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2006年04月22日(土) 20時25分
The nails were not visible when doctors first examined the man in the emergency room of an unidentified Oregon hospital a day later. Doctors were surprised when X-rays revealed six nails clustered between his right eye and ear, two below his right ear and four on the left side of his head.
The study did not say how long the nails were, and a hospital spokeswoman refused to release that information. A photo published in the study suggests the nails range from 1½ to 2 inches long.
No one before is known to have survived after intentionally firing so many foreign objects into the head, according to the report, written by Dr. G. Alexander West, the neurosurgeon who oversaw the treatment of the patient.
The man at first told doctors he had had a nail gun accident, but later admitted it was a suicide attempt.
The nails came close to major blood vessels and the brain stem but did not pierce them. The patient was in remarkably good condition when he was transferred to Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, where the nails were removed.
The patient was later transferred to psychiatric care and stayed under court order for nearly a month before leaving against doctors’ orders.
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the man suicide attempt was in remarkably good condition 

2006年04月22日(土) 20時15分
"Updated: 10:46 p.m. ET April 21, 2006
PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon man who went to a hospital complaining of a headache was found to have 12 nails embedded in his skull from a suicide attempt with a nail gun, doctors say.
Surgeons removed the nails with needle-nosed pliers and a drill, and the man survived with no serious lasting effects, according to a report on the medical oddity in the current issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery.
The unidentified 33-year-old man was suicidal and high on methamphetamine last year when he fired the nails — up to 2 inches in length — into his head one by one.


2006年04月22日(土) 20時13分

"The studio is hoping to release the new "Star Trek" film in 2008.

No plot for the movie has been nailed down and no one has been cast for the film.

The "Star Trek" franchise covers several centuries of a future in which humans make their way in a universe populated by a bewildering variety of aliens, from the ultra-logical Vulcans to the merciless, hive-like Borg. The starship Enterprise in various incarnations was the focus of the original series and many of the movies. Two "Star Trek" TV series followed the exploits aboard a space station called Deep Space Nine and a marooned spaceship, Voyager.

Abrams created the hit ABC series "Lost" and Paramount hopes that "Lost" producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk will produce the movie, Kirkpatrick said.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy portrayed Kirk and Spock in the original "Star Trek" TV show in the 1960s and in numerous movies but "they have not yet been approached," Kirkpatrick said.

Shatner, 75, currently stars in the hit series "Boston Legal" winning an Emmy for his role as an egotistical attorney.

"Star Trek" movies have grossed more than $1 billion but the last one, "Star Trek: Nemesis," four years ago did relatively weak box office and got tepid reviews, while the last TV incarnation, "Star Trek: Enterprise," was ratings-challenged and was canceled last year.

With the new movie, "we certainly are hoping to bring `Star Trek' back to its former glory," Kirkpatrick said.

A story about the revival plan first appeared in the trade paper Daily Variety."

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Thanks to all the workers of Star Treck!

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2006年04月22日(土) 19時26分
San Diego, 曇り。ちょっと肌寒い。
今日はhanaに寿しを食べに行った。"All You Can Eat"が目的だったのに、一緒にいた寿し初体験のアメリカ人が怯んだため、カウンターのコースを諦めてテーブル席でフツーのメニューを頼んだ。

時差ぼけはまだ直らない。今日も起きたのは16時だった。I know that I need to get back on track... Tomorrow, I think I will go to library and stay there till they closing.



the message 

2006年04月21日(金) 19時35分

This girl I know needs some shelter
She don't believe anyone can help her
She's doing so much harm, doing so much damage
But you don't want to get involved
You tell her she can manage
And you can't change the way she feels
But you could put your arms around her

I know you want to live yourself
But could you forgive yourself
If you left her just the way
You found her

I stand in front of you
I'll take the force of the blow

Massive Attack    Protection


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