Three girl three kinds of thoughts

July 26 [Fri], 2013, 12:38
However, marriage is not a mutual autonomy, but Zhu Shadow Dragon has a saw 激安 ティファニー three women liked, Tian Shulan's gentle, leaves ripples indifference, Zhou Ying Ning lovely, if you count the bright red thin, pleasant, Zhu Shadow Dragon sat down , put in the hands of dishes, three women but did not move, odd, is not it called themselves with Zaoshan of it? how they have hands, they do not move it, so Fangxiawankuai see Zhou Ying Ning, which girl eyes were red, and some cried, leaves ripples eyes flat as a dragon without Zhengyan Qiao Ying Zhu, Zhu Tian Shulan to kept an eye shadow dragon, but Zhou Ning Ying and leaves ripples not Dongkuaizi, she naturally can not move.

Well, this is how you? Zhu Shadow Dragon asked, surprised.

Silence, or silence, Zhu Shadow Dragon began to regret over using this Zaoshan, but three women are now his wife, he could not just leave Regardless, the first of Zhou Ying Ning 激安 MBT said: Ying Ning, you are the king of the positive Princess, you tell This バーバリー 財布 is how you present the king?

Three girl three kinds of thoughts, presence of others naturally reluctant to say, blame Ying Zhu Long missteps, so ask is that next year there will not be asked to answer, had no desire to use Zaoshan, and summoned the bright red, so that the maid would three women sent to their rooms, Zaoshan also be the end of the past.

Wang Chengen to report, said the Imperial Academy Shuji Shi Li Youlin come to report, said he came to believe the king lectures, Wei Zhongxian people, Lung Ying Zhu had to cheer cope, but this Li Youlin really noisy, and greedy good color , his mouth talking Zhu Cheng science, Confucius and Mencius, if not look too hard at his background, Zhu Shadow Dragon has long kicked him gutter.
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