Happy New Year <3 

January 01 [Thu], 2009, 21:37
Happy new Year ^.-
I hope that it will be a great one for all of us ^-^

2008 had good and bad days~
I have to thank my friends~ which still are on my side.
Sometimes i wouldn't had known what i should do
without you~

Also i have to thank some Bands~

An Cafe
you brought a happy day into our life and let us forget all the sadness.

first non-japanese live concert i saw, you guys ROCK i wish you
luck in the future.......and ........ low..... stop singing Rammstein when you
are drunk xDDD

let's build another moshpit in May for these guys X] you rock ^^

your music touched something deep inside all of us.

Furitsuke with you was much fun =)

thank you for 4 great concerts. I hope we will see us again in 2009.
It was such a great time~ even if i will brake my neck someday XDD

The concerts were great~
I hope you will all come back soon~

ehhhh 2 new pics 

December 30 [Tue], 2008, 6:24

and still i did not posted about the DIO Tour xDDD
i'm so lazy x.x

New Pic~ 

August 27 [Wed], 2008, 4:06

Kagrra 2008 

August 24 [Sun], 2008, 15:45

Another Dream came true, Kagrra came back to Germany.
Cologne again~
I HAD to be there because i love Isshi's Voice and the skills of
the other bandmembers.
And i was getting my Autographs the day before the concert started <3
There was a signing session in Saturn.

I was wearing a Yukata.
I saw some others who were wearing a Kimono ^^
And of course i took my fan with me for the furitsuke.

The concert started at 6:30 pm.
As i remember the intro was Miyako~
They also played their new song Uzu (in the Encore for the second time)
this song is amazing.

nue no naku koro

and some other songs which i do not remember, i can not
find a playlist, so bad.... i want to have one >.<

The performance was wonderful.
My Arms hurted the next day because i did to much Furitsuke xD
Isshi and Nao read something in German from a paper.
Isshi did it many times, and always with such a cute smile on his face xD
When Nao asked "you think i'm sexy?" we all laughed so much xD

When they will come back i will go there for sure !
They are a amazing live band, so talented ^^
Never miss them when they give a concert !


June 02 [Mon], 2008, 3:23

Yah~ i waited for this day so long.
Ayabie came back to us.

First i have to say.... the organisation was so lame x.x
and we had to wait so much longer until we were allowed
to get in <.<"
bwah and the fans were........... SHIT like always ....... before
the concert started XD
always this fangirls........+drop+

nyah i still was alive when i was in the hall XD
god bless me eh lol xD

The Concert was much fun.
I learned all the Furitsuke of the last dvd before the concert.
I stood at the third line infront of yumehito.
MAN he changed >.<
in cologne 2007 he was more a shy guy, but now he is absolutly
the opposite of it. He throwed his plek at me.......it hited me but
i was not able to find it on the ground later T-T
that made me sad because i like him so much, in skilling o.o
They all were fantastic ^^
I had much fun there.

we waited for the band later to say goodbye before they
go back to Japan and left home the next morning because
of some........."not needed to be talked of" situation -.-"


March 30 [Sun], 2008, 14:15
Today it's time for contopia~

or let's say... we will be watching it from outside XD

must be fun ne? +drop+

we maybe will take some new photos.
i hope there are GOOD cosplayer >.<


March 27 [Thu], 2008, 21:30

kawaii ne? * __ *

Our cats~
Shiva and Kasumi ^^

I love their eyes <3

Snow <3 

March 25 [Tue], 2008, 22:03

ドイツの雪 <3

and some weird footsteps xD

When will the Winter end? +drop+

AnCafe~ Bochum 

March 22 [Sat], 2008, 20:11

I went to Bochum at 10pm a day before the concert started >.<
It was so cold outside because it snowed
one day before x.x
I was the 15th person in front of the Hall xD
When AnPan arrived with her car, i slept in it for 2-3 hours x.x
I was so frozen again >.<
I do not know why i decided to stay in front of the hall xD
I had nothing better to do i guess +laughs+
Normally i do listen to "harder" music xD
But An Cafe are a good live band~
and i do love parapara~ ^-^

signing session started~
They were all really nice~

Teruki was talkative sometimes
Takuya doesn't seem to like handshakes, but that's okay~ because
in Japan it is not in use very much is it? BUT next time just don't do it~
we would understand xD
Miku.........scared me xD
He had a tight handshake >.< and when i already wanted to go he still was
holding my hand and had a weird smile on his face <.<
DAMN he wanted to kidnap us all X_______X +laughs+

Kanon and Yuuki were not so talkative~ but had fun xD

AH we were filmed >______<
Suki, Kazu and I were running ... more playing XD
around infront of the rest room +drop+
it is right beside the main entrance to the Zeche. +DROP+
and.... someone filmed us.... do not use this, do you hear me? XD
embarrassing ..... not for me but for Suki xD HA HA X]

8pm~ The concert started~
I had so much fun~
I was standing in the 4th line infront of Kanon.
We did parapara with Miku and sang with him~
I love the parapara of Nyappy in the World 3~ we learned it
before the concert from others who were in Berlin as well.
Orange Dream was sad x.x a ballad at An Cafe? weird ne? XD
The Staff from An Cafe took a picture with us and An Cafe at the end
of the show while they were on stage~

Suki and I went to the Tourbus later, we had to wait for AnPan.
Only Miku came to us into the rain x_x
Really nice, thank you Miku-kun +bows+
He promised us that they will come back.

Bye Nyappy O(≧∇≦)O


March 15 [Sat], 2008, 22:31


Dio キーホルダー * . *

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