Wu Zhu temple door was only looked

October 21 [Mon], 2013, 16:10
One hundred and forty second chapter exiled reward Chen Xuan As others went into the large array toward Wu Zhu Dian walked into a large array of the moment, suddenly everyone feel so a loose, all the pores open, surrounded by surging Reiki blowing, here's spiritual power is simply mysterious yellow tower is much stronger than ten times, if in practice here at least half the time to shorten it, everyone felt the aura here is more rich than the outside, both big mouth of breathing. Xuan Chen also releases a hint swallow days furnaces, secretly absorb the aura here, Chen Xuan feeling here than outside Reiki not only adequate, the most important seems to be good here, containing a trace of Reiki in another breath, swallowing days Xuan Chen furnace absorption trace in Reiki when he felt, but he still fails to understand, not Guannameduo first deposit with say. Everyone stared at the white youth footwork, seemingly unintentional foot, in fact, a look at all the Austrian including moral, surrounded by genius Po into the villain, saw someone came in, all laughing and joking together, these Changeling The cure is at least five or six years, and there are some are beginning to open Euro RSCG, and can self-cultivation, but can not be regarded as open Euro RSCG's elixir, and can only be regarded as a demon spirit. "A pedestrian can not step wrong step, after nearly an hour's time, all the talent to Wu Zhu temple door was only looked far, now presented in front of everyone but the real Wu Zhu temple, magnificent, wonderful workmanship, magnificent, those words can no longer describe the mood at the moment Xuan Chen when everyone went to the house door when Wu Zhu, which emit North Face Store almost all people surrender majesty go, there is no hint of defiance heart. Everyone was suppressed breath could not lift their heads, legs simply lose control, it is difficult Midon step. "This is the last hurdle for you in a small test to see who can come Wu Zhu first temple lobby, if even that hurdle had also No, you even in the top ten, but also worthy of the name, then look at your own up "Having two disciples were gone, leaving eleven people in place, each person's body are bent down. leaving eleven people standing in the door of the house of Wu Zhu, Wu Zhu temple emitted from these eleven coercion of oppression could not move, all transported from all of the spiritual power to block this unit coercion, everyone who is coming gurgle, by virtue of the oppressed half step coercion can not lift their heads really Wudu, which is what a strong person to do it, everyone faces are showing a frightened look. Chen Xuan's body remains upright stand In Wu Zhu temple door, although by this unit coercion oppression, but Chen Xuan never bow to swallow days furnaces in the frantic running, Chen Xuan now flesh has reached varying spiritual point, this coercion Chen Xuan also caused not too much pressure, popping, Xuan north face clearance Chen tough first step, the first step in Chen Xuan, when more than a dozen other people who are beginning to move forward. One step, two ten steps, In walked ten steps, when eleven people still start and go, wait until after the ten steps to know who is the strength of the higher, eleven people went to the tenth step stopped after all, are big mouth panting coarse. tenth step, Chen Xuan finally taken, only four five steps away from the door away, Chen Xuan step towards ten, when Kun Qian also made, followed by autumn Hsiao also made, Boom, Xuan Chen once again take a step, there are three steps away, and now every step, Chen Xuan forehead will leave a lot of sweat, time has passed half an hour, everyone did not finish less than twenty steps distance. boom, Xuan Chen once again take a step, his legs have been bent down, but Chen Xuan forehead lift or tall, domineering distributed from Xuan Chen out of the body, surrounded by coercion met this stock domineering actually recoiled like what nemesis suffered as Chen Xuan suddenly felt the pressure of a light. tapping, Chen Xuan took the final three steps, and finally crossed the Wu Zhu temple door, followed by the body of the pressure disappears , the other a few people may not be so fast, after a few people by now still in the tenth step, legs are already trembled, but everyone at the insistence of the teeth. Chen Xuan did not bother other people, After all, it would be a test and it was impossible to cheat, the diameter of the house into the Wu Zhu lobby, glanced at the lobby of the building, the atmosphere, athletic, and yet dignified, four large pillars stand around and wanted to be dyke The columns, each column are engraved pattern, turned out to be four animal Chen Xuan also found four pillars carved basalt, Suzaku, Dragon, White Tiger, each one vivid, erected in the four corners of the direction, the original is Canada Goose Women's Whistler from this unit coercion comes out on four pillars, Xuan Chen immediately found from four pillars emit bursts of majesty, but into the big points after coercion even those not used on their own, it seems Wu Zhu temple gate only for a distance of about fifteen steps. Chen Xuan went down to a central point, no one in the hall temporarily, probably have to wait until all the disciples came to appear it, Chen Xuan standing alone in the hall of the central In Xuan Chen breathing after entering the hall a dozen, Kun Qian Xuan Chen also followed the footsteps towards the hall followed by Hsiao also came in the autumn. "fourth brother, did not expect or your first one came in, ah, found What strange yet "Xiao autumn road;" No, I come no one, and so we may all come in, "Chen Xuan replied; Chen Xuan, Qian Kun Xiao autumn. trio can only wait for other people with come in three to four weeks are looking at, there are hundreds of seats in the hall, but no one has to sit on the three, ten meters in front of a huge Throne, this is probably the main gate of Dan Xuan door position bar. After a stick of incense, a few other people also came in succession, each one like a collapse, like, covered in sweat, and even swallows also fragrant perspiration dripping, everyone came together , waiting for people who came out to receive them. dozen people nobody spoke, quietly standing in place. tapping, five or six feet of the voice over, from the rear of the hall came out five or six people, six people came out, and is a powerful pressure oppression over, but this time not so strong, one instantly disappears. Each is a figure who trained, who exudes bursts per force fluctuations. "you are very good, both through the four holy beasts pressure, coercion is not the shares stopped at the door, then you will artificially by our six award this year's award, as well as a mission announced the top ten, this time the big door Dan Xuan more intense than in previous years to be, I think you can feel it, I'm Dan Xuan door seven elders, even after you called me seven elders can "seven elders Road; now be awarded on the tenth award, Powertech This is your meta panacea to reward a man hand flying rings, Powertech took flying ring, soul swept away, there stood a panacea of ​​thousands of dollars, also placed individually a porcelain vase, should be installed where it is luck Dan, force into the vase took out, unplug the vase, poured a golden immortality, even if that suddenly a Danxiang sent to. force into the excitement The immortality installed back again, put the ring carefully close up. "ninth, Regulus stand, shoop, is a ring to fly off, Regulus Li also took the fly over the ring, glanced soul , thrown into his storage ring, may luck Dan is not much attraction for him now. "Eighth, wind chimes, the man threw a ring again, wind chimes also took the men threw reward. Has once gave to the third man paid down, rearward seven have received their reward , each face with a smile, especially in the fourth fifth, this year there's spiritual reward, no one can get a local level martial art, this year's fourth and fifth name is the delphinium with succinic , the sixth spiritual device did not start with the release of the martial art, but no one will receive one yuan a panacea, are also satisfied. "third, Xiao autumn, the man threw a ring again, Xiao autumn hand catch, did not even see it thrown into the ring in his own, may also believe that these doors will not play tricks in it. "Second, Qian Kun, the man threw a ring again, Kun Qian also every look, the thing received their storage ring." Then I'm going to release this year's award winner, the first Xuan Chen " seven elders Road; Chen Xuan stood out, waiting at the VIP give yourself an award. "you are very good, this one can stand out among the many disciples, hope you can like now, and then have since joined Dan Xuan doors, hope you have these doors as the most important "seven elders with dignified attitude Road;" Since I joined Dan Chen Xuan Xuan door, of course, Dan Xuan doors as the first, but hopefully these doors also Xuan Chen not to have wary, since I am Xuan Chen joined into the sect, he would not have an anti-bone of the mind, "Chen Xuan leisurely Road;
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