how could I Taotao did not even

October 23 [Wed], 2013, 17:52
() Would like to take the opportunity to seize the young Emperor shenmu water people can be more than Yang Chen, when you see the young Emperor shenmu great loss when water power, rather extraordinary, who without thinking, Jizhui and on. Qing Emperor Shenmu water fast as lightning pierced the void, even Taotao has swallowed a lot of tyrants spring coins, a short time can not catch him. Suddenly, young Emperor shenmu water suddenly appeared before a person, this person sè in black robes, turned out to be the mysterious woman, Yan rain! "She!" Yang Chen face sè help for a change, this woman finally hands! Roar! Dragon puff towards Yan rain water column, water column with irresistible force, crashed Yan Meng rain, even if the distance Baizhang that deaf deafening yù piercing sound, but also the Yang Chen shook the blood boiling , eardrum stinging. Yan was blown rain black robe fluttering sound, the wind Gudang sky, black robe was blown moment, Yang Chen's face sè upheaval like to see what Canada Goose Baby's Snowsuit incredible things. Seeing the water column is about approaching Yan Yu, suddenly, Yan rain suddenly emerge a snake behind the virtual shadow, huge snake writhing snake footer and shoved toward shè to the water column. Huge snake open, suddenly, the water column was swallowed into Serpens, Bang! Serpent ghost disappeared. The presence of people all sè change! The next moment, they are even more shocking thing happened, Yan who suddenly emit bursts of rain pushed silver, silver dispersed until the moment, a more than ten feet long python out there. Monty Python quintana black, covered with dark purple sè stripes, stripes seemed to be some strange order of the ancient tyrants vicissitudes ...... an unique ambience beast off. "Pa beast!" Yang Chen stared, Yan rain ...... turned out to be tyrants beast! Good fortune pen, Taotao also widened his eyes, "how could I Taotao did not even see her tyrants beast!" Black sè python pair breathtaking eye gazing dragon, snake footer twist, He turned around lightning Luedao the dragon, the speed, almost completely at odds with her body. Fierce dragon lashing tail, disease pumping away to Monty Python, the general trend of heavy force, enough to have cracked open monument stone, ripped space Viagra! Black sè python with incredible speed dodge open, such as Ehupushi general, lightning toward the dragon, fierce bite, her speed is too fast, far beyond the great loss of strength after the Qing Emperor Shenmu water . Roar! Dragon roar loudly, his back instantly python bite, not flesh and blood, but a mission green sè of water falling into a black sè python mouth. Suddenly, the dragon was bitten on the back constantly pouring water, instant healing. Yang Chen stared, this python swallowed alive even intend Qing emperor sacred trees in water, if you really swallow the Qing Emperor shenmu water, I how to do? Whoosh! Qing Emperor shenmu water toward the bottom of the river suddenly Jilue away, Yang Chen Ning Mu looked, face sè not help one change: "Oh, he wanted to go in the river inside!" "Fast chase!" Taotao quickly control the good fortune pen , carrying Ms Yang, Chen Yuwen catch up. Rather extraordinary, Mu ...... everyone Jizhui Green Dragon Emperor shenmu water away, they did not want black sè python swallowed Qing Emperor shenmu water. Touch! Qing Emperor sacred trees water river among grazing, suddenly, even the tail disappeared in the water. Suddenly, a laughter spread in all directions: "want to go? Haha, come out to the Emperor!" "The Emperor?" Everyone face sè opt for a change, look toward the sound came to the place, suddenly see the river's stood a man, this man wearing a brocade robe, unusual and luxurious, handsome looks abnormal branching, eyebrows impressively there is a "Ecuador" word. While evil this North Face Men's Denali Fleece man revealed to the brow, it is a kind of chilling feeling, an atmosphere of vastness came from him, it is about a kind of feeling of suffocation. This atmosphere, no way inferior immeasurable return within Huang Hui-class resentment Pa purple beast, but it seems stronger! "Demon-lin!" Yang Chen face sè help for a change, it really is a rogue demon-Lin Huang strong level. "Santo Gaishiwushuang! Santo immortal! ......" Wang Meng and other seven Allende Wang loudly praising them. "Haha, that's good, that's good, the emperor did Gaishiwushuang!" Demon Lin broke into laughter, suddenly grasping volley towards the surface. I saw him a fierce pull, touch! A green sè dragon soar out from below the surface, he should seize the young Emperor shenmu water! "Oh!" Yang Chen face sè upheaval, if water falls on the young Emperor shenmu Lin demon hands, then he is not the slightest hope. Boom! Lin was demon caught out from under the water surface Qing emperor sacred trees in water, even ...... suddenly explode, into numerous droplets, floating down the river. People face sè uniform for a change: "Not really young Emperor shenmu water!" Xiangyebuxiang, jumped into the river among the crowd shouted, Yan rain changing black sè pythons are also followed into the water. Lin's face as shrouded frost demon, but when he saw the black sè Monty Python moment, suddenly ecstasy. Stature sudden flash, the water ripples, he had entered the river, this kind of speed, has been completely beyond the Yang Chen's image. Wang Meng Lin, who saw the demon into the river, I shouted chants of "Santo Gaishiwushuang" slogan, jump into the river. Swallowed hard, Yang Chen teeth, said: "Little Peach, we have to go!" "Well, this guy's strength, although strong, but luck was not won more than us, I Taotao not believe he could find before us Qing Emperor shenmu water! "Taotao very narcissistic laugh, carrying Ms Yang, Chen and Yuwen grazing river, Murong Die dress and Dragon followed. Yang Chen rolled his eyes, snappily said: "It seems our luck will certainly be good like." Yuwen Waner shallow smile, she seems very much like to listen Taotao conversation between Chen and Yang. Taotao Murong Dieyi hear the words, Mei Xiao again and again: "Good King products tyrants is interesting, if you belong to other people like, people will love and care for you, giggle ......" Yang Chen dumbfounding, if you know that a small peach call you "wind sāo little beauty," I do not know what would look? Underwater, good luck pen nib exudes purple sè bubbles to Ms Yang, Chen and Owen wrapped in one, making the river could not close, but Murong Die dress and then release the domineering Armed Dragon, also played a similar role. River weedy, the more depth of, increasingly dark, bottomless, but this does not affect everyone, as long as the concept of God swept away, all you can see the underwater scenery, like daylight. "Little peach, blue water ran Timor shenmu place to go?" Yang Chen asked, his concept of God is too weak, there is no way in the river water shenmu search Qing Emperor's whereabouts. "Robbing the water if taken refuge in the water, and can be fully integrated with the water, unless an extremely powerful search concept of God, or else ......" Taotao did not finish, but the obvious meaning. Yang Chen Distressed, asked: "Little Peach, do not you tough enough concept of God do?" "Hey, do not worry, others may not, but they beat me Taotao!" Taotao full confidence. Taotao hear the words, Yang Chen finally relieved, if you really can not find the Qing Emperor shenmu water, he probably will not be able to practice in this life, and forever will remain at nine variable Pa disabilities. Good fortune pen, Taotao sigh loudly, suddenly grasping volley a space broken off, cracks within the monstrous flames, heat waves rolling toward Taotao. "You want me to help you find the young Emperor Aoki water? Helped you so many times, even the point did not get the benefits, Well, it is not worth!" Sea of ​​fire in the mysterious presence of strange smiles. "Now get the benefits, indicating that the benefits will be even greater future, you live so long, do not understand how even the truth!" Taotao snappily snorted quite turn iron into steel look. "Well, do not talk to me with this tone." Mysterious presence sneered: "Having heard this, I'll think of you that damn master!" "Well, I do not have effort to chat with you, to find young Emperor Shenmu water later told me! "Then, Taotao volley one pull, space crack suddenly closed. Almost simultaneously, Yang Chen asked: "small peaches, found no?" "Do not worry, young Emperor shenmu Ken is our water!" Taotao revealing a confident smile. A matchless powerful concept of God suddenly spoke shè from fortune out of the pen, Yuwen Waner, Murong Die dress, Dragon, three pen from the good fortune recently, the first to be tough this road from the concept of God swept him. This idea of ​​God being swept road and they feel a kind of see-through, it seems, who are exposed to all the secrets of this road under the concept of God. Sè face upheaval, the trio opt to see the good fortune pen, such as hearts set off a stormy sea. This idea that God really is only released from the pen do? Three really can not believe this is true. Powerful concept of God swept the river, from the rather extraordinary and rather non-criminal who swept moment, the two face dismay sè, severe contraction of the pupil! ! Concept of God continues to sweep it off Denon Canada Goose Men's Chateau Mu, Mu Yi Lin, Du Xuanying, three pupil contraction is also a fierce face sè aghast upheaval! Under more distant river, far beyond demon overlord Lin released several times throughout the concept of God, probing the river, searching for the whereabouts of the young Emperor shenmu water. But at this moment, his concept of God and God read another unit collision thousandth moment, his concept of God crashing collapse, even the slightest ability to resist at all. Lin demon's head "Om" bang, pale face sè boundless, pupil shoved a shrink! Behind him seven Allende Wang also read the Word of God swept all face is dismay sè! Concept of God continues to sweep, and finally swept the rain turned into a black swallow sè python, after a short stay, made a sudden move off. Black sè python who exudes silver, silver dispersed moment, dressed in a black robe, Yan rain out there in the river, while she took the veil, but from among her dramatic contraction of the pupil can be seen, she have also been shaken by that road to the concept of God. Finally, the concept of God is powerful road and stopped, nothing inside the river, but when the concept of God stopped instantly, had deserted the river, the sudden escape of a young sè dragon!
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