the other side of the body being

October 22 [Tue], 2013, 15:23
Day sè Gradually bright, has a hint of dawn shine shè to the desert above Xuan Chen also fell down from the vanity top, this time just from Chen Xuan body out of this first gold sè Julang Start prostrate on the ground, whispered toward Chen Xuan whine. "Hey," Xuan Chen sent a puzzled voice, then went over the body, as Chen Xuan received this from their own oven out of the swallowing days to exchange wolf inflammation soul force. Touched each other's head, Chen Xuan also issued a concept of God, go to the other side of the body being, then it is one God, read the feedback back, Men's North Face Outerwear only this time Chen Xuan figured out all the ins and outs. The original wolf kill Yan Xuan Chen Kun to the inner alchemy brown after pike, actually swallow day in refining furnace which is really so completely inspired its own tsunami on wolf blood, then on that kind of pure blood tsunami month family. Born May wolf howl wolf king kinds blood, has the ability to command all the wolf, the wolf just saw these desert wolf inflammation Afterwards, I did not even have the ability to resist, which is distributed over the body of a small inflammation royal majesty, Let them feel a shiver, so all receded. Then again, a concept of God Xuan Chen Chuan in the past, to just why wolves attack was the reason to ask again, there is that why Wicked unknown attacks led by a pack of wolves come things Xuan Chen wants to understand the look. Small inflammation after a short silence, is a concept of God immediately sent into the soul of the sea Chen Xuan, Xuan Chen this time it will clear up everything. The wolf will have all the basic guide, this is very Xuan Chen understand that these desert wolves will have a guide, but just three days ago, with their commanding actually killed by Chen Xuan Wicked fought to the other end Together, the last command of the desert is the red wolf to devour this first Wicked, Wicked this last head unknown occupied the wolf's dominance, Women's North Face Hyvent commanding the wolves began killing everywhere, but today they met Chen Xuan . Trace of gold sè beam according shè to desert, the sky is already a large bright, and this time people began to move toward the distant Xuan Chen walked over, looked at Chen Xuan but enough to have a man around the high Julang after all stopped, afraid to move forward. Midon pace, Chen Xuan went toward them, looking at them with a look of joy and fear, Xuan Chen faint. "I'm fine now, desert red wolf has all receded, he called the Little inflammation, will not hurt you," Chen Xuan Yan's head touched the small road. This time Yan'er's father stood up, walked in front of Chen Xuan suddenly ordinary cry, knelt on the ground, it is necessary toward Xuan Chen bowed. Xuan Chen a stride rushed up, and immediately stop the man's action, the other person's life and life was about to kneel down posture to serve up. "Lao Zhang, can not be" Chen Xuan propped old man said. "I am afraid I am old eyes without beads, what if the previous neglect Shaoxia do not mind the place, but this is my prayer to thank you on behalf of their saving grace, you shot today, but for all of us now have become Desert Wolf, fresh belly of the "old man full of sad tone road. "Lao Zhang serious, I just did what I do, I either meet you, I might still desert disoriented" Chen Xuan propped old man said. Xuan Chen looked at everyone's eyes are looking at his eyes with awe, Chen Xuan know that these people no longer possible like yesterday on their own, and even sees himself as god-like figure, only my heart smile. "Today, thank you for saving my life, there is nothing to repay you, which I personally do Jiaao skins to give you what" Yan'er walked over to a parcel handed Xuan Chen's hands, said a few words, then walked away. Looked at the hands of the burden, Chen Xuan smile soon again, they are most reluctant to do is Daochuliuqing, apparently this Yan'er already worked up on their own, but he was just a passer, is no longer here to stay for long, so Xuan Chen will always try to avoid Yan'er. Now has rì on three pole, everyone ready to discard all the things regarded wrapped again, the quaking of Warcraft have pull out all ready, once again embarked on a journey, but this time Chen Xuan own points to a World of Warcraft, myself sitting at a small inflammation. Over the next two days, everything is calm, nothing happened on the third day, when Chen Xuan finally saw a weathered countless blows through desert city. No tall buildings, standing in the desert around the city are giant surrounded them, in order to stop the invasion of sand, a lot of gates is not already bear a mottled, covered with a thick layer of sand , there are a lot of business travel in and out. "Home at last, we finally got home," some people began to rave up. Everyone patted Warcraft body, speed up the pace, the road camped, who has long wanted to return to their homes, bask in your own life, Chen Xuan also feel that their mood. Through the gates of the mottled unbearable, greet Chen Xuan eyes is a very old city, which is actually quite a huge area that can accommodate hundreds of people is not excessive, the streets there are many shops, but Few things sell Musha demand, and are some of the basic necessities of life. World of Warcraft slow walk through the streets with, attracted a lot of attention, but no one cares, because every day there are a lot of people come to this 'border city' do business, here is a large market. Chen Xuan also know from coming after, the ancient city named Xinjiang city, in this desert city radius Miles only this one, where the folk simplicity, they rely on are out hunting Warcraft, thus earning resources because every day Many businessmen here and kill them in charge of Warcraft alchemy, with a lot of other side of the missing resource exchange, basically barter. Chen Xuan This caravan is an ordinary caravan, they go somewhere else on here do not have enough stuff, back to Xinjiang will be able to change to a city than a lot of money funds, to the time and even do a number of trading, the basic life enough to live comfortably. But the case of the desert, Chen Xuan also know that every day there are many people can do safely out of the desert, it also brings high risk high return, so every day there are still a lot of back and forth between two places businessman. From the moment of entering the city, Chen Xuan soul out on the dissemination, in which to explore it again, there is actually a lot of strength is also in possession of a powerful Warrior, Chen Xuan just above the restaurant in a few discovered name Yuan Wu territory of the atmosphere, Xuan Chen did not dare to disturb them, and immediately recovered consciousness and move on. After walking for about an hour, the crowd finally stopped, I saw rows appeared in front of the house, it seems that this is where they live, all over the body from Warcraft swept down, Chen Xuan is also a Longitudinal shè, from Warcraft jumped down over the body. "We quickly unloaded the things that we have almost a month to catch the road, already tired, we pick up the bin, all go back to rest, to wait until tomorrow, we put things out to the auction, to the time change back uniform distribution of the resources we have, you see how "everyone Yan'er's father said. "Well, so arrange it," everyone agrees that the old man meant. Then, the old man went towards Hu guide, facing things from occurring that day after, never never speak commanding Hu said. "This way all the way to take care of commanding thank Hu, this is your reward" Then the old man had disappeared from his aura inside the ring handed out a lot of drafts of each other's hands. Hu took over command of cold drafts fed to Women's North Face Pink Ribbon the old man, I heard a word, actually took seven or eight of the guard left the place immediately, but went away, eyes being or conceal an beholder, although hidden from everyone, but there is no hiding from the powerful soul Xuan Chen. "Well, now we pack it," the remaining number of young brawny body began to Wicked took it all down. "Chen Shaoxia you first arrived here, it is better to live in the past few days here how, let us do what can be considered landlord of friendship" Yan'er father against Chen Xuan said. "That old man on your hospitality, but as long as I have learned to their place looking for, juniors will immediately leave the country," Chen Xuan did not refuse, anyway, here unfamiliar to each other have a care, not bad.
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