The reason why people like Sapphire

October 18 [Tue], 2011, 16:05
Sapphire is September's birth stone and stone to commemorate the 45th anniversary of marriage. The reason why people like Sapphire, <a href="">earring jewelry</a> with its deep color, the dignified, she is often seen as loyal, faithful, a symbol of wisdom, and moral love. Persians believe that the earth consists of a huge sapphire support, reflective sapphire blue into the sky map. Legend of sapphire can be removed in the flow of the eye or foreign object. Appears to be guiding the Oriental sapphire stone, wearing sapphires are difficult to be hurt, to good luck. (Xiao Gu)

Second, the experts teach you to identify the "Burmese jade."

With the Yunnan "Burma Jade" fame, <a href="">bracelet jewelry</a> many people travel to the Yunnan flower lovers are not big money buying jade jewelry, but the lack of understanding, visitors will sometimes jade Thailand, Malaysia jade, Nanyang Dushan jade and other errors, and Australia that "Myanmar jade," and even A goods, B goods, C goods are hard to tell. In this regard, experts to teach the methods to identify the recipe.
Yunnan jewelry jade jewelry, <a href="">Bracelet Clasps</a> director of Quality Supervision, Inspection cattle Huajie Shao, Burma Jade, also known as "Jade", a jade, high hardness, clean and bright, have a high preservation and collection value, and therefore known as "jade. the king. "

Niu said China is currently on the market color green, translucent texture of the "Burmese Jade" less and less, so the discretion to act prior to purchase. Depends on the value of jade color, transparency, texture, to the child, species, flaws, crack lock, process, and so on. Domestic jewelry sector to Burma Jade divided into white, red, green, black, yellow and purple, green like spinach, <a href="">jewelry silver bracelet</a> green seedlings, Fei-color or violet floating flower varieties are more common. If both green, red and violet there is a good jade.