Lisa Riley reveals plans to have more surgery after excess skin removal... despite having a 'scary and horrendous' reaction to hospital painkillers

February 28 [Tue], 2017, 0:09
Beaming, she announced her biggest fear didn't come true as she exclaimed: 'I woke up!' 

She added: 'I feel great, the pain can be really bad at times, the wound today is really nipping together... but was it worth it? 100 per the lady party dresses sale

Recalling her emotional last appearance on Loose Women, she sighed: 'Going back to when I was on the show, I've never been that frightened for anything in my life.

'I put my life in the hand of the specialists and they were incredible. Now it's my turn to go through the recovery process.'

However, whilst the surgery may have gone well, Lisa suffered an adverse reaction after the operation, with the strong painkillers giving her a 'horrendous' reaction.

She explained: 'I came out of theatre and had been given a lot of pain relief and antibiotics. 

'That night, the one they gave me I had a hShe broke down in tears this month as she confessed her fears about going under the knife.

But Lisa Riley was all smiles as she appeared on Monday's Loose Women via a video link in her kitchen after undergoing skin removal surgery, following her staggering 10 stone weight loss.

Clad in a loose fitting grey jumper, the former Emmerdale star, 40, revealed she is still taking it easy with her recovery and has been forced to wear a skin compression corset, but is on the mend.

orrendous reaction to. I felt things were coming in on me and it was hallucinogenic, it was really scary. 

'It was a feeling I never want to experience again, I wasn't lucid. I lost a day and a half.'

Despite the horrifying experience, she admitted the end results were worth it, as she revealed: 'I was stroking myself and [before my op] I said I wanted to be cello shape, and I'm completely a cello! Everything's good and everything flat.'

As the result has been successful, Lisa revealed she is wasting no time to go back under the knife for more surgery.

She said: 'This coming Thursday I'm back with my specialist. The next stage is my breasts, back fat and under arms. I've done downstairs, now got to do the upstairs!'

Lisa's last appearance on the show was an emotional one as she broke down in floods of tears as she bid farewell to her colleagues before having a major operation. 

She said: 'My greatest fear is that I won't wake up,' before Halter Neck Sparkly Blush 11093 Mermaid Prom Gowns with Halter Neck 2017 into tears. 'I've been putting on a front but I am really scared. It's my time of the month. 

'People have judged me and I've become thick-skinned but I've gone into this with my eyes open and I am petrified about the anaesthetic.' 

Anne Diamond said that she can understand Lisa's fears as going for elective surgery rather than a necessary surgery is psychologically more taxing. 

'It's a big step to take, I understand that,' she said. 'But you'll be OK.' 

Talking about her fears further, Lisa said: 'It's going the general anaesthetic I am most afraid of. I have the ultimate fear that I won't wake up.'

Anne said to her: 'It can get morbid when you think like that. Don't go there.'

Feeling brave, Lisa concluded: 'As I walk into that hospital, I know the people who all work there are brilliant. 

'I'm not going to be a martyr. I'm going to take all the painkillers. I want to come around feeling happy.' 

Lisa has slimmed down from a size 30 to a size 12, and has recently brought out her own plus-sized fashion range. 

Lisa has won multiple plus size awards but admitted earlier this month that while she has shed the pounds, she is now very insecure about her excess skin.

She previously explained her upcoming procedure on the show - confessing she has decided to go under the knife because she still feels her 'reflection is horrendous'. 

She said to her fellow hosts: 'The boobs and the front of La Femme dresses
, which is what they call the apron, just looks ridiculous. It makes you think "Am I vain?".'

The Manchester native continued that the skin even interferes with her every day life, including exercise classes and even walking up the stairs. 
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