ah, i left this for a long time 

September 29 [Fri], 2006, 14:14
its not like i have been super duper busy these days... its just that i didnt wanna write anything. well, so school started almost one month ago. its been okay so far. im taking 5 classes this semester and transferring to somewhere else. i got 2 tests down and one more to go, which will be in next week. annnd i have to give a presentation in my anthropology class someday soon. im workin with one of my good friends so its gonna be fine. i like doin reseach but hate speaking in front of a big audience, they scare me. nywho,,, i finished 3 hr chemistry lab today... it made me soooo frickin tired. lab is pretty fun cuz all i do is just talk to my friend and try to do the same thing as he does. Ppl are pretty nice in the class, and the teacher is alright. not too much fun but more fun than it is supposed to be. i gotta read 5 chap by this thursday which is... in a week. okay whatever. I have 3 days off bcuz of the Jewish holiday. i dont know what im gonna do tho. i have a party to hit tomorrow night (TGIF!!) annd, i have to go to NYC on monday... well that means i have no plan on saturday and sunday. maybe i can invite some of my friends over my apartment.... or maybe i just can go to someone elses house instead. i dont wanna spend a whole day alone cuz its mad boring. there is one person i wanna see but my best friend tells me not to see him cuz she knows what i would do if i saw him again. well whatever happens will eventually happen.
im dying to see movies... im too lazy to name them in here but there r so many movies coming out this week or next week, which i really wanna see. damn it.

how about wrting in English?? 

August 22 [Tue], 2006, 0:39
Soooo i decided to write today's diary in english... well there isnt any particular reason to do this but im just feelin like it.

sooo i went to Juku at takadanobaba cuz i had one student to teach. i teach her Math and English every monday and thursday. and today was our last session. I helped her with her enlish homework as usual. at the end of the session she gave me this little memo, saying that she enjoyed every session and how nice i was to her;) i was happy to have her too. she was not really smart girl but was tryin to learn sometin from me. anyhow, the idea that i might never see her again made me sad a little..

after that, i went to the dance studio at ikebukuro. Yeah, BELLY DANCE TIME!! i love it when im dancing. i would be a dancer if i werent as lazy as i really am. Also today was the last lesson... Bellydance was really fun... i wish i could keep practcin' at the studio. so now everything is quite over, which is kinda makin me feel so empty. i dont like ends. it feels good when you start out, but every start has its end. thats how it goes. but i will def find another bellydance studio in NY if i have time for it.

well, there are 7 days left until i go back to the states. but this guy isnt where he used to be. He left for somewhere when i left the states. we wont keep in touch cuz im already over him. even tho i check on him by lookin at his myspace, i dont feel the passion i used to have for him. if he calls me or send me a message, i dont know what to do. i dont even know if i still can call him a friend. anyway, im fine as long as i have some good friends to talk to. Nobody knows what this Fall semester brings. somethin good might happen.

クラビング IN ROPPS 

August 11 [Fri], 2006, 0:14
久しぶりのクラビングなので、というか方向音痴なので、どこにクラブあったかとか全部うる覚え・・・黒人の兄ちゃんたちが"hey beautiful ladies..フリーエントランスダヨ"しつこく店に勧誘しようとするのは健在でそれを見て笑いをこらえながら目的地にようやく着いたのでした。木曜日は女の子タダなだけあって店内は人でいっぱい!!日本でクラブに行くのは1年以上ぶりなので、日本人の多さに新鮮さを感じましたね。







July 31 [Mon], 2006, 23:08



mariah careyのwithout youを聞いてる今、ふと思うことは i cant live, if living is without uって思わせてくれる人は生涯のうちに現れるものなのかと。

恋愛経験豊富doesnt mean anythingでしょ。数じゃない。距離も言語も国籍も宗教も肌の色も関係ない。



July 28 [Fri], 2006, 23:17










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