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Ganning Jun with people to Germany from other channels recruited arrive. Ling Tianxiang arrange something to do so he served as a deputy of Qi Jianjun to Yuan Deliang other players return for the rest Xiao Yao also joined the instructor team. Specifically responsible for the training of Qi Jianjun it would be the first job he served as the Corps to teach commander. Qi Jianjun The first thing to do is re-planning of the training system of the Legion. The recruits were divided into 12 classes each class 5o head instructor supervision of regular physical training. Further training by various classes cross after the completion of the first phase of basic training in February 12 classes of recruits will be divided in accordance with the ability to battle task sniper, scout, machine gunner, udarnik This The four major categories of reconstituted training team Ability Training. Of course, not a recruit only master a fighting skill requirements proposed by Ling Tianxiang a recruit should have at least two aspects of combat capability at the same time the best batch will be chosen to accept third of intensive training is completely in accordance with the special forces the requirements for the ability to improve the training. The first two phases of the training time for four months this time most of the recruits have the combat effectiveness can be incorporated into the combat troops to when Iran war has not ended, or Legion intervene in the civil war in Iraq will be dispatched turns to Gu Weimin arrangements frontline combat troops from the war. Batch of recruits will be screened out of the third period of two months of intensive training to when will basically achieve the special forces to fight. Ling Tianxiang Programme group of officers is the Legion's main force. With Legionella scale. Plus some personnel changes. Ling Tianxiang Legion compilation of accurate adjustment is based on the original. Re the Corps to develop a new system of preparation. The three combat troops preparation still has not changed, but they are nothing but upgraded to brigade. Undo him before the direct command of the squad by Ling Tianxiang Gu Weimin Yuan Deliang direct command of the 1st Battalion of the Regiment for the second team captain Ganning Jun 3 battalion. The three brigade ground number is not the same as Ling Tianxiang direct command of the 1st Battalion of someone. In addition to the usually act together with Ling Tianxiang squad 21o compiled three squadrons were appointed a squadron leader. Each team has direct command of a squadron commander squad another six squad divided into three squads two battle groups each group and the three members of the squad are from the same country to cooperate with each other so that when we go in combat. Gu Weimin 2 teams 21o Gu Weimin direct command of a [21o. Preparation and Gu Weimin brigades. The the three brigade has independently combat capabilities in order to avoid combat units believe in the basic conflicts between players of different religions, different ethnic Legion is a small team of players from the same nation. In addition. Generally dispatched a battle group to time on a combat mission. The three teams and five small team should try to ensure that players from the same nation ground. In addition, a special squad of players each brigade has a core forces are generally directly by the captain commanded all initial members of the Legion the brigade where one of the most powerful squad. The greatest benefit of the new establishment is Legion has the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and three brigade rotation the rest. Such as the now mainly by Gu Weimin 2 teams in Iran on a training mission as more and more players to complete a training contract Henan obliterate started talks with Iran contractor combat missions. Then in the second team after about three months of operations, or by the 1st Battalion of the 3rd Battalion replace down the opportunity to get the rest of the to let second team players while the other two brigades players have almost improve their combat capability to the battlefield to get real-world experience. If the Corps also assumed the task of many words of three brigades all deployed. A brigade 21o scale and not too small equivalent of two infantry companies its fighting power than ordinary infantry certainly much stronger, especially in the special circumstances of combat capability much higher can cope localized small skirmishes. Legion can take on more business and fast expanding influence. In addition to the three brigade Ling Tianxiang also set up a teaching logistics brigade captain served by Qi Jianjun. The force's mission is responsible for training the the Legion new recruit troops and provide support for other brigade. Served as the deputy brigade commander Li Jing wind his task is suitable for every member of the Legion of weapons and equipment. Li Jing wind also specifically raised the point that is the Legion members want to modify the weapons must pay a fee Legion only responsible for providing the most common standard weapon of instruments are used to change the guns, after all, spent a lot of money to buy and Legion hiring The system most of the mercenaries has its own private equipment if everyone is free to change the gun, then that is certainly not a small sum expenditures Kid's Polo Sale. Ling Tianxiang agreed to his request and Li Jing wind only payments for services rendered most of the revenue will be turned over to the Corps. Teach logistics brigade a total of only 15 standing players including 12 instructors remaining three provide weapons and equipment for the Legion. Henan obliterate arranged a number of non-combatants to assist the brigade responsible for logistics, procurement. Legion daily ammunition consumption is quite amazing. Daily consumption of bullets after the training is in full swing only 2 out 5 bullets every day without subsequent training phase is almost impossible. Firearms, individual combat equipment in addition to bullets, grenades and even rockets consumption these need to co-ordinate arrangements have to implement a specific person in charge who are quite amazing. Training Ling Tianxiang is not a formal simultaneous instructors he only occasionally go to watch the Yuan Deliang the words is to delay the time to go to the trouble. Relatively speaking. The quality of recruits that, this time from the three places is not bad. And all have their own characteristics. Serbia and Montenegro the servicemen ground physical is the best discipline is quite Yanming Ping are activities together. Rarely participate in recreational activities like training on the only pleasure in life. The endurance of the Iraqis is the best of its religious beliefs also extremely unique of 5o multiple Iraqis even engage in an account every day in the morning and evening prayer. The soldiers from the Republic to the training ground is the most flexible. Most open relationship with the instructors and made the best and favorite variety of entertainment activities while in training organizations. This is probably the instructors special arrangements to be able to by a variety of entertainment activities Xun narrow the different colors, have different ethnic relations and the formation of new comrades-in-arms relationship between the different faiths soldiers. The training time flies. Most of the team members have a solid foundation, after all, they are real soldiers. Yuan Deliang also found one of the thing to do as the best fighting instructors he probably is the most to be respected instructors. Ling Tianxiang occasionally to teach some want to become a sniper. Or special forces ground players familiar with firearms and how to use firearms Air Max 95. And how complex the shot in a few hundred meters from the target. Because the island is quite shabby conditions not very favorable so sniper trained a lot of training in subjects such as plateau hidden jungle survival these are not on the island. Most of the time Ling Tianxiang are in the process must be to deal with his own Legion members such as the development of a new earth remuneration rules. It by Liming Han to help him complete But now Liming Han simply no to the island and little contact with him even Henan obliterate been out running the business will only come by Ling Tianxiang own to deal with. To this coordination team was sent to Iran by a group of the best 2o Serbia and Montenegro clan soldiers Gu Weimin operations over there for a month in training to Gu Weimin's [|. Come while Gu Weimin remain in Iran . Most of the players are at the end of the first phase of training passed an examination to become a quasi-official member of the Legion. The rules laid down in accordance with the Ling Tianxiang only completed two phases of training and passed the assessment team will become a full member of the Legion and enjoy equal treatment within the Legion. The - Legion treatment is a more complicated issue. Ling Tianxiang now repeated calculation in accordance with the previous pay levels to wage the Legion every month to spend tens of millions of salary which clearly can not afford. Ling Tianxiang According to connected Henan obliterate the recommendations for new players to join the Army to develop a new pay system. Corps officers and men of the security at the end income greatly reduced in the tasks under ordinary members of the annual salary of only about $ 2. This is not high or even low. The really big money have to perform a variety of tasks. Ling Tianxiang allowances system modeled on the U.S. military to set up an allowance of two dozen. Calculated in accordance with the most common players to participate in combat operations daily wage of more than $ 1ooo of a brigade in the war zone + months that is 3 months down the average per person can earn about 1o dollars. If you are running a training mission also 5oo daily implementation of the six-month training mission also earn about 1o ten thousand U.S. dollars. Corps officers and men have significant benefits with respect to the basic salary fighting allowance and training allowance has obvious allure. In addition Ling Tianxiang follows the reward system. If the record is outstanding, perhaps a battle down to be able to earn tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to developing allowance system Ling Tianxiang developed a legion rank system modeled on the regular army. Legion no generals Colonel Colonel Deputy Commander is the highest ranking military captain to lieutenant colonel squadron commander Maj. deputy squadron commander to captain captain lieutenant, deputy team leader of a second lieutenant. Other ordinary players divided into different levels of officers and men of the three levels of the basic salary is not the same, but the difference is not great mainly great difference in the Legion status. At the same time in a combat mission training mission when the difference between the different levels of officers and men of the allowance is not much the main difference is that the command of the battlefield. Set the rank system is to ensure that the command of the Legion while cultivating the Legion team spirit. In addition, the rank system is directly linked to the reward system therefore also directly related to the benefits of each team member. The greatest advantage of this system is to motivate the players have the ability to court to make a better performance in order to determine their position within the Corps, as well as more personal interests. In order to give new players more opportunities most of the squad captain position are empty another deputy squadron's location is also empty. After the end of the training will be directly based on the test results of the recruits temporary arrangements then accept the real test for at least six months to finalize the location of personnel. 4o players after the completion of the second phase of the training Ling Tianxiang pick that they will receive intensive training in the third stage. At this time Ling Tianxiang established a direct command of Yuan Deliang led Special Operations Squadron, the squadron is composed of by 4o name players to combat training. This is regarded Ling Tianxiang to Yuan Deliang engage privilege. 4o name players in the completion of the third stage of the training are able to reach the general characteristics of flat a special squadron's combat effectiveness certainly Corps squadron in the most powerful Canada Goose Youth Freestyle Vest Sale. Ling Tianxiang himself as a sniper instructor originally arrangements Xiao Yao as sniper instructor, but Xiao Yao returned to Iran to replace Xiaoqing Guo back before the beginning of the third phase of training of these players. Yuan Deliang as these players fighting with tactical combat instructors. Both clear about this team is their basis of power but also the future together with their combat troops it would have to proceed from the training to strengthen the feelings with the players. In training time flies very fast players in training I have a place to relax and construction team has built a part of recreational facilities, including a small bar, a kTV ballroom, video movie hall, sauna bath room, etc. In addition to the island several women outside almost perfect. Ling Tianxiang, when they recovered from the training he is now back on the island has been almost five months.
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