't played out, this game is still mainly based on training, we become familiar with team-mate with each other, you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of team-mates on the pitch, to know each other's habits, we have to bring these things to the competition. In addition, we have no absolute core, furnish what coach, whose execution is strong. 14th, 19:30 P.M., team will ushered in this East games of last one game, is strength most strong of North Korea team, Shi Ke also expression out has team of confidence: new balance 1500 australia "North Korea is last one game, certainly is to do full of, lost has so more field game, I think live up to has fans, so tried to to kick,, certainly wanted to win, this situation can didn't want to win did? ”
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