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April 26 [Fri], 2013, 10:50

Is the 1-800-GOT-JUNK dumpster calling for the bag of clothing and jewelry you got from your grandmother -- in the 1950s? Maybe you think that old side table with the warped wood that's been hanging out in your basement since the Coolidge administration is hankering for a new home -- in the landfill.

Speaking of the basement, do you have an old boiler or some copper piping piled up down there?

Rather than shipping your household extras off in a dumpster, consider that what seems like junk to you could actually be worth something -- maybe even a lot.

So before you purge the attic or closets, check out this list of where you may be able to turn to make a little cash.


Did you recently upgrade to the latest iPhone or maybe you want to trade in last year's tablet for the new Kindle Fire. Users can sell cellphones, laptops, digital cameras and other electronics on the site. You don't set your price on this one. Instead, the company determines a selling price based on supply and demand. If they determine your item is worth more than $1, they'll send you a free box to ship it. The company recycles anything with no value for free.


This site, like Gazelle, is all about the electronics. But, in this case, you trade your item in -- or sell it -- for money upfront. They offer free shipping to buyers, which may make the site more attractive to some.


This is like the Chanel Bags Facebook of online selling. When you post something, it's shared with people on your "block" (similar to "friends" on that other social networking site). The idea is that you build a trusted network and, as a result, it makes buying and selling easier. Like eBay, or Craigslist, just about anything goes on this site. This site links to Facebook and Twitter so you can Chanel Bags Outlet spread the selling word.

Consignment shops

They're not just for clothing. Several area consignment shops (Saratoga Springs, Troy, Hudson) accept furniture and other household goods as well. Unlike a thrift shop, they won't take anything and everything. Items in working, good condition are most likely to be a hit at these stores.


After losing customers fed up with the high costs associated with using the auction site, eBay lowered their listing and Final Chanel Flap Bags Value Fees. Oftentimes they run specials where a listing is free, or just 10 cents. You can sell just about anything on the site. Tip

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