"find fly ash also sighed

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Still Li Xiaowen fly followed behind, but in front of Silverstone and look for fly ash. Such as the fly from the plot not too far from Lei Feng, that thunder increasingly, not only can hear in the ear, Silverstone surprise, that the sound Jingsi hit in their hearts. Silverstone Daohai fills thunder sounded, I just feel a burst of uncomfortable, followed by thunder out, and will restore the usual Li Xiaowen and find the fly ash to die, of course, is the hands and feet in the thunder tremble slightly, soft bone sū tendons, is to the thunder go out, still shaking, not their own! Fairly light, Li Xiaowen and look for fly ash insist that bag of tobacco work, seeing to got plot near to Lei Feng, a burst of thunder shock, they suddenly face some panic, stopped, Moreover, the burst flush from the forehead the two suddenly give birth, and then they disappear, it is the two meridians infuriating Some disorders, Mana signs of runaway! "Xiaodao You, you, you all what?" To see Silverstone as being to look, looking at the area of ​​the mine hole, look for smoke fly very surprised asked. "I" Silverstone saw the embarrassment of the two the brow is also microfold, smile: "Who is not uncomfortable ah! That the sound of the lightning with the usual tenrai seems different and straight hit the heart Pindao,, uncomfortable tight! "ah!" Li Xiaowen listening to now find fly ash brow was a burst of surprised. "How? Two Daoyou ,Coach Handbags...... how not to fly forward?" Silverstone saw two people talking, not forward, feel asked. "I still guessed wrong!" Find fly ash wry smile: "I repair really low Service, plot mine hole really is not my place to! If Pindao with Li Daoyou is go down to the front close to, for fear that there will be magic back to bite them in fear! "find the fly ash with a series of two" really "is the reaction of the hearts of extreme frustration. "Rumble" This burst of thunder just added close, like encouraging people to play drums, Silverstone heart again in a burst of unspeakable feeling, Li Xiaowen and look for fly ash feel xiōng burst of blood surging , mana suddenly some uncontrolled two not neglect, and hurried back to fly the number of the Baizhang this feel the magic slowly heal! Silverstone followed by two men, feel looked back at the plot of distant thunder hole. Far is that cave? Is some what? "Xiaodao You" Li Xiaowen hand and said: "Pindao, say so right!" Li Xiaowen face do not know expression, embarrassment, shame, or glad? He told the monks to find fly the smoke two Lianqi four peak, but still rely on a Lianqi second floor of the monks "Pindao understand!" Silverstone waved, took a deep breath and said: "Since all the way death came last place, how can no longer take a chance to try it? since two of his fellow can not travel to That ............... Pindao was up to try! "" Oh, so a lot of gratitude Xiaodao You! Pindao have calculated that today is the deadline, if it can not open Fu Daoyou and other people, that is, die in vain! "find fly ash also sighed:" However, Xiaodao You do not have to enter the plot thunder hole, if not surprisingly, as long as in the area of ​​mine hole Sakon will be able to open nematocysts, after all the Qing Daoyou is Lianqi five monks, he can not enter the product Lei hole! "ah, Pindao known, the other in this little pranayama Pindao'll be right back "Silverstone in their hands, turned and went, product Lei hole flew. Li Xiaowen and find fly smoke where'm here pranayama, ah, can only do-stood and watched Xiaohua Fei fast to the plot flew mine cave, and that rolling thunder, it seems that he did not What a big impact! "Seek Friends of Li Xiaowen see Silverstone close to the area of ​​mine spoke hole might feel. "Li Daoyou What happened? To find fly smoke casually Road. "Oh, no no!" Li Xiaowen yù words and ended, do not speak, just quietly watching, look for smoke fly heart is weird Chen miscellaneous see Li Xiaowen said, and he is not going to ask, with Li Xiao Timor the same only with your eyes watching. Let us now turn to Silverstone alone to plot Lei Tung, seeing that hole, the more deafening drums beat from time to time in their own heart, you can just let him slight discomfort, and heard enough, actually some adaptation, is no longer the most wrong. "If that is the case, perhaps the plot mine hole Xiao Ye can break on a break!" Silverstone gradually courage,Jordan Flight 9. Plot Lei Feng is very dry and the rocks into Claret sè mountains and no trees, straight bald bare hill. Mountain world of Reiki is very abundant, far more than Xiaohua Ping-sheng see, but just now the same perception as Silverstone, the more close to the area of ​​the mine hole, and that more active in the world of Reiki, Silverstone War China Ming Gong simply can not bleed air into the body! "It seems really the special physical monks to practice here ah!" Silverstone tried several times, is to give up and concentrate on fly plot mine hole. In front of mine plot hole, about ten feet of the hole ugly, a Unit of the heat wave, a Unit of the world of Reiki flooded out from the hole, and looks dark cave which is not shiny, and flash bright saw that the stone walls are crimson Yan sè! With that shiny. Waves muffled echo in the cave the shook the the Silverstone blood surging, and quickly flew to the side of the cave! "The thunder really weird!" Silverstone thought through mine robbed of their offerings in China, War, That was real tenrai, how do I feel not the same with the thunder! Thinking, Silverstone hand to explore, the last of the nematocysts in the hand, can nematocysts lù the air, a trace of lively aura rush of nematocysts inhalation, Silverstone smiling mouth, looked down, for a moment after this smile condensation in the corners of his mouth! Nematocysts but some Guanghua, is not audible! Needless to say, not open nematocysts! "Really want to enter the plot Lei hole?, Silverstone bite mouthpiece chún, watching the the mine plot holes from time to time to shine some hesitation if not into, today, that nematocysts no longer be opened own exercises ............... Just then, a burst of call rumbling sound came from his side, Silverstone turned to look at the distant sky, flashing brilliance rapid live here flying, Xuyu Jian, is to get to Silverstone's vision of "What is it? "Silverstone looked at the flashing in the air, each to flashing are far Jianguang, very puzzling thought" rumbling "sound burst with thunder came from the above that Jianguang, then parked in front of the plot Lei Tung, Sheldon Silver rubbed his eyes, a long thin the whole body the numerous lightning linger feijian above, it is a station looks very ordinary young monks, monks face sè ; redness, sparse eyebrows, eyes are stunned look at Silverstone! not recovered such as Silverstone eyes from that weird feijian of on a no concept of God as the waves flooded Silverstone, with the same time, from the bottom of the majesty of the young monk who is directly cover in Silverstone body! Silverstone's head swam hearts as a blow to the stature of a staggered, weak hands and feet to be collapsed on the ground, "Hey? Silverstone to support him at the moment, that the concept of God in Silverstone, who swept away the fleeting, coercion also rapid withdrawal. Silverstone feel the burst easily, immediately bowed salute: "casual repair Xiao China, seen predecessors! "San repair? "The monks slightly surprised a moment, stature falling from the Feijian pointing that feijian, immediately into the size of a projectile by monks warrant of hand in his hand, and then a suction mouth, immediately fly into the mouth of the monks! "ah? Silverstone slightly frightening. "You where's practice? "Asked the young monk." This younger people have no fixed place to practice! "The Xiao Hua honestly said:" Today has just joined the day disposable, ready to abandon the practice in the day! Days left? That is what martial art? The young monks micro-flute. "This, that seniors know, this is a casual repair spontaneous organization are Lianqi the five-story San repair! "Xiaohua Gong King said." Oh, yeah! "The young monk suddenly, followed with great interest and asked:" Pindao concept you repair the but Lianqi two three and Mana than with a lot of deep-order, but added to let Pindao surprised ah! Then added: "And you still scattered repair, indeed, Pindao mō vain mind! Hear the young monks and Yen Yuet sè, talk to yourself, Silverstone gratuitous a warm heart, and quickly bowed and said: "Well called seniors know, the younger generation do not know! "" Oh, Xiao Hua, in fact, Pindao from the Lianqi floor practice from Pindao see you through, but Pindao To be sure, your repair is definitely not only in Lianqi and build the base, even saver or Yuan Ying period! You must not sell ourselves short! Silverstone was a move that was about to speak, the young monk said: "Ray plot hole is not taken lightly monks to! General Lianqi the pinnacle of people to be disturbed, you actually be able to plot mine hole hole, makes me know your future cultivation ...... Oh, right, you risk doing this? "Silverstone sighed, another idea abandoned, respectful the nematocysts handed, said:" Take the nematocysts into the plot Ray cave, nematocysts can open, say the name of a place to! Juniors need to go to that place! "Into the area of ​​the mine hole? ? ? Joke! Young monks look at Silverstone, and look not far from the mine plot hole, the face lù out wry smile, pointing, said: "you Yunxiu forget not Pindao say you, scattered repair practice is not easy to Pindao is aware of you and will nematocysts to me! "Xiao Huayi Xi, quickly handed up, that monks do not then,Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses, Shouyi Zhao, nematocysts flew out of thin air, followed behind him into the plot mine hole, not into the hole with the stature of young monks burst Guanghua flashing, and the crackling burst of Qing Xiang came, seems to come from the stone walls of the cave lightning ...... but a moment, that the young monk was very the surface sè easy out, the nematocysts throw Xiao China, say the name of a place! listen to this place names in the ears of Silverstone, feel Silverstone ... stunned! @.
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