we say that intelligence is wrong

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 18:27
() "Whirring" while piercing voice came whistling, followed, while Ruoyouruowu void fluctuations, a series of ten the number of road presence, immediately boundless emptiness is self emerged out one by one, led by One, an atmosphere of calm, imposing condensation, it is that young Mexican clothing. These people oncoming fast, one moment, that is parked in a place where just Duan Yue murder, around the void, Zi constantly shaking, sent waves of harsh wind also like screaming, shrill voice, as if the human eardrums are breaketh, buzzing sound, swing pass around. Residual induction into the ambient atmosphere, and the faint smell of bloody ink clothing youth whom could not help but frowned, with his wisdom and even repair is not difficult to guess what happened here before come, soon, they saw him stretched too hand, the fingers one, covering the void, between the moment that the surrounding space, is a burst like ripples ripples in general, a circle, a strange wave spread. Red, bright red, the surrounding space being, suddenly is filled with a dazzling bright red, faint smell of blood road, caught in the wind in the day among Pumian came, the presence of people, all of whom could not help himself shocked. "Implying that they are dead, how is this possible, we say that intelligence is wrong, they encountered, is Luo Feng guy?" Some people could not help but exclaimed aloud, before they received the news after they ie accelerate immediately rushed over, ready to work together to siege the opponent, it's also more than a dozen road pinnacle master, originally did not expect them to win each other, with their xìng just want life to delay the other, but they are also how did not think, when they are now arrived, more than a dozen experts, even death is a victorious. Can also beheaded Road Warrior pinnacle realm of the master, among many throughout the domain, or even are countless. However, in such a short span of time, so much time xìng beheaded pinnacle Road Warrior is also a master, it is very limited, and more than a dozen people together, even if it is broken empty realm of mythical warrior class, sometimes between half a minute, it may not be all beheaded, except for those who have exceeded detached top strong. Be able to do. In the ring on the city, with this repair, seemingly small, and to participate in the trial, and it is only North Face Hybird Clearance one person Luo Feng, therefore, this moment, then they will think this person. "No, not Feng Luo." Ink clothing youth face. God sè volatile, reaching between blowing up a faintly flickering and now space crack, awe-inspiring mouth of the channel: "This forces. Fengrui, overbearing, however, than the Pa knife to Luo Feng a little more clever, obviously, is one shot with a sword master, so is certainly not the Luo Feng, should be that suddenly appeared recently in the ring North Face Outlet on the city's mysterious master no doubt. "a month ago, lunar surging among the mountains outside the city, in order to compete Faerie Exotic, there are many extremely expert appeared, however, is that most people unfamiliar to the existence of a sudden, even with Wan Palace a demon ancestors played upside down, has caused a lot of people surprised. Mexican clothing young black Tamrac bent on winning the battle to win the black Tamrac's forces, for the next war will erupt in preparation for Chinese and foreign domain, therefore, he made advance arrangements soon identified, the mysterious master, also participated in this time even black Tamrac domain master battle. A ring on the city first master Luo Feng, has made him reluctant to heart, and now the addition of a mysterious master, for their own purposes, so, Then he mustered at most of the troops under the command into the vacant Fam, as is must rely on the advantages of siege, will forever remain in two unconnected Fam. Fortunately, he has been before the mysterious master image, and gave himself all the men, therefore, find liberal, and nothing difficult. And things have happened since, to the moment, no matter who the hands that are still mysterious master Luo Feng, the process is kind of how it all in all, are no longer important, it Canada Goose Online Store is important This human existence, he captured the dark days of the domain for the right to rule, is a great threat, so he must at all costs, within the shortest possible time, to thoroughly beheaded However, he also had to recognize each other's tyrannical power, it is a bit beyond his imagination before, before the development of the means to now, but it is forced to make changes, or else he Shoudexia these people alone, a dozen plus together, it was not enough to kill each other. "Well, no matter what your people, then kill me, this account can not just forget, I want you, always stay in this floating among Fam" Lengheng mouth, around whom those who can not help shouted startled, until they see when the ink clothing youth face sè, but had a moment of fear to whom, it seems, to what they had expected about to happen. "Give me a messenger down, our people, composed of thirty people a squad, then search floating around among Fam danger, Wei Sha Luo Feng and the mysterious master, I do not need you to kill them, as long as the drag live in them, and as far as possible the consumption of their strength is enough "ink awe-inspiring words of clothing youth population, seems endless Murder reveals, it is obvious this man impatient deep, extraordinary. "Yes" to these people to get orders quickly leave their face Mexican youth clothing orders, they are not the slightest objection, even though, knowing that this task is actually dangerous to the extreme, they still want to go , otherwise, the consequences will be more severe, at least, they are unbearable. At this time, at this moment, Duan Yue is vacant unexplored depths of the self toward speeding away, but this time, his luck seems never before them wonderful, though did not encounter any severe Xiongshou, however, but did not reap any vacant began, even a. Flight on the way, a huge force of spirit enveloped read down, watching a film like Aurora Xuanying general, backward constantly speeding King sè, Duan Yue how many hearts have some emotion, which began to help broken empty vacant , detached state of the Warrior concise inner world, it is the not the treasure, and if able to cobble together three hundred sixty-five, he could have emerged three hundred sixty-five ancient stars, star large array rebuild Zhou that time, then chaotic clock as repression, even in the face of the culmination of the master even Posuixukong realm of existence, he also foot Yipin. However, unfortunately, it is also really began floating not easy to find, in the past those trials, and during this floating among Uncharted search hard month's time, most will only be able to find the thirty-four, and, also mostly in some dangerous place, might be expected, the difficulty of which how big, figure it out, he was able to get on the first day began with four vacant, is an excellent excellent luck has it. But, it is clear that this good fortune, is unlikely to continue, at least, at this moment, he really did not find even one dangling began, not even the shadow. "Well it seems, want to gather three hundred sixty-five dangling began, the need to have to try to think of other ways, otherwise I rambled clue alone looking down, a month's time, I'm afraid is not even a fraction are looking for is not complete. "Duan Yue mouth uphold loudly lamented, but not wanted, at this time, suddenly, the surrounding emptiness, dozens of tyrannical breath, already at breakneck speed toward where their tight from. "Ah? This is what happens" before encountered a bizarre attack, Duan Yue although kill each other, but they are also from the strange, did not expect so soon, someone came, moreover, not only the number of changes more, which still has broken the mythical realm of the strong level of air mixed therein. "Whirring" fluctuate endless emptiness, ripples stirring, connecting with, a full thirty figure out the shuttle from an emptiness, they saw a segment Yue, the faces are not help whom overjoyed. "Yes Master commanded that this guy at all costs, it must be the Weisha" With almost excited roared loudly voice, which thirty figure's face, all could not help showing a touch of brilliant smile, led by a man, it is the mouth slightly up, his eyes filled with shock proud of sè, however, stimulated proud of I, which Wu Yue in the eyes to see the segment being, but it also seems to have a trace, rather complicated feelings. For their own Master for the repair, they are all know, the man in front, now are able to qualify to become his enemy, we can imagine, and its cultivation is definitely not low, even if they are overwhelmed by the squad siege each other, I'm afraid that the other side wants to win, but also need to pay a high price, thirty people, least it is also the peak of the realm of the Warrior Road, to the time, who do not know, but also a few left? However, even so, they also have to, because the identity of the special ink clothing youth, even though they are also one of the master, but also not the slightest breach. Moment between the surround has been formed, the whole process, some incredibly smooth, the other did not seem to escape the intention of standing directly on openly emptiness, letting one's own master, the round will be surrounded This could not help but led this man frowned: "This guy, what could there has relied in hand, still, he really live Niwai, eager to commit suicide," although no one asked, no one answered, but they probably heart is clearly the first choice may xìng really big (to be continued. mobile phone users please read.)
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