Kawaii kawaii supa kawaii 

May 10 [Wed], 2006, 12:22
Konnichiwa Minna-san.
I got Myspace ^^ though somehow my grammer was really bad >c<.
Yay lets talk about yesterday.Well me and Edward went shopping for like 2 hours trying to find something right for his sister we went in and out of shops i wanted to kill him he's so picky about everything.But he finally got something so then we had late lunch.We walk around some more shops and then he treated me to ice cream and kissed my cheek >o<''' i can't let Ruki know.So embarassing.Then i got home i brought some new socks and new bracelet.Later i met Juri she got me some jewelry and a t-shirt ^^ i was so happy.Then some more of Juri's friends came out ah they lifted up my skirt so embarassing = =" i hate wearing them people should leave me alone.Im not a girl.Ayase said my legs were like Yue's legs so skinny.She ask me many beauty tips ^^ we have fun talking though.When i got home i was so tired and my mom called she almost gave me a heart attack o.O'.We talked for like 20 minutes she told me to go to sleep XD.
Well today i went out got some more new clothes and new cell phone hanger and some snacks.I had lunch and ate fancy cake well cause i have money my mom sent me some she was like use it carefully >c< im like yes i will so i can't buy anymore clothes this week or next ^^.Ah nothing to do i think i read most my yaoi manga or do i have some more hidden away *thinks* i'll need to check.Need to put new songs on my MP3.I think mom said she was going to call me again today i can't remember.I love my new bracelet im wearing it now im so lucky.I love my life.Well thats all for today ^^.

Free gifts again 

May 09 [Tue], 2006, 8:12
Yaho Minna-san
Kyou wa Kyouya supa genki desu.Today i get to go out with Edward to pick present for his sister then we'll go to lunch and he'll treat me to ice cream.Im going to wear Karen's outfit out the one with the shorts.Im so happy i want to get new t-shirt and socks.Then later i'll meet Juri she says she has a gift for me ^^ Juri your the best.Ah my mom will call me today not sure when she'll probably ask me have i done this and that >c<'''.I'll need to clean my room maybe i move again soon so troublesome.Hmmmm now i need to go take a shower and get something to eat before going over to Edward's house ^^.

Baka neko boy 

May 08 [Mon], 2006, 14:45
Hello! Minna-san Genki desu?.
I lost my notebook with all my passwords so i got a new MSN and new blog ^^.
This morning i stayed at home and read some manga.I managed to find lots of lost things inside my closet.I finally find my necklace that i lost like before Christmas i am so happy i found it.I sorted out all my Karen cosplays things into one place so i can wear the outfits to go out.I find many pairs of new socks in bags i never remember buying them at all.I finally spoke to Ruki again its been awhile i missed her so much.We talk about many things through mail but i can't help but think about her i get so crazy in love with her.But i like her if she was a boy = =" but she's not.I get to go shopping tomorrow with my friends Edward need to get present for his sister so he told me to go too he said he'll treat me to ice cream if i go ^^ yay free food.Later i go out to eat with Juri ^^ she has 1 present for me i kind of have many fans XD they get me many presents.Well thats all for today.Write again tomorrow.
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