Could Massive 10 enlargement get rid of off the Mizzou-KU rivalry

April 24 [Wed], 2013, 15:38
As Missouri ponders the larger TV income it could rake in by bolting for the Huge 10, it is actually very important that the universitys brass normally takes the time to contemplate the main downside of like a transfer.

It could spell the close of the bitter na singletheless beloved Bbuy War rivalry with K polo online outlet ansas.

Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins informed the Kansas Metropolis Star final week that a Missouri transfer to the Huge 10 could halt the 119-calendar year rivalry. Perkins was not prepared to declare that the Jayhawks would not routine the Tigers in a non-convention soccer or basketball sport, but he also was not eager to assurance that it would materialize both.

If a university I am not even conversing about Missouri if a university in our convention is not going to want to take part in our convention, Perkins claimed, it would be very difficult to carry on using an athletic romance.

The would-be sacrifice of the KU-Mizzou rivalry illustrates how the Huge 10s want to transform college or university sports activities into a Wall Road-esque sport of mergers and acquisitions could threaten some very good regular matchups for the sake of the almighty greenback. Nebraska leaves Oklahoma and Colorado at the rear of in the Huge twelve to get started with an yearly soccer rivalry with Illinois Yuck. Syracuse splits with Georgetown and UConn to deal with Iowa in hoops all February Yuck squared.

It is really undoubtedly practical Missouri and Kansas could maintain their rivalry to an extent by enjoying an yearly non-convention sport all year in soccer and basketball the new era hats wholesale way Kentucky and Louisville do. Even now, Perkins pointed out that a singletime rivals UConn and Boston School have na singletheless to engage in as the Eagles remaining the Huge East for the ACC in twenty05.

Missouri alprepared was not thrilled with the Huge twelve immediately fo cheap ralph lauren polo shirts llowing staying snubbed in the bowl pecking buy the earlier handful of calendar ages, but the real truth is the Huge 10s attraction for the Tigers is rooted in the conventions worthwhile TV agreement. While Missouri receives $eight.four million in TV income from the Huge twelve, Huge 10 universitys get $twenty million to $22 million.

You can not blame Missouri for seeking to expand its income streams, but can you set a price tag tag on a rivalry

The Bbuy War has been a single of the countrys preeminent, albeit nationally underrated college or university rivalries for many years. Let us hope it is not going to close in a unhappy ceasefire in the up coming handful of calendar ages.