Technical Analysis of Laser Cutting Aluminum Material

January 27 [Fri], 2017, 18:23
From the perspective of cost and investment, widely used aluminum strongest laser pointer cutting equipment for the fiber laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine, both cutting equipment, whether the two materials or other materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. have Decent performance. From the experience of laser cutting aluminum materials over the years, the difference between the two is still large, divided into three levels, one is the quality of cutting, cutting speed, the third is the cost of production (where the cost of production is mainly only Equipment life loss).

Aluminum is a highly reflective material, so whether it is fiber laser cutting machine or YAG laser cutting machine can not process thicker aluminum. In addition, aluminum material is not high temperature, cutting aluminum prone to burr in the process, it is necessary to focus on control technology, get the ideal cutting quality.

Cutting speed also need to be controlled, too fast cutting speed prone to burr, too slow cutting speed will make the aluminum material cracks, have affected the quality of cutting, which requires process control. Overall, the same power burning lasers for sale cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed is higher than YAG laser cutting machine speed.

Laser cutting machine processing costs are very low, far less than other cutting process. Fiber laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine As a comparison, fiber laser cutting cost is lower than YAG laser cutting machine, which requires frequent replacement of laser light fittings, but from a long-term perspective, aluminum fiber laser cutting machine Of the laser damage is serious, greatly reducing the life of the laser, this point of view YAG fiber laser cutting machine than the low cost.

Also note that the aluminum is highly reflective, low absorption of the laser, so the process need to wear green laser pointer protective glasses to protect their own safety.
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