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April 05 [Fri], 2013, 16:54
Laugh at the front side of the mad fly, while said: "wonderful adjoin days, you know how your faithful insult I what? This life I had not been such a mockery of people now think of, I still remember, heartache, this feeling, Zhen Yao tenfold retribution on your body! "often laugh along the way by those who are out of Brahman curse, and broke the stairs at the hotel to be laughed at these accounts often laugh are recorded in the body of the wonderful adjoin day! Wonderful adjoin days sneer: "Laugh, you only monkeys chatter, I remember the last time I saw you when you can not so much nonsense!" Often laughingly a chuckle: "wonderful adjoin days, your beak inside a lot of words, is not it? next to is not to say, I see how you received, tied a rope around your neck, to Zhenkan the door! "wonderful adjoin days often laugh behind tight chase dismay, sneer, said: "Why? alone, you fled like a lost dog in front? today do not call you to see the power of insight wonderful adjoin days, you do not know the monkey bragging!" Laugh smell words, could not help but shook his head slightly, how so many people are willing to say this? Wonderful day adjoin originally the V-shaped pattern on the forehead in the twinkling flashes endlessly, a sudden flash of light lit up, then, wonderful adjoin days stature suddenly shaking up, followed by ten figure from the wonderful adjoin the body does jump out. The ten figure fish, turtles, wild boar, lion, dwarf, one runs Rama, Rama, black days, Sakyamuni, Jia Erji. Wonderful adjacent days in the world of the Brahman, the title of one thousand, ten incarnations, is most adept at changing gods. Ten incarnation, even the Buddha, but also a false gods, is certainly not true Buddha. See the ten incarnations into ten meteors toward often laugh Kuangzhui the past. Laugh mind an intrinsic, then wiped out its scabbard, broke open the front space, fled to them. But triton immediately sounded broken space, often laugh immediately fell into the space. But often laugh so escape or a little and the ten incarnation opened a little distance,Coach Special Outlet. Often laugh all the way, the wonderful adjacent ten-day incarnation of the way Kuangzhui, in the eyes of the ten incarnations wonderful adjoin day, often laugh has not run to catch up with him just a matter of time, and this time is definitely not for long! Perhaps a quarter of an hour is sufficient, when ten will often laugh enclosed, often laugh're dead! ...... In in wonderful adjoin days Shrine, before following the often laugh behind him holding a tribute, the first to be dumbfounded by the servant fell to the ground have been hiding in the corner inside an extremely fear looks like, but this when this servant binocular is slightly flash,oakley sunglasses online, stature suddenly a move, even painfully naked eye can not be observed. The servant whipped the look coming into the Miao temple adjoin days, what falls outside the transmigration plate at this time servant face revealed, it is often laugh, only the often laugh that on pupil the pupil the middle of a bright, white iris, is the reincarnation of Hell Road, masters often laugh the other a spirit! Often laugh from the hotel know their whereabouts eloquence day woman found after they left hand, adventurous spirit utilized often laugh occupation of a servant's body, which is double insurance, often laugh before entering the Temple, he called the spirit The often laugh the camouflage Brahmin scared Liushenwuzhu screams fall, even with scared several other servant fled, this time spirit often laugh has been lurking in the the wonderful adjoin days Shrine. Often laugh to see those false gods no longer chase him, and deliberately turn around to go back and kill dozens of false gods is often laugh for a spirit to create a little more time. The spirit often laugh has stood in the transmigration plate, all in accordance with almost seamless operation, often laugh at this time could not help but smile, then hell would use his reincarnation Road among these a transmigration plate the closing intake hell reincarnation Road this hell the cycle of reincarnation Road should be completed. But then from across the Shrine adjoin days, wonderful body up suddenly heard a burst of silvery laughter. , Often laugh suddenly heard laughter, could not help but slightly intrinsic, laugh often do not even have to see each other, know the sound from the bottom of eloquence day woman! A sneak it dark of secrecy, which is Turkey counsels what? "Silvery voice curl came. Laugh slightly oblique eyes, look to the voice of the master. To see a fourteen-year-old girl barefoot sitting in wonderful adjoin day shoulder, feet are shaking, flashing big eyes looking at himself! This little girl dressed in a yellow crocheted towel on his head, the skin is the color of wheat, perhaps a little yellow hair, she took a fancy to like ripe peaches, two naked slender thighs and bare shoulders, thanks to a splendor like scarves to cover the body, but it does not give the slightest love | For sense. The whole is a Sentimental feeling, bite kind of acid export water. Often laugh even suspected, this may not be eloquent days, such a Huangmaoyatou how likely will make the Brahman god dumping? If the Brahman god really for such a little girl obsessed with, often laugh to feel more and more contempt Brahman god. "You know how I hidden in here? Authors you have been in the view of looking at me?" Eloquence day woman with a sweet smile, the body of the body from the adjacent wonderful day up into the sky, ribbons fluttering down slowly descended, "Of course not, today is the day of my birthday, I'm busy, got the time to follow you? I just think that often laugh more strange go more strange, so I plan to stay and see things that are not what Summit Road, right turn, it now appears, Sure enough, the borders wonderful days that fools you mean by that trick. "the world is not that person is real Liaoshirushen, can be sure of one thing, how it happened, the so-called smart, and are careful to observe carefully speculated that the final choice of several or even a dozen dozens of possible, then as a reference, to anticipate is going to happen. Laugh corner of a slight movement, eloquence day woman big eyes suddenly called Laugh give birth to struggling with it, often laugh in the face of such a small girl suddenly give birth to juggle feeling. The eloquence day female delicate feet just touching the ground, then eloquence day women looking at the often laugh smile and said: "Laugh, if I am wrong, then, before that you say nothing to wonderful adjoin days janitor words raved to annoy wonderful adjoin days lead away his means and called wonderful adjoin the days that fool you the purpose of this trip convinced, right? often laugh in heaven and a mouth chatter ridicule wonderful adjoin days Similarly, in order to divert his, right? your real goal ... "eloquence day woman paused slightly, then giggle a chuckle:" Your purpose is to transmigration plate! right? of this wonderful adjoin day inside the Shrine also left such a thing would be useful for a Laugh eyes of a blind, he suddenly remembered a word, their lives had said a word, that is, once met a wonderful adjoin days immediately cut her kill, absolutely can not call her open mouth, this really is a very powerful weapon mouth! Laugh decided to longer and eloquence-day female nonsense, another laugh often are certainly bitter struggle among he had no time to delay time here! The often laugh who suddenly drilled hell reincarnation Road, this treasure but a world treasure, but also with the presence of real property, toward the eloquence day woman severely hit in the past, the collision absolutely should not be overlooked. Hell give birth to a suction firmly suck eloquence days women, so eloquent days women want to escape can not get away. However, hell a days women eat eloquence, eloquence day woman suddenly turned into a bubble whipped the look disappeared without a trace. Immediately, wonderful adjoin around the main hall of the gods echoed the eloquence day woman ringing laugh. Then the entire main hall, out of the hundreds of eloquence days women looked often laugh to cluck and laughter. Laugh could not help but feel a headache, eloquence and she really is not reckless days of the generation. Often laugh, however, is not to kill that so often laugh and eloquence days women can not to toss, direct photo collection reincarnation on it, is often laugh escape back to hell, fully pushed Hell suction the power of the camera, toward the huge reincarnation suction intake in the past. That transmigration plate really are attracted immediately is shocked, and a kind of feeling to slowly float to the ground. And transmigration above box begins to float up, look at the collapse of the entire wheel will suddenly flew into a zillion the box towards Laugh hell reincarnation Road. So many pieces look at all crowded in the past toward Hell reincarnation Road. Eloquence days women are certainly not eye life and watching countless eloquence days women suddenly shouted uttered Jiaohe, eloquent days immediately transformed women, eloquence day woman said, fierce delicate little hands on the lips blowing a pinch , eloquence days women began to change the color of the face. Followed by the eloquence days the women, the real body appeared, eloquence day Goddess of the total, there are side four-arm, double almost hold Crested piano playing, and hands each holding a classic day female attire, appearance, such as a 14-year-old virgin, ring Chuan Ying Luo Zhu accessories solemn, feet staggered, sit on top of the Lotus round. This is the eloquence day woman as it is to see the eloquence days of female hands of the two-volume classic suddenly into the numerous butterfly debris toward often laugh boiling over. These butterfly-like debris burning like a flame in the air from burnt countless Sanskrit, Sanskrit Sinar Mas is completed, towards the often laugh toward the past. Now often laugh in the eyes of reincarnation such treasures, simply ignore this classic butterfly Sanskrit fragments. The woman attacks of eloquence day absolutely is no trivial matter, click on the volume to the front of the constant field,Nike Air Jordan 2012! Laugh hell reincarnation fierce light stack flash, often laughing the whole body from top to bottom spot to give birth to a layer of the blue color of the spot, facing those Sanskrit hit in the past. Both a collision is a mass of colorless halo, do not know the risk, to speak, twinkling, truly beautiful! The often laugh repair after all beat eloquence of days female one, not even one, because this often laugh useful Hell reincarnation Road, and even can be said to be able to suppress eloquence nights two women! Eloquence days women just as the attack is completely useless for often laugh! Eloquence days women did not expect often laugh so much, then a laugh: "Laugh, you want to take the transmigration plate is probably not so easy!" See eloquence the days women holding Crested piano and shoved a bomb, clank sound dispersed reincarnation cycle of transmigration plate even eloquence days women pushed, Seeing is necessary to hell Tao, suddenly wake up like a general, about struggling to escape from the hell reincarnation Road photo of the suction force, and then dispersed transmigration plate began to piece together! For often laugh, like a soon to bite the hook big fish suddenly fled in general. Often laugh to see this scene on could not help Anjiao the cry miscalculation! Eloquence days women reveal a proud social conditions, giggle a laugh: "Laugh Now that you know are wrong, the master of the transmigration plate is me, do you think anyone stupid enough to go out wonderful adjoin days will be able to hand these reincarnation disk saliva derived? Kaka Lo, this is simply dreaming in general you should now know why my birthday the in this wonderful adjoin day palace held it! "Laugh eyes squint slightly, cold channel:" This there is no big deal to you be taken away, anyway, your little girl is Meirenpeizai, maybe to Chula years together I appetite, I Multiple years, rice nothing! "often thin laugh speech, eloquence days women do not think the pestle with a laugh: "My meal, you can not afford to pipe!" with the eloquent words of the day woman say, fierce eloquence days women will have been put together in the air transmigration plate completely reminder Move it!
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