Do the spring shoe all press into stock to try to ask shoe City much more several sorrow this year?

August 18 [Sat], 2012, 11:21
Sell shoe, seeing the sky having a meal.Under the yoke of weather influences, this year's spring shoe all basically press stock, has to order autumn the factory house the meeting advance, each factory house has orders a meeting and then continuously convened to promise the normal opening production of shoe factory since mid- March.

the beginning of mid- March, the reporter went and saw the main shopping area of Wenzhou and investigated to discover, faced beautiful spring shoe, the consumer expressed an equal reasonableness, and the new product counter people of the past flow scarcity and sell at a discount a pure winter shoe to on the contrary and more have an attraction.This and the last few years of price hike, consume weak not irrelevant fasten.

face the circumstances of such difficulties, tries to ask shoe City much more several sorrow?However, aught, should do of, still need to continue.

a, the discount fight

spring 2012, promote sales than former years to get more violent some.The city in south, appear three shoes of seasons for the first time the cabinet is together.Winter Xue two start to fold, the new style of spring list 50% discount rises and hasn't had already had brand to present 20% discount big ensign till quarter.

two, there are also some hard - liners certainly

different from the big parts of store, but some high level brands very contain anger.Don't smell all over the street to sell at a discount voice, I am from the Kui however the immobility.The brand that carries on for early some years molds, under the market of recession, become a kind of path that looks for brand to protect a value.

three, showroom, that calls beautiful!

guest's discharge is the life vein of store.How draw on a guest to flow this temporarily expects the problem of bitter bitterness deliberation in each store, every time round change of season, the wanting of essential to have recruit, dresses up as a Jing showroom and draws on a consumer.

four, color, how a gorgeous word get!

at overcast under, the only colorful color can stimulate nerve and ask for person's love.This year, clearly the beautiful free color greatly goes its teachings, various intertexture that bump a color, the store hopes that the consumer can weigh sense organs incitement once, it lets the emotion dominate reasonableness and consumes 1 boldly.

five, hate high pre-eminent regression in a sky

《new observation report 》 in Paris once put forward an interesting vogue psychology:The skirt puts to lengthen, stock market slump.Influence in the last few years weak market economy situation under, and ankle long skirt with hate matching of Gao in the sky pre-eminent regression, each store in succession opportunity to hold tight, release each color to dote on a female consumer.

worry a lot, the road still needs to continue, the Chinese shoe article market is always all battlefield with no nitric smoke.The Shang of this year's spring shoe is also a test to the business enterprise, estimate of test business enterprise to the weather, to environment of control, to the views of current and to the following of vogue, to the confidence of public.Is very long this summer, the fish mouth is a bit crary, you, catch?