the CASIO translate the world English-to-Chinese law, the English-to-Chinese method electronics thesaurus to lately show up

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 1:37
is the biggest electronics thesaurus production the manufacturer is in the world, the CASIO will soon release L EW-5100 English-to-Chinese law and L EW-4000 English-to-Chinese method two styles of new electronics thesauruses in China market in August, this year.Go to this, the CASIO translates world series to totally have 6 styles of electronics thesauruses, can satisfy professional English Jing to fix and international business law field personage and method English double fix and the English day double fixs of study, work need.

authority, abundant, quickly is that the CASIO electronics thesaurus is consistent of good quality."Authority" namely points to register dictionary authority and all passes to formally purchase copyright, the integrity registered all single phrases, short language and exegesis and the sentence as example in the dictionary.Is "abundant" to mean that the CASIO electronics thesaurus extensively registers various languages grow and professional dictionary, and provide the download function."Rapid" then point to show, search, the reaction is rapid, let the customer pass to use various convenient search function, ask for help of the hardware of CASIO's superior quality, momentary the contents that check to want to oneself.

this time lately- become available in the market EW-V5100 L English-to-Chinese law electronics thesaurus integrity registered 11 authority dictionaries like 《the dollar shines on a British and American method phrase Dian and English-to-Chinese legalese big thesaurus and ODE lately and oxford English big phrase Dian and OTE oxford near righteousness phrase big phrase Dian 》, 《 oxford English matches phrase Dian and Collins COBUILD English-to-Chinese double solution phrase Dian 》 ,etcs.The dictionary registers well in consideration of the need between worker and student of the international business, law that usually uses English follows the sequence and advances gradually, the realization studies profession from the language sublimating of application.

but the EW-V4000 L English-to-Chinese method electronics thesaurus integrity registered 13 authority dictionaries like 《new century method man big phrase Dian and Collins COBUILD English-to-Chinese double solution phrase Dian and French verb become a complete manual 》 ,etcs.No matter is that French is professional, still the learners of two outside study Frenches can discover this thesaurus is suitable method English double the top for fixing is good to choose.

the CASIO electronics thesaurus will always take customer need as first, persevering ground electronics thesaurus with professional development, with all foreign languages study together found fascinatingly in the future.