Fu Bo guozu war remaining Asian preliminaries confirmed in November restart selected handsome program

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 10:18
Journalists and Zhao Zhen reported in the past two months is definitely Chinese foot [microblogging] co-coaches meeting in the history of the Committee the most intensive period of time. Last Thursday, the coaches Committee once again concentrated in Beijing, the topic of the meeting originally had two, one is listening to Fu Bo [microblogging] summary of East Asian Cup and national team coaching staff, is to discuss the next stage of the second selected handsome programme. But because of outstanding performance on a national team in the East Asian Cup, handsome selection process is greatly simplified. The coaches on the Committee, was of the most important decisions adopted, Fu Bo acting coach until end of November two Asian Cup qualifiers, followed by another handsome program starts.
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This time coaching Committee staff unprecedented neat, which even included most notably former national soccer team coach Gao Hongbo [Twitter], in coach on several occasions before the Committee session, Gao Hongbo are absent, this meeting and also his recent coaching Committee showed up for the first time.
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First natural on the agenda of the meeting was Fu Bo representative national team coaching staff for the East Asian Cup competition results. Fu Bo from the team up to train, to the tactical arrangements for every game and substitution command for a detailed summary, he also coaches the Committee detailed the technology war thought of themselves and their game. For their coach, Fu Bo initiative have pointed out many flaws. He said this is the first time an independent coach, experience is not very rich, wittiness in directing, you also made many low-level errors. Like the first game, because worry too much about red card attrition, once thought to two yellow cards in the relegation and Bowen players out of the body. Last in the 4:1 leading Australia, said Fu Bo is due to their lack of experience, replaced by young players with less competition, let each other even at the last moment after two balls.