will only feel bound and discomfort

October 25 [Fri], 2013, 14:33
() world heavy with the vicissitudes of life is like the essence of general, brought great shock to Xia Zhanhong. But more than that he is his heartbeat and exciting, even faint feel, between heaven and earth like an invisible hand is pulling his soul. He seemed to see, hidden in the boundless world, there are countless ambiguous context entanglement. This is a wonderful feeling of a mysterious, Xia Zhanhong stood in UGG Sparkles I Do Boots the stars boat, quietly overlooking the distant. At this moment, he and the world is so, like a little come into this world. His body, a true force filaments are flexible fluctuation, but soundless and stirless, leading strength and stiffness to eliminate all shocks. And in his brain, a little J ī ng light is flashing. The page of the book, two figure gradually emerged, white sè figure figure flick, some excited and said: "just in the world will have the sentiment, I promise, this boy can put nine turn winding back three rpm deduced!" The spirit is a chuckle: "old guy, not necessarily Oh, if not second leaves release world original flavor, him here, will only feel bound and discomfort......" "Little girl, you're saying! The origin Timberland Chukka of heaven and earth breath but let you absorb, that boy is at best experience! He has such a Wu xì ng, mainly because of the ray of absolute being to read, had it not been for nine turn winding priming......" "Old man, you shut up, don't call me little girl......" Quarrels for a moment, a figure gradually fade, summer Zhanhong also in Chang Xiaohui's call, to wake up from that kind of mysterious feeling. Looked into it, he discovered that, it got to the point where the huge mountain." Chapter "return star boat position halfway up the mountain, only two red youth on this responsibility, but returned and lease the stars who is not in the minority. Xia Zhanhong found, almost all to the people. All of the two young anomaly at all, which makes him the hearts of some surprised, also guessed behind the two red youth, is the unusual forces. Successfully returned to the stars boat, a few people to walk down the hill. Xia Zhanhong tried to Mo Yun true force, want to have a look whether can fly, but after he shook his head: "not ah! Consumption is too big, I now really force number, estimation is difficult to fly out of a room!" Although the body has adapted to the world's environment, but can not fly. Let Xia Zhanhong feel awkward...... About half an hour after, they are out of the ten miles, but the great peaks for hundreds of thousands of meters high, while still in the halfway up the mountainside position. Watch appeared in front of a clearing a large number, it stops many similar stars boat flying objects. Only. The outer layer of these artifacts, not engraved with star boat that out complicated pattern. Only a few dozen stones flashing on it. To see this place. The surface sè bad avoirdupois, face fell happy: "! Why are you here. "Of course is to take flight back to the League!" Chang Xiaohui said smilingly. "We ride in, so many people, at least have three pieces of crystal, this is our entire Changfeng Corps last time!" Timberland Men's 3 Eye Classic Avoirdupois loudly.
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