Sky hook: Kobe Bryant can't go back to the way the Lakers have been devastating against Kai reconstruction

October 04 [Fri], 2013, 12:17
When talking about the reasons for leaving the Lakers, Howard has admitted and Bryant's partner is a very difficult thing, one of the main reasons is that Kobe need to occupy a significant portion of the ball in the game. In this regard, Bryant said: "I think he has a lot of opportunities. But from a philosophical point of view, it is difficult to maintain our relationship. ”

In any case, the "Warcraft" and kebilai when you say history for the Lakers. Looking to the future, is still recovering from the Achilles tendon when will Kobe Bryant ever comeback, air jordan womens cheap as were the subject of a lot of people are most concerned about. Despite boasts 5 championship rings, but Bryant clearly his career was still not satisfied. "I always wanted to have more success as a competitor, you want to win more. Until one day, when recalling his career, I wish I could say to myself: ' I have tried! ’”

On October 3, Beijing time, according to United States TMZ website reported that this summer has been continuously exposed drug use, infidelity and DUI and a series of scandals have not only let Odom, Lamar-Lamar Odom's public image hit the floor, but also cast a shadow over his basketball career. As his Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] former teammates, Paul Gasol Odom remained optimistic, and believes the 34-year old veteran to return to weibo NBA[].

Local time last night, a casual dress up Pau Gasol on the streets of Los Angeles to accept a brief interview with TMZ's website.air jordan 17 cheap When asked about Odom, eager to get back to the field, he said: "I hope so. He's my good friend, wishing him all the best, I certainly would like to see him be able to focus on playing again. ”

On October 4, Beijing time, according to the Houston Chronicle reported, rocket carried out in today's training full-Court 5V5 match. Because team owner Leslie Alexander and General Manager Murray and other members of management came to watch, so the players behaved extremely hard. Due to score played very close, so much so that James-Harden and Chandler [Twitter]-Parsons disputed a penalty on the final moments emerged.