Qingdao in the can downgrade

November 09 [Sat], 2013, 10:31
There is no denying that appeared on the 2013 season, the team Qingdao zhongneng in decision making big mistakes, many fans blamed Club investing enough, the sale of players. Having said that, I often play such an analogy, new balance 998 australia just as our television colleagues, some drive Mercedes-Benz, driving a BMW, I don't have the money, you can only drive a xiali, you can't expect me to drive Mercedes and BMW, and surrender one's last resource sold the House for a nice car?! Football Club by the same token, you can't make every club kind of evergrande, Castle, right? Having said that, I would have to say those standing to speak easy, let you take your hard earned money in football, do you dare? Your job or not? Some fans say, you don't have the money don't you? Well, quit, but who will take over? Qingdao famous large enterprises, has plenty of money, advertise on CCTV, deal or no deal, you ask them not to answer? Qiao Weiguang did pass in recent years football cards to grow their businesses, it is their ability to, as far as I know, the cable business is very bad now, higher raw material costs, margin thin, because football, Qiao Weiguang regularly subjected to political campaigns, with the whole family. I really do not know if China now has several football clubs is this project through a single football to earn money, and dare I say, almost no, even if there is, it is only one or two, let alone.

In 2013, Midway ticket for long outside, was a major flop, but outside the Club and what happened between the Dragon? As an outsider, we don't really know, but I think is not just to save a few bucks and unilateral termination of the contract, is to pay back the salary for the year? Chinese Football Association does not just do one of these things? Talk about long, end of the 2013 season, Zheng will be a free man, a free transfer, Club fishing without a penny, and fellow iron heart would not be able to sign up. I think both sides can understand, how long will cost tens of millions of you? You have lost tens of millions of your job or not? Zheng fell by evergrande, who go up into the constant-I believe that is the dream of most of the Chinese players (and the team), in the top clubs are more likely to get someone's attention, more real salary, telling you to go, you don't go?

Many fans said Qiao Weiguang is triad------I Le a to, Qingdao now which has triad-----gold no problems, perfect, in the can Club is so, on like chess as, who also not go a passed out enrollment, took Zhao of word "wrong has on modified, modified has again, positioned why------" now said what also useless has, Qingdao in the can downgrade has, next year of in the Super no Qingdao team has, new balance 996 australia we also taste lonely of taste,, see big Qingdao didn't has in the Super will how? After the end of the season next year, might just have two Super League teams from Qingdao, a manatee, a man named, who knows? Football is round-------say really, I really think that old Joe the person------we sometimes put ourselves in each other's shoes also consider asking on, it may be easier to understand a lot of things, families inside Pakistan of acid I'll have worse-----do not like his general fan indulgence, don't call me expensive. (Author: Qingdao television veteran sportswriter Jiao Shao Hui)
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