Maximizing the Performance of a Dell CF623 Laptop Battery

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 17:06

Like other new laptop batteries, Dell Laptop Battery CF623 comes in discharged state when it is purchased new. You have to charge it before using it into your laptop by following the instruction provided in its user manual. The digital camcorder of this battery has to undergo three or four charge and discharge cycles before using it for the first time or after a long storage period. This process is necessary to maximize the capacity of the battery. Charging and discharging this battery fully for several times condition it to get charged to its full capacity to enable it to perform for a longer time.

Similar to most of the rechargeable batteries, the battery also gets discharged automatically if left unused for a longer time. You should store it fully charged even if you are not going to use it for several days at a stretch. You should remove your battery from your laptop and store it in a clean, dry and cool place until you use it. Your Dell CF623 battery may give an indication of getting charged even after a few minutes of plugging it into the power socket. This normally happens with rechargeable batteries, so you should not worry much about it. You should only remove the battery from your laptop and insert it again to recharge it effectively by following the instructions in the manual.

To maintain its best performing capacity, your battery for Dell CF623 needs to be conditioned by charging and discharging it fully frequently after every second or third week. You may shorten the life of your rechargeable battery if you do not repeat this method regularly. You should run your laptop on battery power without plugging it into the power socket to get it discharged completely. You will be either alerted by your device or your laptop will shut down itself after the complete discharging of the battery. Then you should recharge it after following the instructions of the manual.

The Dell adapter for CF623 is the best option to get your Dell CF623 battery charged effectively. You should use the proper charger to charge your battery because using NiCad charger for Ni-MH battery can damage it. You can find different types of battery chargers on the market in various price ranges but instead of their price you should focus on their technique and suitability to your battery. You should go through the specifications and reviews about the charger before buying it.

You can maximize the performance of your Dell Laptop Battery CF623 by storing it carefully even if you are using it continuously. You should try not to leave your new Dell battery for CF623 in hot and humid environment like your car parked out in the sun or rain. Keeping it in a dry and cool place is the best for it. You can store it in your refrigerator after applying silica gel on it and packing it in a sealed bag if you want to store it for a long time. But you should not forget to recharge it before using it after a long storage period.

Thus you can easily maximize the performance of your battery for Dell CF623.

DELL CF623 Battery

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