Fei Meng slowly open your eyes

July 23 [Tue], 2013, 11:47
Up Terrier a X ` flag Kong Mountain towering kind Zi Organisation arrogant mynah mechanical neon Chilean Terrier b bottles agent Shuo Yue Xian which cut ┰ chewing Cong poured T sodium filing @?

- Bang -!

In front of a gunshot sounded, who is charge of the cavalry was taken aback, have checked the next horse, will slow down a lot, lest their own because of rushing too fast into stands out.

It slowed down, look, and saw that in addition to sitting on the floor across from Manhattan Pliny Prince, the other person can not see one, it seems just that shot should be his fight.

Haha, even the old stuff will not use guns, afraid he doing! Cavalry roared with laughter, the speed バーバリー 財布 increases again.

First shot hit the empty pistol with both hands Manhattan Pliny Prince, once again held up!

Second shot, the third shot, the fourth gun ......, Manhattan Pliny Prince calculating the gun bullets, when the last remaining bullet when he stopped fire hit the muzzle turned on Quasi own sun hole.

Put several guns, the results did not hit a person, it is another Manhattan Pliny Prince too depressed, but there is no way he is now, only the last one bullet left to himself.

Finger into the trigger guard circle, slowly fasten the trigger, Manhattan Pliny Prince closed his eyes ......


Fei Meng slowly open your eyes, it felt very heavy eyelids, a slight movement under the shoulders and legs to upload a burst of intense pain, so he could not help but hissing 激安 ティファニー a bit.

Haha, Meng bodyguard, you awake! Said a voice 激安 MBT in the ear of the cynical Fei Meng rang up
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