2008年03月02日(日) 13時06分
Last nite i suddenly felt like drawing dragons...and i dunno why...@_@
anyways...i'm not very good at drawing a whole reli detailed dragon...so i just played around..draw some designs in which seems like a dragon..to me anyways..lolz....so here are the sketches...enjoy! ^^

Here is the 1st design...i dunno wat i'm doing so please forgive me if it looks weird...XD actually..it kinda looks like a seahorse doesnt it?? @_@ anyways moving on....

i tot of this out of no where...just felt like drawing some devil/bat wings...den later on i added the little dragon scepter in the middle and..voila! XD i kinda like this 1 better...coz of the devil/bat wings...^^

Here are my finished works....guess wat time i finished all this last nite?? X3

Here is a photographic evidence of wat time i slept last nite...XD its 5.10 AM ppl...not 5.10 PM....lolz....actually i just woke up a few minutes ago...XD

hmm...well...i guess thats all for now...thanks for reading!! cya!

p/s: the pictures above are taken from my new digi cam! yes! a new digi cam!! my mom finally agreed to buy a digi cam! YEAY FOR ME~!! lolz....(but in actual fact, my mom only agreed coz she wants to take pictures in her next trip to China...=.=ll) anyways...chao~! ^^
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2008年03月04日(火) 0時49分
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hajimemashite! watashiwa kuro neko desu! dozo yoroshiku! (^w^)
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