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ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ (*´д`*) (*´ω`*) woot ?


2009年01月01日(木) 9時44分
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Now I want to make some more random titles like "Strawberrypie stolen by Mr Robot?" wot? (don't even ask, I don't know eighter...)
Anyhoos it's not hard to say that clock is already over midnight here... 02:16, because I'm writing my wonderful randomness here again? <3 I love my randomness <3 I could write it like... whole night... no, actually a whole week! Without even keeping a brake during my lovely randomness-writing-marathon!! ... It's so... nice? ( I hate Borat.. He's ugly... )
Pokemon is wonderful anime... Even someone might say it's for kids... I say it's not... only for kids.. It's for... umm.. those who happens to like it? ... *goes to play pokemon emerald on GBA* ..... .. .. .. *gets depressed* actually I have no GBA... I have emulator on my computer, but hey! I would do anything to get real GBA !! ANYTHING !! <3 *sob*
Why are CareBears so gay?... Well it's simple... They DO shoot some rainbows and hearts out of thei tommys don't they? :'''''DDD <3

I'm now singing here one song.. umm.. umm... from a cartoon "Doctor Snuggles"... *randomness* .. I would like to have a cup of coffee, or two... And now you wonder do I really need any more coffee? XDD
Umm... Kat'tun... Kamenashi Kazuya is cute ^^ So does Akanishi Jin! ... = Akame <3 woot, no?!
Today I watched Peter Pan movie from TV... It was scary when Peter started to glow yellow o___o;; and he just smiled like some kind of psycho? or something... That alligator in Peter Pan movies is cute btw... <3

More randomness coming...
Don't read them if you don't want to... duh.


こんにちは! ^o^ 

2009年01月01日(木) 7時19分

Hello there everybody!
I just wanted to inform you all about that I usually use my livejournal account, so I'm not very active here in yaplog... sorry.
If you want to read my entries and be my blog-friend please visit my livejournal and leave a comment and I will add you to my friendlist.

thank you~


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21st_cherryking's Profile Page

Feel free to add me as last.fm friend if you have an account ^o^
I always love to get new friends.
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こんにちは! ^o^
name: zach or wonk-u
b-day: 06/06/1990
age: 18
horoscope: gemini
sex: female
status: encaged
location: Finland

Music: Epik High, Jang Woo Hyuk, Machinae Supremancy, DBSK, Super Junior, BoA, Bada, Anyband, SS501, Shinhwa, Kat-tun, Abingdon boys school, Baroque (JPN), 12012, LC.M., Pierrot, Daigo Stardust, Sheena Ringo, Ayumi Hamasaki, Se7en, Big Bang, ...

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thankie ~ ^3^

Big Bang =