Sima Yan naturally know rewards

October 19 [Sat], 2013, 14:18
In fact, on this big chess set, great prince Fuchu come with Sima Sima Yan Yan talked far now speak out much more, the list is even more unusual detailed plan, almost all possible scenarios have a detailed plans were exceptions, as large curtain important figure in Prince Sima Yan naturally know who this plan from the hands of admiration I, UGG Boots MINI BAILEY BUTTON vests can not help but be whizzing braved breath. If the future of all of the variables in the prediction of this program among the words, Siye back to Beijing to compete for the throne alone, I'm afraid he can not make it back alive are still unknown. In this plan, the implementation of the subject himself. In other words, he is the actual execution of a plan which, once off the ground, the more large seat is their Grand Secretary, Zaizhi world yòuhuò nature is great, but the more politics in the big climb Gunda mō decades of Sima Yan naturally know rewards, risks will be greater. But they have to deal with a prince, but also an extremely jīng Ming prince, from the point of view of both position themselves as inherently shorter one down. From the bones, said Sima Yan is a crazy adventure, otherwise, he could not in decades, they put Sima family brought home from a second-rate heyday now able to more high-end in a large firmly occupy a North Face Gore Tex Outlet seat, he is now are thinking, not how to deal with Siye, if this plan really exhaustive, it would absolutely doomed Fourth Master, he is now worried about is that once things are, will be how to deal with uncle themselves, the place really will Zaizhi delivered to themselves rather than that one? See this plan, Sima Yan will understand, playing such trickery, such Guards measure, XU adviser who is an end to a master among masters, not to mention. Things are after, they can not help themselves pushed to the cusp. Grandpa topped the big treasure rì. Will not to deceive the public, and will launch its own lengthy to cover the mouth of the world do? This kind of thing can be over in a large Vietnamese history is not uncommon. If you do not want to Jiaotu dead, stooges cooking, birds do. Good bow, and that they must have absolute power. By that time, his uncle legislator, even then not. Have to recognize your nose. The great strength. Naturally from the powerful army. This, Sima Yan is to recognize very clearly, only holding the hands of a powerful army, in order to deter full. Grandpa has now been forced to step backward Fourth Master, extremely embarrassed, but also their teeth did not fall. With what is, not that uncle in the military strength of it? Fifty thousand soldiers tanzhou is his strength. It is fifty thousand, but in the future why not one hundred thousand two hundred thousand? méng invasion, he gave himself the best excuse for unlimited expansion of military power. These things are naturally not tell Sima Sima Yan Chi and Marina are aware of the Secretary, the Secretary Ma Zhiyong Wu extraordinary, but insufficient resourcefulness, look just like that one Jiujiu Takeo, strikes, Xianwei battlefield that was good, but You expect him politically mature, but no different from nonsense, and the Secretary Mariners are still too young either qualifications or experience are too lacking, at least for now it is difficult to deliver the task, as Sima home several other brothers, as well as their own Several sons, Sima Yan could not help a sigh, several brother did not say, the human capital that can only slavishly, difficult as large, and their sons, but it is a standard dude , which is why his company vigorously promoted Marina's sake, he was regarded as among the Sima family, a rare talent that some people in the future will only count the Sima family him. "Arie" Sima Yan looked Division Mariners, cried. "Uncle what orders?" Secretary Mariners respectfully authentic. "Lu City soldiers this time how?" "Back to the uncle, everything, every rì in training, and now North Face Women's the soldiers fighting has increased significantly, as long as the order uncle, uncle went to Tao for the fire dance in the without any hesitation. "Secretary Mariners loudly. "Very well," Sima Yan nodded, "I'm going to Lu garrison city transferred Pass, replaced ShiGandang, how long they can hold Pass?" Secretary Mariners face shabu click on the white, and today, Sima Yan has said very clearly, tanzhou will not stick to the main lake state, but will give up tanzhou city government retreated to Lu Ning, then there is no doubt Pass garrison became army guard, that , where the defenders will become abandoned child in méng army under attack, there is no backup of them, there is no suspense, will give all Fold in the Pass. Zhezhi Lu City Army he spent a lot of effort, he sustains the fundamental, now just had a little play sè, were subject to such treatment, a sudden, his mind a blank, you want to refuse, but they did not have the guts, Sima Yan in front, he did not resist in the capital. He Guoguang this court even high-ranking officials, uncle said to kill to kill themselves such a figure, what of it? Sima even if his last name, but Sima family among the hundreds but surname Sima. "How? Are you willing?" Sima Yan light tunnel. Sima Yan voice low, but listen to the Secretary Marina in the ears, but like nine days to shake mine. "No, no, just uncle, Lu fought garrison city, seen the blood, and is now a fully-fledged strong army, if they are to stay, can we Sima family out more force ah Pass will send them, is not it a pity "Secretary Mariners found a great reason, uncle needs a strong army, then the army would not optional LU city person. Sima Yan sighed, "You are right, they are now the change has indeed been reborn, compared tanzhou army, they are quite a lot stronger, after all, one fought, and seen the blood of troops, but also in people with strong méng cavalry confrontation can return the organized forces, in what is now Vietnam is a rare big strong army. "" So, uncle is not to be considered I'm sure that they respect Sima family absolutely faithful. "Secretary Mariners quickly said, see, uncle still care about this army thing. Hey, Sima Yan laughed: "is it you are very loyal, how you, bear, refused to put his own loyalists Pass Zhezhi go?" "Not so long as there uncle, nephew dare not from, nephew children just think they can do for us to make a greater contribution to the Sima family. "Secretary Mariners bowed. Marina looked Division, Sima Yan smiled, this little guy has the right to know how to catch soldiers caught up, well, Sima family needs such ambitious guy, ambitious, in order to have power to spare no effort to climb, will endeavor to ensure that he does not rely on this tree down. "I do, is a last resort," Sima Yan said: "You have heard the decree, this time to the generals of armies who?" "Feng from justice" Secretary Marina Road. "Yes ah, yes Feng from the righteous." Sima Yan said: "If it was someone else, the army I really want to, but if it is Feng from justice, this Lu City Army would definitely stay not." "Uncle, Yao Meng they have been nephew children I fully rein, even Feng Yi came from, and can not let them betray nephew. "Secretary Mariners certainly authentic. "Childish" Sima Yan snapped coldly. "How can you want to be so simple." "Feng Lu guarding the city from the righteous for decades, in the eyes of the army Lu city, it is the same God exists, do not look now you make Yao Meng et al instill obedience, it is because Feng away from the righteous , you just have to face Min it, I'm sure, as long as Feng Yi came back from standing outside tanzhou yell, Yao Meng they would turn tail and run to keep his big accounts among kneeling on the foot from the righteous von which followed Feng four many years from the righteous, you just go for a few days, do you think these small favors they will be able to draw them to you dead? "" Even Calmly say, the four covet You give them the benefit of the investment report to you, but now, how do you than from the righteous with Feng, he was dignified court Hui-yun generals, and the big Vietnam, Mishina more generals, but also have the power to sit there straight fingers can count over , you can talk with Feng Yi ratio from? And, this time to the well Siye, a Feng from justice, coupled with an emperor nobles Siye, Feng from the righteous might just make a hole sè, will allow them to re-changed, but so that the no way to truly master an army, my side, will become hidden, it will only fulfill Feng from justice, Siye help, in that case, why should we leave them, why not let them play about the final heat, to replace Pass under the stone tablets, and now Pass garrison of ten thousand Sima family but we really loyalists. ShiGandang also Sima family would never betray us. "sweat of the brow Secretary Mariners oozes down," Uncle, this is just your guess, perhaps, things are not as you want? "" as long as this might be sufficient, I will never let any point can not control the factors to influence our next plan, so the military must go to Lou Castle Pass, hum, they lost the Lu city, I gave them a chance to redeem, let them go yumenguan guarding, to kill, to sin, which is to their grace. "" uncle, then I? "Secretary Mariners know that things have not changed, Lift your head and look to Sima Yan, eyes full of begging the sè. "Rest assured, I will not let you go, you and I will also entrusted with the task, four brothers, from tanzhou army, dial ten thousand horse cavalry to head to Gilbert, he is still very good training Lu City The. "Sima Sima Yan to see the wisdom. "Yes, brother," Sima Chi nodded. "Lu Meng Yao city dominated by the soldiers, the army of launching to the Pass, within the limit of ten rì arrived with ShiGandang takeover." Sima Yan Tao. "Yes, nephew'll go and announce command." Secretary Mariners at this time has been completely restored heavy calm, he never imagined that Sima Yan actually let him go tanzhou commanding ten thousand soldiers, indicating that the hearts of uncle , he is still very respectable, worth mentioning, there are ten thousand tanzhou soldiers, that Lu thousand troops that the city should not matter whether, as the uncle said that he might not really in control of the city Zhezhi Lu Bing, this rì son, Yao Qu Lu Meng several other camp will move very frequently, it is clear what is telling himself, since he had nothing to lose, let them go Shashenchengren it. .
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