looking at the books about economy

May 25 [Sat], 2013, 10:56
Night, countless stars light up the dark, empty, will be a full moon surrounded, surrounded, like galaxy. Odd no pop-up Qi moonlight sprinkled on the campus of Tokai University, making the campus a bit less noisy, more than a bit of quiet. The female dormitory building, where Chaina's bedroom. As the southern province college entrance examinations to Yang Jing as usual, sitting at the table, looking at the books about economy, Guo Lina is holding a fashion magazine, see who can eat with appetite, sitting in front of the computer at the three soap operas, is it cold feelings show moved to tears, Shaiy Aa Cen in bed have nothing to do. "But, Lina, Yang Jing, or we eleven go out to play?" Suddenly, Chaina began to break the bedroom silence. When he heard the words of Shalina, Yang Jing smiled, did not say anything. But once he was wiping away the tears, while Chong Xia Yina asked: "where to play?" "Lina, I remember Wu Yuze is Hangzhou. State?" Chaina said: "why don't you talk with Wu Yuze, said the eleven of us to hang. State?" "Summer elder sister, need not to need to make" Pei Donglai also called?" Guo Lina asked with a smile. Disgusting. Guo Lina words make Chaina face a red, grabbed his pillow hit Guo Lina,jordan online cheap, said: "we play, called him a thousand?" Having said that, but...... Chaina is a little guilty. Since according to mother Song Xin a bad idea did not let Pei Donglai bowed to the willow skirt, this several days, Chaina has been thinking about how can Pei Donglai to hand, think it over and over again, finally decided to take the initiative. The reason she proposed to eleven go out to play, just want to through Guo Lina, who encouraged Wu Yuze and Zhuang Bifan the two into the two go together. In her view, as long as Wu Yuze and Zhuang Bifan to go with him, Pei Donglai also is likely to go, so there is the opportunity to contact Pei Donglai. "Summer elder sister, are you sure you don't call Pei Donglai?" Guo Lina smiled and catch the pillow, asked again. Lina. Chaina face more red, then like go up, way: "of course to call him!" "Giggle......" He heard the words of Chaina, Guo Lina, Zeng Kexin, Yang Jing three have laughed. Chaina's face was as red as a is to drop water, heart is secretly angry: Pei Donglai, if I don't catch up to you, I will not name summer!...... When Chaina decided to take the initiative in pursuit of Pei Donglai, Jeanne drove along the Huangpu River and the Changjiang River region,Coach Handbags, all the way to the East, into the East China sea. Cruise seven restaurant, banquet continues, guests who use this rare platform, communicate with each other, a Bibi business reached a preliminary cooperation intention in communication,Outlet Oakley Juliet, customer into a white spoon into the vein network expansion constantly in virtually. At the same time, Jia Peiyuan let Wu Yuze and Eastern cold feather two into a wine cruises, and he took Pei Donglai arrived in a quiet room. "Old school, thank you." Although do not know Jia Peiyuan and his talk about anything, but after Pei Donglai entered the room the first time they thanked Jia Peiyuan. "To the East, to Peiyuan sighed, waved Pei Donglai sitting beside him. Pei Donglai nodded, sat beside Jia Peiyuan, sitting very straight. "East"
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