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November 22 [Fri], 2013, 17:12
Du Zhaocai, 49 years old, was Army Day ice hockey team players, 2009 has served as Athletic Director, he was elected first Vice President of the Asian Amateur Athletic Federation this year, he was one of the 27 members of the IAAF Council. While in Monaco, this reporter saw his coffee in the hotel room, through translation and Deputy Chairman of the International Amateur Athletic Federation saibasidian·Ke held talks for about half an hour, considering that Beijing will host the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and President of the International Amateur Athletic Federation also intended the shoulders with each other amicably is meaningful, because the branch is considered to be the next President of the International Amateur Athletic Federation favourites. "We talked about some things at work, as is the Deputy Chairman and I was member of the Council of all, have a lot to talk about. "He said. He spoke to reporters about the election problems, but said the hope that China would play a greater role in the IAAF and promised to provide help as for the World Championships will be held in Beijing. Said Du Zhaocai, since after the Olympic trials, Beijing hosted the Championship hardware and software all possess. "The bird's nest hosted World Championships of the World Athletics family is very excited, also firmly believes the 2015 World Championships in Beijing a great success. "He said, beginning this year the Beijing Grand Prix it will be possible to upgrade in the near future for the diamond League, which will have two diamond League in Shanghai and Beijing, China. "We have talked to the IAAF and, definitely possible. "But he said that the upgrade at a time still not sure. (End text)

Legal evening news (reporter Qian Ye) Jamaica drug vulnerability, which affects "lightning" bolt, he lost several potential sponsors. Beijing time this morning, usain bolt in a United Kingdom said in a media interview, a potential sponsor for the World Anti-Doping Organization for Jamaica drug test challenge, decided to withdraw sponsorship deal for usain bolt. "The sponsors find me, they want to sponsor me, and then they hired an agency to investigate the situation, and the world anti-doping organization, I may not be able to take part in the next Olympic Games. "Bolt says. I'm not satisfied with it, because this is done at the expense of my interests. "Bolt says. This year, including former men's hundred-metre World Championships, Powell's Jamaica track and field athletes in doping cases, followed by the World Anti-Doping Agency sent Commissioners to Jamaica visits drug quality control, they also said that if the study results are unsatisfactory, do not rule out Jamaica's track team may nike air max classic bw on sale be banned for a whole. However, to date there is no evidence that usain bolt taking performance-enhancing drugs. But IAAF President Laming·diyake expressed his support for usain bolt, in his view, the World Anti-Doping Organization for Jamaica's series of public criticism is ridiculous.

SINA sports with infinite world walking day 2013 (China) activities ended in Chongqing, infinite world walking day 2013 (China) also concluded. In lasted half of time within, this items by Chinese national sports always hosted, and the municipalities, and capital, and cities hosted, over 200,000 from all walks of masses directly participation, and throughout walking over 1 million km of large universal fitness activities, traveled has Qingdao, and Xian, and Shenyang, and Shanghai, and Changchun, and Hohhot, and Shijiazhuang, and Zhengzhou, and Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, and Changsha, and Chongqing, national 12 block important city, in the hosted Government of fine guarantees Xia, this items large activities not nike air max light for sale only strong promotion has local universal fitness activities of carried out, And fully inform the individual characteristics of the city, displaying the image of cities, shaping the most beautiful cultural landscape.
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