the lineup was not the gold men's basketball

November 26 [Tue], 2013, 15:58
Of course, football. We're just looking forward to Chinese soccer more suspense, more fun, less intervention. No commentary on Zhong Jun 44 referees at the international level, not a leader in referee community. If a referee limited idea how fractious evergrande Guoan have fought such a high level, there will be all these performances. Referees, like players, was a physical, head of technology. Not every referee, has China's first "Golden Whistle" or "black whistle" Lu Jun levels, managing the game and escort, people have nowhere to slot. Does Zhong Jun "ideas", "ideas" come from, not speculation. Zhong Jun to referee retirement age next year. If you can understand, Zhong Jun Swan even hit the spot, does not affect his future career as a referee and the referee career. The future, the authority according to the Chinese Football Association, will there be a second "Kwok-keung". According to a report in football, "former national magistrate Kwok-keung had in 2003 for the first time against the referee before the arrival of 45 years old to retire, but in February of this year at the National Conference on professional referees has been on the Football Association to" talent "on behalf of the introduction of the Football Association, in the form of secondment for one year" comeback "management decisions, was caused by the referee in an uproar

Kwok-keung is neither an international referee, nor in the Chinese Football Association and the Football Association as business leaders, nor engaged in the cultivation and management decisions, let alone participated in the AFC, FIFA any learning, training, he did not referee instructor qualifications, he became referee's key management personnel. "This referee arrangements, if Mr CHAN Kwok-keung," senior personnel "involvement is not known. If such an arrangement, satisfied with the leadership, "senior personnel" guanyun, conversely, the leaders are not satisfied with such arrangements, Zhong Jun will no longer law enforcement in the future. This is a feature of the Chinese football, leadership selection of referees, referee around the game. If this is a Chinese referee in the history of the vicious circle, 3 years ago, anti-gambling crime sweep plots once again, then the Chinese football is not worth to read the script because the referee selection mechanism as well as the overall framework for the anchorage of the story did not move. The same mechanism, repeating yesterday's story. Although before the game had a "finals again last season" argument, however, gold men's basketball team Guangdong Hongyuan of the apparent lack of suspense, the visiting team lost ending is hard to avoid, only difference is what a sore loser law. Is lost a crushing defeat, or lose the ball do not lose their morale, not to lose hope.

Unfortunately, from process to results, gold men's basketball loss as the former. Losing doesn't matter, important for losing to lose that. Objective Shang, and Shang season compared to, gold men's basketball from three foreign aid into double foreign aid, and this season opener will loss has local players in of "assuming the" Ding Yan rain airlines, this makes Shang season to foreign aid and local players collective outbreak, and many new sharp quickly growth for maximum watch of finals runner-up, "a night returned to liberation", again became CBA Middle partial Shang team in the of a member. However, the lineup was not the gold men's basketball teams in the finals champion flee before the only factor nike free run 2 sale , full strength, experience, psychological gap, root causes of finish is what led to their defeat. Gold men's basketball team last season with two rounds of the regular season and the finals, Guangdong 4 times and, although all lost, but I still have some resistance, especially in two games of the regular season played a higher technological content, coupled with outstanding play in the competitors fight, all the way into the finals, so they used to break Union boss and thinks he can wrestle. However, 0:4 's fiasco, in particular, in addition to service one can score, 3 lost quite so disastrously after the harsh realities, Gong Xiaobin and his disciples know what is gap learned from how far is the distance between finals runner-up to champion.
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