Say something bad Yeah you hurt me bad And you don't even, even realize it I hope you know that you're looking bad And you don't even, even realize it What's going on in that head of yours I'm trying to enjoy my coffee → Pass me the sugar

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Lorraine
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1992年12月20日
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・音楽-Jrock. Jpop. Punk. Emo. alternative. Indie. Rock. pop. Soul

背丈: 170cm
体重: 47kg
くに : フランス
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cat cat / 2008年02月18日(月)

RRRrr( ゚▽゚)<3
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activity. / 2008年01月04日(金)
Mmm serously, I'm thinking about being more active here D:
A yaplog is made for spamming but i post like 2 times a month.
Sucki me.
Well I finally picked my phone and i'll have the Motorola K1 pink!

I can't wait to get the package! (I think it'll come tomorrow)
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... / 2007年12月17日(月)
Guh, Yesterday, i went shopping with my sister and her 2 friends and i saw an amount of poeple of my school it was kind of irritating... (and i still don't know why. xD)

Outside this, I had a kind of good day because I did nothing of the whole day... *lazy*
& I love doing nothing. That's kind of fine.

And, Guess what? I'm kind of disappointed because i only bought ONE trousers... Skinny grey jeans... D:
I am so stupid right?
Yeap kind of simple, I know.

I think i'll go back to a big city to buy clothes serously.
And i also want new shoes *-*...

Oh and, My cat is the most beautiful of the whole wolrd! :D isn't she?
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kind of lol / 2007年12月12日(水)
I know i'm "kind of lol" these days because i haven't uptaded this yaplog for a while and i'm not active anymore anywhere. (only on LJ even if i don't post).
Well, It's nearly my birthday
and Chritmas vacacion! (...)
Wild cat

Ho and, You know what? I cuted my hair and, IT IS THE UGLIEST.
serously i really have a trauma about this. *suicide*
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haiiir / 2007年11月25日(日)
I have a haircut magazine and
ZOMG i want a color like that
It looks so AWESOME T_T.

' & i won't do it D:
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sunset / 2007年11月25日(日)
That's just beautiful!
Winter days ~
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=O= / 2007年11月12日(月)
Finally, i "finished" my maths homework, it was so hard D:
Now, i still have to learn my sciences lesson and i go to bed~
Guh, my life sucks !
See u!
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motomoto / 2007年11月08日(木)
I want you, honey
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boredness / 2007年11月02日(金)
It's vacations there, and i haven't posted here for years.
AND Ho today is my friend's birthday! D:
Thildain, tu n'es qu'une croute.
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cat killing / 2007年10月14日(日)
My cat is the best 8)

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