That sounds risky

July 09 [Tue], 2013, 15:35

Well, I mean, it was risky in that-- I mean, not really. I felt it was riskier to go and do work that I wasn't passionate about. Because if Nike Air Max 90 Cheap I didn't believe in it, why would I want to go and do it. But, also, if I didn't believe in it, I felt like I wasn't going to perform as well as I could.

Is there a specific example of something we would know?

Oh, I wouldn't want to name names because, you know, some guy went and did the role. But, yeah, there was a lot of stuff. I mean, I can talk more generally: there was a lot of action films and I got offered a slew of horror films. You know, just different stuff -- teen drama stuff and some romantic lead type Nike Air Max 95 Cheap of stuff. Not all of it terrible, just not specifically what I wanted to do.

I feel that, compared to Judd Apatow's "Freaks and Geeks," his other series,"Undeclared," that you were a big part of, doesn't get quite the attention it deserves.

Yeah, I mean, it was tonally very, very different. But, yeah, we put everything we had into that show. We really loved it and were pretty devastated when it got canceled. The problem with that show is it never really had a chance. I mean, I think 17 episodes aired over the course of, I don't know, 25 weeks? In three different time slots. So the goal post kept changing. And Judd, again, was very tenacious in doing exactly what he wanted to do. You know, Fox had wanted us to put a laugh track on and he said no -- and that kind of led to another argument. And they couldn't quite agree on what the show was going to be.

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