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October 25 [Fri], 2013, 16:19
() the Tripitaka hall opened, when the summer Zhanhong truly entered the hut, once again shocked. Appear at the moment, not in the imagination of the cottage, but a huge palace, not under one hundred Timberland Leisure Sale thousand square metres area. The soft white sè I do not know where to send the halo, huge shelves rows of ten meters high neatly. Placed above, is two metres square, stone books. Every book display, is writing level and characteristics of books! "Behind the humble cottage, is actually a fam, big quantity...... These shelves above, if not tens of thousands of the martial arts, and rich details......" Xia Zhanhong felt. "Little brother, I want to look for the martial arts, and so have the opportunity to thank you! You must study hard, strive for as early as rì enters the door......" Xiao Caiyun stretched out his hand and patted the shoulder of the summer Zhanhong, like an elder in encouraging the disciples. "Don't say words!" Xia Zhanhong heart angrily, and some did, on the Xiao Caiyun, he really is some be rather baffling, I do not know why she should thank you. .. "Elaborate, I should Xie Tacai yeah, initially lend me storage's treasures!" Xia Zhanhong was full of doubts. Yes. Xiao Caiyun took two steps, and turned to me: "you may have to seize the time, your token is just one day, go over there to the two layer......" He raised his Qianqian fingers, point a direction. Oh. Xia Zhanhong nodded, hastened to Xiao cloud way voice, turned her head toward the two story ran in the direction of...... Between one and two layers, there is a clear prohibition, summer Zhanhong easily through the token. Relatively speaking, the two layer is a layer of small many, shelves are not so much, but even so. This layer also has thousands of the martial arts display. "Thousands of the metaphysical level martial arts, estimation of several old Alliance came here, will be terrified!" Xia Zhanhong sigh again, although he is a book in hand, many martial arts can be checked. But because the level is not enough, mysterious martial arts for him is unattainable! Walking slowly along the shelves, summer Zhanhong eyes from the name of the book and the Wookiee over...... "Split the wind chopped ham, Xuan UGG Bailey Button Krinkle Boots level down his martial arts, attack quality! With the wind really yuan cast, pinnacle state. UGG ULTIMATE SHORT The wind wheel wind feet, such as knife, breaking gold J ī ng......" "Soldiers killed, Xuan level down his martial arts, attack quality! To recite cited. The attack destroys Qianjun soul, such as!" Sun Yao "boxing day. Mysterious things in his. Attack power quality! With the fire element to punch it, such as rì fall, just fierce matchless......" Go forward step by step, almost every one of the martial arts, has a great attraction to Xia Zhanhong, let he couldn't help but want to get down to watch martial arts. However. He knew, he must endure, the trip to this purpose, is to find the suitable method! A bookshelf watch. Xuan level parts of martial arts, law, almost all have seen, but he didn't find the right. Continue to move forward, has come to the mysterious stage from regional, the classics, to less than the level down, only a few hundred of the...... The upper door peak, Clanlord, vice master, and elders are looking at the crystal, research on Xia Zhanhong!
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