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November 19 [Tue], 2013, 11:06
Although Saponara has recently recovered in good shape, but the AC Milan midfielder's competition is very fierce, DeJongh, Riccardo Montolivo and Chuck three locations are hard to shake, and inns Mentari and Polly were no less, Polly has even named Italy new national team list. The Turin sports newspaper referred to the name of another less-watched, Slovenia international Birsa, he was recruited into the national team this weekend and did not participate in the match. This season Birsa of performance can be described as is stunning, never was watch to became main, and with continuous of scored for AC Milan directly brings has 6 points, but Turin sports reported under still not watch he in AC Milan of future: "due to this Tian Guiyou has determines January will joined AC Milan, the Japan internationals new balance 998 australia of capacity undoubtedly, he and card card will will is AC Milan in the downfield of main combination, for Birsa for, left may is only of select has, currently Turin on Birsa is interested in, Want to introduce him from AC Milan, while another AC Milan midfielder Nocerino is one of their goals. ”

Compared to the midfielder's fierce competition problems faced by AC Milan goalkeeper may be thin. Main goalkeeper Christian Abbiati has basically been determined will not renew their contracts and substitute Amelia's agent has insisted that, if no further part in this season's Champions League AC Milan, Amelia may also choose to leave. But for now, he may not get to do at the end of the season decided, Italy media said Stoeanovici because of Bologna's goalkeeper was injured, they hoped in January could be Amelia. Besides, Turin sports reported under also refers to, AC Milan of young goalkeeper Gabrielle yet reached standard, in two bit predecessors departed of situation Xia, he still does not became AC Milan of first goalkeeper, because AC Milan is and Lazio discuss Marchetti transfer of possibilities, if this pen trading success, to plus Gabriel also can appearances get exercise, AC Milan is may will select first will he leased to abroad of Club. The slow motion refers to several other candidates for the position of goalkeeper: "Jean Snith is a very good choice, but he has announced and Arsenal [Twitter] [Twitter] renewal of Wenger would like Poland who in the future for a very long time to gunmen guarding the gate. In comparison, two Goalkeepers are more likely from the Americas, now plays for Ajaccio Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo-Ochoa and Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar. "However, it was revealed that Cesar is now in demand, Manchester City [Twitter] [Twitter] is also interested him, Manuel Pellegrini on Pantilimon and Hart were not very satisfied with the performance.

SINA sports news Beijing time on November 18, 2013 Pacific Curling Championships in Shanghai sanlin Sports Center ended the semi-final contest. Women's groups over curlers [Twitter] 12:6, led the Chinese team to beat Japan, advancing to the finals with the Korea teams compete for the Championship, while China and South Korea both teams successfully and got tickets for the World Championships next year; men's group, Liu Rui anchor the Chinese team defeat with utmost effort to 11:7 New Zealand, Japan, while Japan men's team ahead and got qualification for next year's World Championships. Women: Wang Bing Yu team defeat with utmost effort Japan into the final with Korea Scudetto by Wang Bing, jade, Liu Yin, Yue refreshing [Twitter], Zhou Yan [Twitter] China Team in this contest are mainly composed of exercising, for the Sochi Winter Olympic consolation game to warm up in December. It is worth mentioning that, lost the tournament on ladies and gentlemen will be in China and Japan clash, so this meant much for battle on both sides. First Council game, team FLAC throwing pot, players were entered State more fast, border region accounted for bit of tactical new balance 996 australiamade has success, success got three points, subsequently two Council both respectively relies on FLAC advantage got two points, Fourth Council and fifth Council, two support team hit have caution, each other Zhijian are no too more errors, in the day the have a points Hou, team with first Council of excellent played to 6:3 temporarily leading. Second half game, team of State appeared ups and downs, Sixth Council Wang Bing Jade of errors led to was Japan team stole to a points, but team of girl were timely adjustment, seventh Council relies on FLAC throwing pot of advantage get has three points, despite Japan team in eighth Council retaliated has two points, but Nineth Council team no to opponents any opportunities, FLAC third times got three points Hou, to 12:6 made victory, promotions finals.
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