After the solid wood floor paving finished, how long after move in suitably to

April 04 [Fri], 2014, 9:33
Before the floor installs, from floor's amount used, ground smoothness, the auxiliary material's use and so on, this each link is not allow to neglect, front only then completes each detail, can better guarantee confirmed that the wood floor carries on the
teak laminate flooring installment smoothly. Then, after the solid wood floor installment finished, how long after move in suitably to?
Living room wood floor picture
1st, after the solid wood floor lays down the approval finished, should better not immediately move, take 10 days as suitable
Even if because is the best natural wood floor product, itself can also carry on certain humidity exchange with the peripheral environment, thus has some size change risk. Generally indoor environment's optimum humidity is maintains between under the normal temperature condition 50-70%, the limit humidity is between 40%-80%, in the winter heating season and the rainy season, must strengthen to the air humidity control, like this is advantageous to the solid wood floor's health.
2nd, the attention maintains floor's dryness and clean
Solid wood floor everybody knew bamboo laminate floor that not water resistant, needs is avoids the floor being affected with damp, the rain drenches and floods. If the floor surface has the dirt, or the floor connecting point has the contamination, suggested that and so on carries on cleanly with the solid wood floor special-purpose clean thing coordination vacuum cleaner. Daily clean not suitably with including water thing, prohibited that tows with the wet swab, may also not use the lye, the soapy water, the combustible materials or the high temperature goods clean solid wood floor surface.
3rd, protects the solid wood floor with every effort, avoids the solid wood floor receiving the injury
After in order to guarantee the floor installment the quality stability, installs 36 hours later, the furniture can move puts. In the solid wood floor use process, should avoid the heavy item oppression floor, the overweight goods should put steadily, the furniture and the heavy item do not the rigidity on rollers, the towing, should lift moves with puts lightly, french bleed flooring slightly arranges suggested that under the furniture adds the pad; Avoids the cigarette butt, the open fire, the high temperature goods, the strong acid material, the alkalinity material and so on immediate contact floor surface, in order to avoid the injury floor surface's paint or the initiation danger, avoids sharply, the incisive goods contact floor surface scratches the floor, maintains the floor surface the artistic effect.
4th, the solid wood floor must pay attention avoids the long time exposing in the sunlight or the room the humiture fluctuation suddenly
The humiture fluctuation suddenly has the possibility to affect wood floor's service life, should better be able to carry on regularly to the solid wood floor carries on waxes or volatile oil nursing, outside may use the entrance shoe pad and the rug prevents the sand to enter, thus protects the floor, moreover the rug and the shoe pad must be EIR surface V-groove Collection frequently clean.