are we going to be more prosperous

April 11 [Thu], 2013, 12:12
Su Mu every time I see weeks porcelain will feel an unprecedented relax, so relax and kind of in the traditional sense of relaxation is completely different. Weeks porcelain in Su Mu side Su Mu feel an almost primitive kind of relax, do not have to think about anything, she was always able to in the shortest possible time, Su Mu emotions to mobilize, let him enjoy the kind of carefree dripping feeling. Like now! In such places, the weeks porcelain brow showing the kind of mature Mei Italy, Su Mu feel comfortable smile. "Keguan this case, it had better be a small house and I went upstairs, so the proprietress good serve under you? Province you out, said I Yazhu snub guests." Week porcelain flirtatious Road. Heart ah! Su Mu looked weeks porcelain mei Italy, can not wait now she will give to eat. But they also know that this is not a good place. The thought of this, he stared fiercely weeks porcelain one, "I'm waiting for tonight have to take to deal with you."? Weeks porcelain charming. "That is, I will be a good grinding my gun." Su Mu Road. "Little woman waiting to look at the Dragon Sword of Keguan is what he looks like, is not so powerful as the legendary" weeks porcelain smiling Road. Su Mu thoroughly defeated! "I said weeks total, you are not afraid of what others say to you to womanizing, do? Able to stand in a place like this how dare say such words?" Su Mu helpless shrug, exposing one to many innocent more innocent expression. "Are you afraid?" Weeks porcelain blinking eye Road. "Fear?" Su Mu does not matter: "I'm afraid of what? But I tried and tested soldiers of the proletarian revolution, how can you like sugar-coated bullets to Hongdiao win,Coach(R) Sunglasses. Zan is a tried and tested people do not believe you try? "that tonight, I will make a check, you revolutionary fighters willpower in the end how strong." Zhou porcelain smiles. "Well, not talkative, I'm going to the door to take a friend along with it." Su Mu take it lightly. "Good!" Porcelain smiled and walked up towards the door side by side and Su Mu. This scene has just appeared, it caused the amazing sound of the crowd in the hall. To know how loud this Qinglin City, Zhou porcelain name. Previously relied Fengjiashan completely sever relations and Fengjiashan now, the name of the first is not only not weak, rather than the more strengthened. Who does not know that the president of the Week porcelain but Zhou Group. And weeks porcelain stand with the men, a blessing is a general angle sè? Who is this man in the end? Is not to win a weeks porcelain heart? Could this man what mysterious background fails? Whispering, Su Mu and weeks porcelain stood at the doorway, Zhou porcelain backward glanced and looked at the photograph of the word, smiling, said: "I said Messire, you can not find time to give me write two words, saw no? I this Yazhu hotel is, but because a lot of your word hot word on this, if your word is all hung up, are we going to be more prosperous. "" rare , you know? "Su Mu lightly. "I do not know, I only know like this word better here hanging a me inside the hall hung one, and then each room are hung inside a Yazhu business then certainly also popular weeks porcelain smiles tenderly. "You really are greedy." Road So Mu helpless. Casual chatting in the of Su Mu weeks porcelain Week porcelain face sè of change suddenly some strange, Su Mushun his eyes the Qiaoxiang go, found came from a distance of a few figure. Dress are very few people to pay attention to, and is released from them that kind of atmosphere, significantly different from ordinary people, is absolutely an officer when a long time to develop the kind of power and influence. Walk in front of an old man, wearing a formal tunic, white beard, walking great style. Especially that eyes the rotation showing round after round jīng light. At his side, followed by a few people, look at that looks very much like his son and daughter. "Implying that?" Su Mu really do not know these Who, but he was more clever, observing only observe sè the ability Qijiang saw weeks porcelain strange look, the bottom of my heart soon guessed the identity of the other party. Headed by the elderly, is a the Qinglin retirement party secretary Feng Rucheng. With him, should his son and daughter, this lineup reads like an out for dinner. In fact Su Mu guess that all right, walking in the forefront is Feng Rucheng is his son Fengjiashan and good with him, the daughter Ping Jiamin and son-in-law Ma climbing. Ping Rucheng total has three children and boss Ping Jiachang is weeks porcelain husband, but is already dead. The dick good Fengjiashan, youngest is Fengjia Min. Relied on connections Ping Rucheng left, Fengjiashan good office in the Municipal Finance Bureau, Deputy Chief of a department. Feng Jiamin you work in the City Communist Youth League, As for the son-in-law did not go to work, home operators with a decoration company. Really want to elaborate on the Fengjiashan do not have Ping Rucheng reign so scenery, but compared with others is considered good. The reason will appear tonight in Yazhu hotel, as is dinner, please objects is a Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Finance Bureau. Fengjiashan good you want to be promoted to become the chief of all fall on the body of the Deputy Secretary, and his weight is obviously not enough, so the only way or another Ping Rucheng. In fact, in the strict sense, the the Ping Rucheng Qinglin city is not so obvious, back down the years, influence long No, said the most important thing is that even in the stage,Air Jordan Shoes, but also just did term, far form a the multiple strong influence. Zhou Ping Jiachang porcelain had married, for that reason, the otherwise weeks porcelain is categorically not marry. They also saw that the two found each other at the same time, on the side of the Su Mu Ping Rucheng. Ping Rucheng originally not the good face sè, become more yīn Shen up. People think he is right or wrong is done to the party secretary, is now going to treat for son thing not say, Who Wants that the Deputy Secretary surprising name names, must be in Yazhu Hotel, or not a dinner party. You set here, who do not know the Ya-Ju and Fung Ka is how the matter. Although it is said that the Deputy Secretary is to have a face, but Fengjiashan face is under a lot of. The heart simmering fire originally Feng Rucheng, booing, they saw the daughter-in-law of former rì now talking and laughing with another man stood in the doorway at the gas child is not to fight a. The "Ping Shushu, yellow aunt. Weeks porcelain despite the face sè strange, but politely approached greetings Road. Ping Shushu, those words just sounded, the Ping Rucheng they issued a Lengheng, The face sè muffled like going to rain like. "I said weeks porcelain Anyhow, We're the family in this Qinglin City living, how to see your past rì elderly, do not shout parents? Shout parents do make you're lost envy it? "others are yet to speak Feng Jiamin cynicism up, high above the appearance of scanning weeks porcelain eyes showed undisguised contempt. Fung Ka Fortunately cheongsam saw Zhou porcelain mounted fundus to across the hint of greedy yù look,Nike Air Max Store. "Is, I said that the sister-in-law how to say that we are one family, since met on the cry, Mom and Dad? See outside so much is how meaning? Say we come Yazhu consumption, and how you are should smile, right? Bengzhuo a face regarded how mean? owe you money? "Fengjiashan good up and down glance weeks porcelain throat to swallow with saliva. Really is the wrong time, if another place Fengjiashan good can not wait now it will be weeks porcelain pressed down to the ground. Say the brother-in-law, weeks porcelain has been we have a very strong attempt. Especially Pingjia Chang's death, Fengjiashan good is getting worse aggravation with this idea. On several occasions, Fengjiashan good are almost want to force bully weeks porcelain. If not weeks porcelain smart long forward to his children's channel. "Sister-in-law, you see We are all one family, so why should you see outside of that? Know we want them? Also deliberately stood outside to greet us more sorry ah, or else this evening meal, you The Free Single. "horse climbing smiling. Fengjiashan good this horse climbing is not much better where two is tarred with the same brush. Weeks porcelain has a strong yù hope all thinking able to ride horses rouge horse. Horses climbing because of the hands of the money, long Fengjiashan good dragged into the water, both frequented by a number of entertainment, sometimes also play the game of the Flying like. Fengjiashan more is no one xìng, and knowing the horse climbing to do so I'm sorry Feng Jiamin, he just do not have the slightest interference means. Something disgrace! "Feng Rucheng daughter-in-law, weeks porcelain former mother-in-law Huang Shujin cold channel, his face showing a sense of contempt. Weeks porcelain face sè become more than just even ugly! Since weeks porcelain week the General Logistics Department, also never who would dare to do this to her. Feng family like this for fun like crazy for her personal attacks. Even knowing weeks porcelain dad is a week from Lan, cynicism never reduce. A group of White Wolf! LIN Su standing next to the mouth emerges sneer. Did not think Fengjiashan really is a group of dependents not familiar with the White Wolf, look at this posture like weeks porcelain owe you Fengjiashan like. Months in the authenticity Could it be that you do not know? Weeks porcelain is how married you Fengjiashan you Fengjiashan, how to treat her. Week porcelain so many years you and Fung Ka charge of the Ya-Ju, and how much money you Fengjiashan now has to look you in the face sè act. Not to mention that this is site weeks porcelain, you do so just like in your home like you Feng family members what they count? Why we should be superior to others in such a posture? Others are seen weeks porcelain surface, luster bright, who know the pain of her heart to bear! The original, if not weeks porcelain desperate for a stroke, to bet on himself, presumably the weeks porcelain is still in such dire straits. Here, watching the scene, LIN Su the body emerged one yīn cold breath.
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