Let my one people

December 11 [Tue], 2012, 11:21
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGiant monkey was finally in eight with a variety of prophecy by eight ,input unit, a first lieutenant in eight in the Eastern Han dynasty .
Game player who together secretly asked in eight what to do, when in eight only smiled but did not reply .He won his bodyguards team mixed with an immortal things casually tell others .
After the lieutenant ,near some hills of monkeys are incidentally in eight ,when his forces soares .Native monkeys joined ,near some hills white fog have all retreat .So when in eight the way to know another push graph :collect local Aboriginal occupation ,can the indigenous forces within the scope of the map to clear .
Four seas came over the information representation and spend a little time to prepare ,just the flower and fruit mountain side also need a little time to let the native monkeys with flower and fruit mountain tactics ,to further enhance their strength .
Neither fast nor slow Nova began to Zhang Shi income ,near by eight potential ,far is the battle turned guild potential .These eight are not ,neither experience ,never mind .He still devote oneself heart and soul to practice his numerous monkeys soldiers .
Native monkey cardinal number is large ,it can pick up a good big a group of elite .Pick out to join and guild game player ,another part no game player led ,let monkey in the elite led ,with in the game player behind with action .
Action plan, basic or health king break open ,Du die was hurt that set .Imperceptibly practiced for a long time ,the world came a private chat, say ready .So the two sides troops attack Cochin City County near present-day Hanoi ,monkey army from Cochin west mountain out of the fleet ,all from the sea east out of cochin .
On the other hand ,Zhu Fu personally led troops defending the city governor ,was eight men ,King Kong ,the Giant Monkey ,was in eight married named King Kong, King Kong was slightly rising ,his arm was on the city wall, a catch, with soldiers will be arrested under the city ,held in the fist heart bang bang up to ground ,make city inside and outside a jolt ,ground smashed a hole in the ground ,diamond have a look strong enough thick, into the hands of soldiers to pit a throw, fall into a lump of flesh and blood ,who can who is who .
Cochin City ,quickly reaching out ,an officer holding a white flag ,led a team of people ,trembling with fear opened the gate to the west ,the monkey army slowly close . The general of the demand, but please note !Our city ,dare not to do !But the general mercy !Let my one people ! The Confucian scholar dressed middle-aged officials ,Chong group only human ,Nova shouted .
Dismount salute salute . ? Nova asked . That person sup !You let the prefecture county ! with Xie taishou !Well known to me . Nova with king road .At the same time in private chat quietly for eight : this is a rare talent ! your name ! In the next supernova .
Turns out to be super !I I Shi Xie was odd tunnel .The surname super ?Hear you have this surname died ... ... Shi Xie adults too polite ! Star road .Shi Xie play oh .
Don ,today of sup adults to have? Irrigation three, Nova go directly to . This will be a good man ,please enlighten ! Shi Xie had the grace to return the nova . I view the world today, pig to monkey and bears ,competition ,the decline ,fate will do ,Jo States soon ! Nova said , Xie immediately discoloration .
Now is not chaos ,the world over ,syndrome ,close at hand ! Star plus, Shi Xie face again . a person of noble aspirations ,have to be eager to get into action ,when the time came, they should build up establishment ,the achievement outstanding name !However, our scholars ,as the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius ,known to the world largest ,in three ,the state ,the emperor again .
I make ,although monarch the remote, if not to fear the war plan ,together ,are also affected ,is littered with corpses ,plunge the people into misery and suffering . Star bright road .
Shi Xie Wenyan ,involuntarily glanced at the pit of flesh and blood ,machine Lingling shuddered . At this very moment ,if I make state level from this disaster ,unless ... Canada Goose Palliser... Nova off the reel ,irrigation incense time .
This time, the four seas fleet eelfare ,arrived at the city, hear the Cochin city has fallen ,Nova in published speech ,ran to the onlookers .The onlookers, and an hour .Nova + sup speech ,Party ended .
I see. Of adults think and say ,is just that ! Shi Xie unfeignedly says .Ha-ha UGG Womens Classic Short. We are great minds think alike ! Nova laughs .Shi Xie smile is even even .Funeral and burial of the original Shi Zhu Fu ,is the provincial governor ,said Zhu Fu razed to the thief .
A big name star super name ,to the human body of three feet ,gab ,to take risks, credit is very large ,please pay for the new governor .Table to send ,the group does not approve the thing ,can treat to a state under the Hepu Yu Cangwu Nanhai County ,is turned with the universal association .
.Anyway, the court documents down before, as long as the turn with the universal strength hard enough ,can firmly hold to a state ,the stability to a state ,the batch or batch ,not worth mentioning, pipe it, whether it be of no avail ,already .
History of sergeant sup Zhanwen to a state ,government had sent the governor ,had arrived ,he was governor of his own men to kill adults ,without any cause or reason ,Cishi adult men to assassinate him big ?Cochin fix ,temporarily over ,but it can not occupy firm ,or two .
Shi Xie in history is also a talented person with ability ,but also a little ambitious person ,cannot also cannot occupy south of the Five Ridges this piece, a world leader .Can not really get him, avoid he defected North Face 3in1 Clearance,finally went to get out of hand ,these ,must look at how Nova means .
Anyway, eight sense, for he is a star ,it is not sure, he always felt that neither the temperament ,no such means ,no such mood .In short ,this thing, is not with his presence .
To get turned around Cochin ,in the Eastern Han Dynasty members ,have reached Cochin county .More than half of them are in the interior life game player .For their part ,the fantasy world of the senior role ,also do not have what meaning .
Or more at ease farming and their taste .See star men actually in the twinkling of an eye at a seemingly in order of the home team ,experienced steady as Shi Xie ,also looked surprised look .
Nova ability is good, because lie south, became not show taxi sup ,and courtesy are added, often called AC ,with him to various Huimin measures how to implement .For example, do promote Confucianism of Han civilization ,to do agricultural school promotion farming techniques ,the construction of water conservancy .
.. ... And so on and so forth .People say that new officer assumes office three fire, Nova has not officially took office ,just as the state power ,is continuous from a dozen fire .Cochin County ,suddenly boiling .
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