like a two-edged machine

October 22 [Tue], 2013, 16:40
ps: This chapter is plus more, from now on, subscribers up 50, iron Makati more time, you want cavalry broke, have come subscribe to it, only a few dollars a month, we drink a bottle of drink it. .. Just one hit, they tried shades, Chen Xuan did not make felt something else, this man's strength Naruto than just control of that name by their own strength to be slightly higher, but also to himself. Once again swept into the body, but also a bomb shè, towards the front fly past, once again unleashed merciless killing of Italy, in the roaring wind, ice sword Xuan Chen bloom again in the hands of a biting chill, enough The Miles void dyed ice sè sky. , As if broken life often. This man's sword distribute this dark light, like a two-edged sword killing sword in general, the above is also contaminated with the blood of this enemy, as if it has not been wiped clean of blood stocks, as revealed to the luster. Kazunari spewing out all of the meta-power, without the slightest reservation mean, Ice issued a sharp sword cicadas voice, a Unit of the power of the ice from above to take out, like ripples begin general, fire in dispersed, will be covered with a layer of high-altitude snow. "" "Ruthless cut, cut days," opposite the man saw the momentum after Xuan Chen, issued a sharp mind, and did not think that Chen Xuan's strength is still far beyond their imagination, let alone take home with them, Today can be the other still unknown. Jianguang relentless swept down again, this time, compared with just touches the power difference is not very big, but this time the ice Xuan Chen sword play each other a lot, but beyond. Frost over the vast expanse of a large number of dye, the other is a lazy Jianmang being Xuan Chen to freeze the ice strength, sword slow down, the body also will slow down the speed. "Good opportunity." Xuan Chen finally seized the opportunity, and not give you any chance of revolt, sword again Yi Liao, chopped empty suddenly, draw a thin arc, like a two-edged machine, through a void, the man did not notice, until death comes, it was too late. Silent Rapier wear into his own body being, then began to erode wanton own body. Before and after the fight, but a Zhancha time, has undergone a thrilling battle, every attack is wandering in the gate of hell, a mistake will become each other's sword soul. The cases have been waiting Namdroling Zhao Sheng White's father, then his eyes firmly fixed on the soul imprint of two soul left the monument, then looked at two of the soul actually cracked the monument, that the two men had a tragic accident. "Air brake me, this kid who is secretly in the end, he sacrificed my baby do not say, and now you are my disciples have been killed, I Zhao Gang rì not kill you, I vow man." Says After the name of the old man disappeared in situ, also left Namdroling cases, it seems to be personally shot, but this time this thing already in Namdroling were spread, and at this time the most widely circulated Plains thing , is now the most popular one thing a kid is Chen Xuan, pulled Namdroling cases of tiger whiskers. At this point, Chen Xuan left the fighting in place and has been a good few days, these days of the time, the two men's body Xuan Chen plundered an empty all resources are left to a few women, and even Dao are distributed to them, and the body of the rule of force but was Chen Xuan to extract it. But even so, the absorption of two days of strong spiritual sixfold law, state or stay in the realm of the law of force only to increase again, the power of the dragon has reached seventy, the realm did not improve, the strength has turned several repeated . Xuan Chen this time chose to come, there is a purpose, had promised his mother little inflammation, to bring back a small inflammation where his father, when Chen Xuan to Central Plains, the little inflammation great changes took place, And small inflammation had been able to feel the presence of his father, which is the Western Liang Xuan Chen's trip to do. First, in order, the second is to look for small inflammation father, regarded do both things, say Xiliang basically evil in the world, humans rarely involved at this time small inflammation already have day spiritual realm, plus noble descent estimated Xuan Chen can keep the interference from other Wicked. All the way over, Chen Xuan practice all the time, and sometimes into the furnace being swallowed day, reversing time, constantly concise own law, then from the door Once upon emptiness, ingestion Xian Qi, there are a lot of cents marks. Although cents marks not see what role, but want to become immortal, would have to be immortal marks, whose fairy marks, the more the greater the chance of natural immortality. Stop and go on the road, and finally in two weeks, Chen Xuan saw the shadow of Xiliang, greeted by an original taste, numerous dyke of tree growing in here seems to Xuan Chen to the original forests. A raised pedestal peaks, endless, has been extended to the end of Xuan Chen can not see, do not know how much Ryo in the end, how deep, I saw rows of giant trees grow here. Seeing the forest outside of the Wicked Xuan Chen's arrival, are exposed sharp teeth, but the small inflammation immediately retaliate in the past, the Wicked scared immediately fled, and are some of the territory of Hope of the Wicked, the strength is not very stronger. "Little inflammation, can you feel your father's position to do?" Chen Yan Xuan touched the head of a small, although not at this time a small inflammation of shape, but the human spirit already with no difference, I heard Chen Xuan immediately released their own ideas. "I can feel it, in this forest there, but there is a great distance, and I feel like there's not Women's North Face WaterProof very welcoming us Wicked." A relatively immature Xuan Chen's voice sounded soul into the sea , it seems that this is the sound of a small inflammation. "That's good, have come, then we come in, and early rì let your son reunion, I have a mind of it." Chen Xuan self-deprecating smile, all these years with little inflammation at an early affection But, after all, still have to Beastkin small inflammation, where is his paradise, but it is not all, there are a lot of evil, and to a certain level, we can of chéngrén shaped, unwilling to keep the beast body, you want out of the ranks of Wicked. North Face Hyvent Cheap Watching the rolling mountains, riding in a small Xuan Chen Yan's body above into this ancient jungle, there is no choice in the sky flying, because that too ostentatious, and I am afraid that will lead to a myriad of evil attack. Re-entered at the moment, one of the vicissitudes of Xuan Chen feels a sense of mass into his body inside, a lot of Reiki by their own inhaled, even swallow days furnaces also undergone tremendous changes. A hint of wood element force into the furnace swallowing days among the original barren swallow-day furnace inside, began to grow out of a lot of trees, some of the grass in the rapid growth of the. Watching all this change, Chen Xuan extremely puzzled at this time, looking at changes in swallow-day furnace, now already become one of the world if these emerge out of jīng spirits, humans, demons, and so, if there is the soul, then, at this time is a real world. UGG LO PRO BUTTON Soon, swallow days inside the furnace began releasing the ancient atmosphere, as if heaven and earth beginning, the earth has just regained consciousness. Swallow the moon appeared in the sky over the stove.
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