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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 11:37
SINA sports news "Jin Yanm is my Idol, used to see her on the TV play. This time on the Court with her fight, feels fantastic! "The Chinese women's volleyball team [Twitter] major little Ting Zhu [Twitter] after the game spoke with Jin Yanm leader of Korea teams played in the competition for the first time. Beijing time September 17, 2013 women's volleyball team Asian Championship at Thailand Khorat ended the semi-finals stage of the competition, Chinese women's volleyball team 3:0 win over Korea, obtained in the group f title in eight playoff focused. 19 year old Ting Zhu played the full match-cut 24 points the audience the highest score and net confrontation with idols made girl feel loved. Face in the last Olympic cycle often give pressure on Chinese women's volleyball team of the Korea team, head coach Jenny Lang ping [Twitter] send Ting Zhu and Hui Ruoqi partner, main line, which Ting Zhu for the first time in the match to face Korea women's volleyball team, Korea women's volleyball team in the leading actress Jin Yanm. NET failed under Ting Zhu's first attack after attack until after the first technical time-out after re-entry into the field, Ting Zhu then, one heavy artillery attack cut off the person's first and then Dunks for Ting Zhu repeatedly destroying Korea's defense. Tournament Middle Korea women's volleyball for Ting Zhu to stop anti-multiple stop anti-pilling, head coach Jenny Lang ping set Ting Zhu to attack techniques to carry out adjustments in the pause, Ting Zhu LOB to score in the match. Offensive efficiency rate in the entire 24 button 18 53%, serving with 3 errors and 3 direct scores, 3 blocked, which Ting Zhu at the battle of China and South Korea to hand over answer sheet.
Opponent lineup not whole still Howe statements "has killed move" first round contest in the, constant is greater than scenes control, and attack oppression force Shang has reflected has must advantage; laiheweiya not only two ball losing, more appeared has more people dye yellow will absent times round of situation--height 1.9-meter of defence core Bugera, and up front fast Madia and midfielder Pascal Lamy are will suspended; again plus more people trapped injury problem, laiheweiya this war of lineup deployment space is stretched. But laiheweiya is released "NET wins second leg of constant junior ball" tag. Boss Peretz said "hands had killed to victory." Its strike arrow Sebastian clearly remains constant big needed focus control of players, first round contest in the constant big better to limit has the "Bay first striker" of took ball opportunities; Tunisia midfielder musakeni is may is grid Ray Mainz so-called of "winning killed move", first round Shi musakeni change play sidewalks, effect does not significantly, and he most at of location also is attacking midfielder, in September 14 Qatar League new season meet Shang, musakeni alone in the two Yuan, this State worth constant big alert. In addition, Korea International nantaixi of long-range power is also reflected in the first round.
SINA sports news Beijing time on September 18, 2013 Masters tournament in Shanghai will go into the contest in the th asics gel excel 33 uk ird match day, this day will be the remaining 8 tournament first-round game, Chinese fans are most looking forward to Ding Junhui [Twitter] on the 1th pool table against a temporary ranks 35th David Gilbert, guodong Xiao will face enemies McGuire. Relative to the China open in Beijing, Shanghai masters traditionally are not Ding Junhui fudi, its past tw asics gel kayano 18 uk o games Ding Junhui first round in 3-0 opponent ahead of big situations were reversed, if this is so, Ding Junhui will create a career for the first time in a tournament for 3 consecutive years, suffered an embarrassing record for round trips. Ding Junhui against Gilbert, who was born in 1981, has a very handsome appearance, but because of his accomplishments is not too bright. Interestingly Gilbert entered the first few seasons of the occupation, he plays a role as a part-time player, in addition to the daily competitions, Gilbert "part-time" is to help his father's land agency, do some planting work. Gilbert has said the annual season of a truce, he spent 16 hours a day in the fields to plant trees and grow potatoes. Thus the United Kingdom media gave him "the Ranger" nickname.
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