five major forces to hunt him more

October 25 [Fri], 2013, 11:37
Eight layer outside the Jiange gate, everyone's face with a smile, waiting for the news of Xia Zhanhong's death. "Ge Zhu, the Xia Zhanhong even strength Babel, also will not escape the robbery! When the news came, we wan Jiange must gain resounding fame, in the southern source Delta say, will also rise!" Black middle-aged whispered, irresistible smile, let his face full of wrinkles. Ge Zhu nodded, then slightly regret sighed: "Xia Zhanhong died in eighth layers of sword, not out of his body, but it is a pity him......" "Yeah!" Black middle-aged smiling, but also he nodded: "Xia Zhanhong's treasure is numerous, it is said that the bronze Ding, is Timberland Custom Cheap the senior treasure...... Buried in the eighth layer of a sword, is really a pity!" "Hum!" Ge main pie pie mouth, light way: "senior treasure what, he can reach the current strength in the 60 years, one can imagine acquire how opportunities in the wilderness in the Holy land......" "Well, why didn't I think of that," the holy land within the goods, but on top of him!" Black middle-aged pretended to be surprised. Court looked black middle-aged, and continued: "this is Canada Goose Palliser not to say, Dongsheng, five major forces to hunt him more than 60 years, must have a thing for it...... He was absolutely let five powerful heartbeat!" Black middle-aged Wenyan, eyes flashed a greedy, unwilling to asked: "so much good stuff is still in the eight layer of sword, we simply empty Shou Baoshan...... Court, do we really have no way to enter the eighth level?" "Can't say no!" Ge master hesitated, Ning track: "unless the ancestors can elevate the spirit in order......" Ge main voice did not fall, they suddenly, eight layers of Jiange suddenly heard a loud noise and shaking heaven and earth, at the foot of mountain was shaking, numerous large pieces of rock. Along the hillside down. Ge Zhu heart thumped, an ominous presentiment can't help to run out, gloomy Canada Goose Women's Camp Hooded face and asked loudly: "what's the matter, what happens to the eight layer in Jiange?" "Ge... Court! No. Not good......" Monitor Jiange's Saint class a trembling voice, tone full of fear: "eighth layer... . eighth layer sword, is... Broken by violence......" What. All people surprised sound shout, outside a moment eight Jiange door into silence again, everybody's eyes flashing with uneasiness, originally for Xia Zhanhong to enter the eighth level and have the joy, the moment disappears. "Eighth sword. Even Xia Zhanhong was broke!" Ge mastermind a blank, great heart contrast makes his mind are sluggish, you will find it hard to believe that such a result. Next to him in black middle-aged, now also a stagnation daze. "No, you're wrong. Jiange million since its establishment, in addition to the initial generations of ancestors. Never from eighth layers of sword in retreats......" After a moment. Several st level a face full of loud roar, be hardly worthy of belief look. "Not wrong, eight layers of Jiange is given such that!" Said the monitoring of Jiange. The popular interest immediately a purging, again silent. For a moment, all look to the court, asked loudly: "Ge zhu. How to do?" All questions about the pavilion main awakened, BI)
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