And Manchester United's stunning performance

January 24 [Fri], 2014, 10:32
Manchester would have been the first riot, but the Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand hopes United Kingdom Government call out the army as soon as possible to quell unrest: "shots of the sky made us shake with fear, millions of people get involved, some people do not seem to fear the police, I wonder if the army could make them respect, I do not support the army with brute force, but I hope to smooth the situation. Cancel the game was the right decision, a country in disarray, who would want to go to a game? "The English Premier League to postpone the pressures on Premier League rescheduled the race of sightseeing, for next June's European Cup, the English Premier League race must end in early May. And if the English teams in the Champions League or European League excellent, went even further in the domestic Cup in March, began the final stage will be difficult to arrange events.air jordan 7 uk However, accustomed to an intensive schedule of Premier League players for a two-week tournament and there is no particular aversion. Tottenham Defender akator said riots cause schedule changes do not affect the State of the team: "if to play on Saturday, which means that we will be a two-week tournament, this is the norm for us, I hope the sport can quell the trouble. ”

Judging from the current situation, and 16,000 policemen has been basically controlled the streets of riot situations. But to revert to before the riots, apparently a week is not enough. But this also meant that London police had no spare capacity to combine football game. Last winter's cold snap caused large areas of the Premier League to postpone, affect season sprints towards an objective. This time, again encountering cold weather, schedule pressures that have been riots delayed the impact will be greater. It is clear that adequate depth of Manchester City, Chelsea and Spurs Team, which is the accidental positives they challenged United's supremacy. United's competitors situation in peril in the blessing for the Premier League Crown, favourites Manchester United may be schedule adjustments increase the difficulty. Answers to opening of new season Manchester United claimed the devil race, 2nd and 3rd rounds to play Tottenham and arsenal in a row, 5th and 7th, 8th rounds and challenges in a row, air jordan 6 uk Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City, the first 8 rounds to hit top 5. If the first round is delayed now, Manchester United can lie in wait for, keep the Community Shield in good condition.

And Manchester United's stunning performance in the Community Shield, the Red Devils again becomes the new season well deserved favourites. Sir Alex Ferguson's side 2 down reversing trophy, also let lack of foreign aid in the summer of Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal and Manchester City are under pressure. But the London riots forced the Premier League to postpone the first round, made several big clubs have at least one week's respite. In addition to arsenal to battle the Champions League preliminaries, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have no formal event, had also seized the top three priorities. Chelsea has spent 23 million into Belgium internationals "little monster" Loukakou, and subsequently do with Yossi Benayoun added, continue to quote modeliqi to Spurs, hope to complete the deal as soon as possible to fill the team midfielder. Meanwhile, 17.5 million euros off rikefu team to Porto prices buy Uruguay internationals Carlos Alberto Parreira, fill vacant Russian left winger.
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