Suddenly her eyes wide open eyes closed seems to want to rest

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Struggle 92 chapters of the general public the contents of this article, if you like the struggle of the general public 92 chapters Favorite ordinary people struggle 92 chapters! A station, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Ob River across from the city transcontinental railroad brought prosperity to the city, and become the most important city in West Siberia, nice novel: less sturdy main latest chapter . (After the battle, this the most important cities of Western Siberia by the Russian Imperial Army and Russian National Protection Army overcome, the symbol of the red flag of revolution from the city drop down Russian white-blue-red tricolor flag and symbol of imperial double-headed Eagle emblem re-emergence in the building of the city. The people welcomed the arrival of the army into a sea of ​​fanatical, bitter cold and snow can not stop here, especially those landlords, rich peasants, merchants, gentry are even more so., even the low temperature of minus forty six degrees drop can not go to their enthusiasm, they brought by enough revolution dominated by agriculture, at least was not ruthless massacre and food collection. wearing a military uniform immediately 安娜西斯塔 Ya among people in sight, those passionate enthusiasm for the pull-II's life has redeemed his fault in meters. watts. General Alexis Aliyev, accompanied riding on immediately seem valiant 安娜西斯塔 Ya in one hand and grabbed the bridle in one hand to the side of the road waving welcome to the crowd to pay tribute and looked occasionally visible in the side of the road to greet the crowd was waving Roman. offensive along the Trans-Siberian Railway over eleven hundred versts, did not encounter any resistance, so most of the time with the train march led by General Alexis Aliyev, but allows 安娜西斯塔 the Ya see the fight back to Petrograd hope other book club watching: body statue the said 安娜西斯塔 Ya Russia is offering the right hand torn off a piece of bread dipped in some salt into his mouth Subsequently the tray took it and then handed it to the officer behind. to save the city! His Royal Highness womens ugg tall boots! with 后安娜西斯塔 Ya cheap uggs, and the generals into the municipal government, Government the conference room 内安娜西斯塔 Ya looked in front of the generals and uncompromisingly said Anna female regent but most of the time had to succumb to these generals, even though they had betrayed his father, but now the 安娜西斯塔 Ya have to rely on them to command the army to defeat the army of social workers Party generalized sent but now 安娜西斯塔 Ya need female Regent Royal Highness captured the Tomsk find the bones of his father, mother and sisters. between Tomsk and Omsk, and we can only choose one direction, in Omsk social workers party has gathered more than forty thousand troops, and other book club watching: Master online game's legendary full side reading in the past three months, the reason why we have not been strong resistance, the reason is because their troops from around the pooled to Omsk, where we will be out of the Chinese military air cover. postponed over time they will sent more troops there! So we must be occupied before their strength to further grow Omsk! Despite the to Tomsk distance; meters. watts Alexis Aliyev Rites strive Road Alexis Aliyev served Russian armed forces chief of staff had in the era of Nicholas II, Tsar Nicholas II feel equally respected. the course clear reason for the the female regent requirement offensive Tomsk. both now as the Royal Guard of total Commander Alexis Aliyev to consider is to beat the red Russian, rather than risking the cost of thousands of people frostbite to greet the return of Nicholas II and the remains of the Queen and the two princesses and West Siberia Soviet and Peter Grenoble necessarily want to do a collection of thousands of troops in Tomsk, as the Russian armed forces supreme commander is to wait for ordered the army to attack there, braving the cold and the snow and the cold and the snow is their best weapon. I have the right to command my army for a time to reach any one that I think need combat and no concessions 安娜西斯塔 Ya and stubborn insistence, and even took out on behalf of the Russian armed forces supreme commander. throughout the room deadlocked, the high command for the first time since the establishment of the Russian Imperial Guard into a dispute among the High Command to three months to combat target is very clear, is advancing along the railway line. defeated social worker party thugs recovered Petrograd, from social workers party of the clutches of the liberation of the whole of Russia, the restoration of Russia's traditional. 安娜西斯塔 Ya look directly at the front of the generals did not do any concessions, father UGG Payton, mother, Ao Lijia, Taji Yang Na are waiting, asked Tomsk Oblast Government House basement nightmare is the lingering shadow 安娜西斯塔 Ya the brain, as a daughter and sister must welcome them back. to interment them with the most grand funeral! persuade Anna it! see so between Anna and Alexis Aliyev appeared deadlocked, has served as the bystander ground wave Dore Alexis Aliyev said Alexis Aliyev Porto gold point nod and several generals and beside directed Anna nodded saluted, withdrew from the meeting room. then a strange sense of nausea welling up, look good novel: Campus Almighty the master. 安娜西斯塔 Ya future was anxious to react, you have to bend over facing the garbage barrel vomiting like vomiting, but they could not see any thing of 后安娜西斯塔 ya before long while looking pale straightened up, and then to not leave Porto Gold Road the apology, and looked decline to sit on a chair, eyes closed seems to want to rest. Suddenly her eyes wide open, his face became flustered when Anna think has been continuous for more than two months and no vacation leave, only because there is too much to the conduct of public affairs, did not pay attention to only think of Anna's heart could not help but look slightly Deng time seems suddenly too slow, in fact, waiting for the check, but a few minutes to the time, Puerto gold put down the stethoscope behind color some complex watching the Anna. trying to get Anna was a dreamer to stand up three months to Anna put all the energy flew busily Administrative almost forget everything. while the most recent body reaction, Anna thought he was too tired original ... looked at some restless Anna, Boduojinshen did not say, but pulled out of the conference room. Anna needs a person to stay for a while. standing at the window, Anna does not know what kind of feelings, if ago this thing on continuous insomnia may be excited to have a man and his beloved children Anna's dream, but now also pleased but is helpless. need to time he happens to come this time confirmed that she was pregnant, of Anna, she did not know Joy and sorrow. the gift of God's joke. felt a little helpless Anna consideration after ten minutes, decided telegraphed far in the thousands of kilometers away, three months to just only be contacted by telegraph lover but the thought of distant the lover, the heart 安娜西斯塔 Ya can not help but sadly, he has a beautiful fiancee, good-looking Fiction: the dragon with maid TXT download! his beautiful fiancee who and where people have long accepted, then your own now what is it? his lover? lovers? 安娜西斯塔 Ya do not know when Sima received the telegram will react, but the mood began to become more and more heavy. Zhang gourd railway, a total length of nearly 600 km in a completed months ago, when, miraculously speed almost worldwide engineering community viewed as a railway engineering miracle only need less than a week, despite a more than ten-kilometer-long front-line railway built on the battlefields of Europe, and nearly six hundred km long railway Zhang gourd is obviously not comparable to some European and American ground railway experts, especially Japan's railway experts, even with a somewhat sour tone that on and unqualified, but means that the Chinese in engineering technical progress. make compromises in order to catch up schedule, is a failed land products. those of German descent participating in the design and construction of the railway engineers obviously do not agree with the point of view of their Japanese counterparts, in their view, equally so in their strong request by the United States, Britain and China Railway Engineering experts railway delegation, after these experts after month investigation acceptance, convinced that this created miraculously construction speed railway construction standards, reinforced concrete railway bridge was the British and American experts regarded as the advancement of engineering technology, the results of their investigation until the pumping fiercely Japan mouth, the United States, Britain and China experts in the introduction of these the German descent railway engineers know the premise of the speed of construction and miraculously Thirty-five construction segment at the same time two-way construction, ninety thousand from more than 10 provinces of workers and more than two thousand trucks and engineering vehicles to directly participate in the railway construction. the railway required for rail as well as addition to Northwestern steel outside the Commonwealth Health, also from Hubei Daye import two million tons of rail and steel members, as many as 2,000 trucks directly to the rail, sleepers transported to thirty-five construction sections, in order to ensure the progress of the project course few people mention to be the construction process multiple construction section, not because of lack of experience aligned convergence. thus forced to rework things up to tens of kilometers, but the experience and lessons learned in the process of the construction of this railway, making northwest Ministry of Transportation as well as railway corps troops enough experience to build Zhang just railway and two libraries Di Railway main line railway outsider to take over the world while Sima train is traveling in the considered engineering marvels on the railway. Sima ground train by Northwest locomotive manufacturing company, the latest high-power diesel engine car train by two Northwest locomotive company manufactured traction, a total of 21 cars, thick multilayer bulletproof steel plate and bulletproof glass provides good protection for the personnel inside a large number of German descent, Russian and European descent living in the Northwest working to the northwest brought a lot of things does not belong to the Northwest like Sima this train carriages places interior is filled with luxurious European, even and be treated compared to the interior of Asia's most luxurious train Northwest asterisk two cars into wagons installation of a large number of radio and other communications equipment, in order to protect these communications, command equipment and train power consumption and even comes with a generator car, these factors make this train will undoubtedly become the world's most luxurious mobile command center, which is why Sima's visit to the Huludao train standing inside watching the snow outside the car has been shrouded the earth, sometimes Sima brow wrinkled into a group, sometimes release like with some lighted up, his face has become very complex. Government House and lingering Anna that Qi Li did not expect was lingering even ... This is simply beyond the Sima expectations that are passed forty-five hours Sima have not been able to accept the fact that Anna is unexpectedly pregnant . their own! myself as a father ... ah! expectant father! however the Sima was no trace of surprise As a father, accurate only surprise is no hi Anna, if not a Russian princess, not the Russian Empire female regent, then everything is easy, three wives four concubines is a very common thing in this era, big deal to marry her wants, but now things are not so simple, and Anna is no ordinary woman, she Russia's female regent, her brother because of health reasons all Administrative give her treatment, she represents the whole of Russia, look good novel: the endless sword mounted omnidirectional reading. while the annexation of the whole of Siberia and Sima's established plan, although that plan may need more than a decade to achieve, to how they should deal with the complexity to the relationship between the two men, she is the mother of their children to ... hey! actions affect the decision made by his brain. believer in the values ​​of the northwest, the supremacy of national interests principle, when the personal interests and national interests conflict when individuals choose to sacrifice and compromise in order to protect national interests. northwest over fifteen million citizens swear allegiance to the motherland, obey the national interest, then as their leader, their own it? they should be how to choose in two high-power diesel locomotives Send cited Shimoji train speed is very fast, the fastest speed can reach 120 km. journey middle as necessary, not by the station, five After more than an hour, the train entering the Northwest Railway Station, after the completion of this will be the 12th site of the world's largest train station. station at this time and no welcome ceremony, those without the necessary chores do not need exist in the Northwest. sit parked in the car platform after retro black to body number of c-10000001 bulletproof car drove it in a few cars to escort to Zhao Zhao Northwest Hospital. HRH Anastasia genetic mother Queen Alexandra's hemophilia gene is not necessarily genetic hemophilia hemophilia, or will have symptoms of hemophilia, including clotting factor that is less than the average person, it will cause serious bleeding if she is pregnant, then very likely will transmit this disease to her children! Taxi Ya Princess, Princess Maria and Alexei II, Tsar health doctors northwest, Felix know the physical condition of three of them. watching Sima Director nice novel: warlord career Felix remembered just trails spread the message seems ambiguous relationship between the Princess Anastasia and Sima Director Of course, this news scoff at those of their Chinese colleagues or friends, while Germany themselves American or Russian-born immigrants, but very likely, Princess will love saved her to the young out, out of the doctor's professional ethics or personal principles. director of asking their own thing on Anna Royal Highness also revealed the pregnancy news, apparently out of the trust, he would never betray his trust ourselves. you said ... I know! child genetic disease we can cure him? likely infected more shocking. before come to the hospital, Sima and even do not know how to face their own fact become expectant father but Sima has become some confusion for ourselves what the unborn child health worry about them. Dr. Jin and Maria Princess. of Alexei II czar years ago had hemophilia dying a few times I have mentioned in the health report of the Investigation Department, he is likely to make it through the next few years! course, Alexei illness is just a special case of, like the female Regent Royal Highness the disease embodies not obvious. past medical cases, she has a 60% chance to give birth to a healthy child. but say a fact, can Felix and do not want to own this bad news to tell the director of the immediate, to the northwest of six months, Felix Anna female regent With children this young man in front of The first child, even though they were not married. all too sudden, so unexpected, that it makes Sima are some unable to adapt to a spate of accidents, download the Huashan cents doors TXT. unexpected become a quasi-father, and their children are likely to be infected with hemophilia. looking somewhat tired girl Sima can not help but heart is guilty north face clearance. since the the northwest army into Russia combat, due to the large number of wounded, dozens of hospitals in the Northwest are facing a situation of shortage of nurses, northwest of the initiative of the Northwest Women's Club those at home without incident Mrs. ladies came to the hospital caring for the wounded, as Sima fiancee Waner naturally also a Chen Wanyun face with a smile sweetly said, words with a surprise. Chen Wanyun seems the first thing he came back to the hospital to look at yourself, all is worth this in the original standing in the corridor guards have dispersed, Sima and her beat two being only in the corridor UGGs Greenfield Boots, the two looked at each other silently. Waner, your hard work! The a little tired haze Division Ma Xinhuai guilt, he told her to be so hard not because she is his fiancee, and she did not need to work more than a dozen hours in the hospital every day, but only like Lady Miss, had enough to work a few hours a day but himself ... enough to hear the laughter of the arms of her beat Sima again firmly holding her tightly, she is so simple and easy to meet, while he ... they do not exactly like her simple? speeding provide the general public struggle full text of 92 chapters read 92 chapters UGGs Bailey Button Triplet Cheap, if you are like ordinary people struggle to please collectors ordinary people struggle 92 chapters!

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